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December 10, 1998 #117


by: Doug Fiedor


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If ever there was a jury that needed to be gagged and sequestered, we're watching it now. This jury does not want to hear any of the details of what the accused did. Half of them are lawyers, but they don't act like they believe in the law. They just want out of this inconvenient mess as quickly as possible.

"They don't want a trial because the evidence is not their best friend," Rep. Lindsey Graham told the CNN talking heads last Tuesday about the Democrats and the White House gang.

Correct. But there's just a little more to it than that. Actually, there is a lot more to it than that, but the Washington press corps will not tell us that story because many of them are involved.

The fact is, the Impeached President and his cabal of obstructionists intend to fight back with every dirty trick they can invent. And, in Washington, there is a lot of leeway, because anyone who has been there a while has probably been involved in at least a few uncouth, illegal and/or perverted acts.

For instance, a few months ago, House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) identified an $8.4 billion a year lobbying industry in Washington (see issue #101). And, as with most politics, a great deal of the problems revolve around money-especially dirty money.

Following all that money is an active Washington sex scene. That is, sometimes prostitution and "fundraising" are intermixed. And, a surprising number of Washington insiders have partaken-with both male and female prostitutes. To think that no one remembers who did what with whom would be juvenile. Lobbyists make a career of tempting and coercing government officials. Therefore, the Impeached President and his obstructionist cabal put the word out to lobbyists wanting something from the executive branch to tighten the thumb-screws on the Senators.

Quite a bit of that fundraising money floating around Washington is foreign money, which is illegal to accept for campaign funds. That's why D.C. has almost twice as many law firms as churches and 13 law firms for every gas station. Lawyers take the money from their foreign clients and pass it on to the campaign funds of Members of Congress who behave. Ask Senator Chris Dodd about that. He took many millions of dollars of laundered money while chairman of the DNC. So did a number of Senators.

In truth, most Washington politicians take that type of money, in one form or another. Many in Washington are also bribed to change laws from time to time. They most certainly do not want us voters to know how prevalent that is. They fear that we out here in fly-over country wouldn't understand their "system."

Illegal drugs is quite a racket, too. Members of Congress are not directly involved in that, we hope. However, indirectly, some of them covered up when the Justice Department and CIA (both recently admitted it) allowed tons of cocaine to be smuggled into this country. The resultant billions of dollars in untaxed profit was laundered through our banking consortium. So, those banks contributed heavily to campaign funds.

Another great source of campaign funds, and jobs back home, is the military industrial complex. But Clinton gutted our military. So, the military hardware industry was not making as much profit anymore. Therefore, quite a few Members of Congress helped insure overseas sales for these companies. That a lot of this equipment was high-tech military gear that is top secret to us is incidental. The industry wanted to keep making those big bucks and so offered some big campaign donations to get it fixed. Therefore, Clinton is not the only politician responsible for selling our military secrets to foreigners-like red China.

So, when we hear about the "scorched earth policy," as brought to us through the devious efforts of the likes of White House advisors James Carville, Paul Begala, Sid Vicious, and Larry Flynt, we should realize that we are only getting a small part of the story. Our craven Senators are running scared for some very good reasons-a whole host of reasons, actually.

Adultery is only one small part of the Washington subculture. If any person in the know starts talking, there will be a great deal more than marriages and careers ruined. A lot can be bought every year with that $8.4-billion Rep. Dick Armey identified. And it is. Continuously. Year after year.

But, the Washington subculture is such that, with a wink and a nod, much that would be recognized as corrupt and illegal any place else in the United States is accepted as business as usual there. What would be lust and perversion to us are looked upon as recreational diversions in Washington. Activities we would recognize as bribery and pay offs are called campaign donations and "helping a Member's family member" there.

Just as an example: According to the Greenwich, Conn. Post, the wife of Rep. Chris Shays (R-CT) -- the only Republican in the House voting against all impeachment articles-just received a reward from the White House: head of the Peace Corps' Worked Wize Schools Program. And so it goes. . . .

There is a great deal that goes on behind the scenes in Washington. Only a little of it is in those illegal FBI files the White House keeps around. Many in the Washington press corps know the complete story, of course. But, they can't talk. They are an active and integral part of the Washington subculture.

So, yes, the Senate will do anything they can to get out of this trial as quickly and quietly as possible. Because, if the Clintons ever do start their "scorched earth" attack-if any person in the know ever starts talking about that back room Washington subculture-those Senators know that the "peasants with pitchforks" may fire the entire government with one fell swoop.  



 The 106th Congress has only been in session a couple days and already we've heard the term "the people's work" at least a dozen times. Someone should send these people a copy of the Constitution and the Federalist Papers and tell them to "do this, only this, and repeal everything else." Perhaps if they only passed laws on issues authorized by the Constitution they would have time this session to actually read and study the bills on which they vote.

Here's a quiz for all you Constitutional scholars: Where in the Constitution does the federal government find authorization to use the United States Military against the American people? It's in there, but not for any of the reasons they have in mind today.

Our federal government is not noted for hiring the brightest lights in the universe. Many in government are there simply because they actually enjoy wielding nearly unbridled power over the civilian population. Most are in action-reaction positions that do not require any great amount of intellectual gymnastics. Therefore, it's no surprise when they miss things; even major things.

For instance, a few thousand government employees-technical and purchasing staff, primarily- missed the fact that we are to have a century change at the end of this year. That is, they ordered computer and electronic equipment, and software, that government intended to use a few years without first ascertaining that the clock and software will handle the century change. Even the IRS purchased equipment within the last two years that will not work next year.

No matter, though. Government will just send us serf-citizens out behind our homes where the money trees grow and order us to pick them some more. Meanwhile, they will have an excuse to declare a national emergency and use the American Military against the American people. Such is the current plan, anyway.

Over the last year, we have frequently mentioned that both the Army and Marine Corps have been training troops to sneak-attack American cities. These Constitutional dissidents are trained to disregard their military oath and turn their assault training skills on the very people they promised to protect-and who paid for their training.

Were I to give such an order while the leader of men in the Army many years ago, I would fully expect every man behind me to take accurate aim at my head. Honorable men, those guys were. We didn't mistake what we were trained to do with what was right to do. But, apparently times have changed somewhat.

So, a computer or two may not work properly. Already, that's starting with credit card and money card clearing. So? Certainly, that's an inconvenience. But, as soon as the problems are identified, they are repaired. Such is the expected practice in business.

Mostly, it will be the federal government, and those organizations which the federal government closely controls and/or gave a monopoly, that will not be ready. Interesting, that. Perhaps that gives us a hint as to what actions need be taken. That is, if we can look to the large corporations, and their computers work properly; if we can see that small business computers are working; if we see that local governments are still clicking along with little or no problems; if I turn my computers on and am able to get real work done; then we have basically isolated one main cause of the problem.

Because, if it is only the federal government and those organizations the federal government closely controls that have major computer problems, it then becomes time to question the function and authority of the people running our federal government. Either some are totally incompetent or they are negligent. Either way, we cannot trust them and they should not be in a position of authority.

And we must understand it is "our" federal government. The people working there are but public servants-our servants. If the neglect and negligence of public servants cause a problem to the peace and pursuit of happiness of the people, some changes are required. Control and order will be needed, to be sure. But it may be government which needs tighter controls.

We should also add that if government obeyed the Constitution, and stayed out of those areas for which there is no Constitutional authority, we would not have any of the impending disorder with government's computers. The federal government would not need most of those computers.

More ominous, are there members of today's American military actually willing to aid in imposing martial law on peaceful American citizens? Maybe. But we sincerely hope not. That would be as helpful as me sending the next door neighbor to the hospital emergency room for treatment because I am sick.  



 Republicans are missing a fantastic opportunity to score great points with the American people. Instead, running true to form, they appear to put out a totally disjointed message.

The White House controls most of the Washington media. Every time someone on their justice obstructing propaganda team writes a memo damning "right wing extremists," it's broadcast on every news network and printed in nearly every major newspaper as fact.

The Republicans have at least 250 accomplished speakers on Capitol Hill. All have different interests and abilities, but all know their way around a microphone. This would be a very significant public relations team, if used properly.

Instead, they dummy up and let the socialists in the White House defame them. Night after night, the White House's anti-Constitutionalist sycophants in the media trash every single Republican action and idea. And seldom, if ever, has any well known Republican responded in kind.

I mean, it's not like Republicans have nothing to say about the Clinton regime. He allows his unelected Marxist wife to meddle in government, and she most certainly had her pinko fingers into socializing medicine and a few other such things. Furthermore, she had her hands on classified documents without having a clearance-or even being a government employee.

Plenty of good, accurate information is available about the Clinton misdeeds. Heck, every time we think we have seen just how low the Clintons can stoop, they go lower. Even Carville's good buddy Larry Flynt is now working for the Clintons' PR team. Who's next on the Clinton obstructionist squad, a snuff-film pornographer, maybe?

It's time the American people hear the real story. Republicans must take their self-imposed gags off and make a concentrated effort to tell us about the China connection, the Mena connection, the Whitewater scam, the FBI file caper, the homosexual activity in the White House, the Clintons' secret police, the illegal drug use in the White House, the campaign money laundering, Clinton's little harem in the White House, Hillary cursing government employees with words that would cause anyone in the business world to be fired, etc., etc.

The 250 Republican Members of Congress who are good speakers should team up in groups of about five and each group should pick a topic they like. Then, start explaining every little aspect of that particular Clinton scandal to the American public. Talk radio would love it. Many newspapers would also use the material because it would be free and attributed to an official source. And, the Clintons' supposed popularity poll rating would plummet down to only that 25% hard-core left of the electorate who actually voted for him.

If the Republicans in Congress ever took the time to talk with the American people on the street, they would soon learn that nearly 80% of voters feel Clinton should have resigned long ago. Those silly polls broadcast on news shows every night are "opinion polls" all right. But they are polls designed to form public opinion, not measure it.

And so too with many of the articles found in the popular press. Many are intentionally written with a very liberal bias and with an intent to discredit Clinton's detractors. That type of writing is easy, but seldom recognized as such by the average reader. For instance, if we wrote that "popular pornographer Larry Flynt joins White House fight against Republicans," that would be somewhat true, albeit with a great deal of "spin." Yet, when the popular press repeatedly reports that the "religious right" controls the Republican party, that same type of spin is taken as fact.

Well folks, it's time our side does a bit of that, too. Here's a few examples: Hillary pushes socialism on the American people. Bill Clinton is a dead beat dad. Bill Clinton helps communist China acquire nuclear weapons to use against us. The Clintons are friends with illegal drug dealer king-pins and arms runners. Or, how about, Hillary fires White House Travel Office staff and brings in a company with communist Chinese ties?

Each of those sentences could now be accepted as "fact," according to the standards used by many in today's Washington media. That's because each has a strong element of truth. Readers here will notice that there is also a healthy dose of spin involved. But, turnaround is fair play.

The point is that the exact same type of spin is published by the Washington press corps every single day. The liberal media call that stuff news, and nearly half of the American population is conditioned to accept it as such. Worse yet, a lot of the "news" they try to feed us is no more than White House generated propaganda. In fact, the White House publishes two sets of talking points every day.

There is no reason for Congressional Republicans not doing exactly the same thing. We would hope Republicans would stay a little closer to the truth. And, for the next few months it would be easy to use only Congressional Committee verified truths. There is over a hundred thousand pages of already vetted truth concerning Clinton scandals just waiting to be told.

And Americans want to know.  



Just a few short weeks ago, our chance of getting an impeachment through the House of Representatives was said to be virtually zero. Well, as the world now knows, it happened. Clinton is now the first elected president in American history ever impeached. Forevermore, his designation, his legacy, shall be: "That Impeached President."

Clinton is also a lame-duck president. Therefore, to us at least, he is now that "Impeached Lame-Duck President."

Bill Clinton is also a pathological liar. He lied to his family. He lied to the American people. He had others lie to the American people for him. And he lied to the court while under oath. Even his defenders admit that he lies a lot and committed perjury. Today, no one in their right mind would believe anything he says. Therefore, Clinton is also that "Lying Impeached Lame-Duck President."

How far should we go with this? We could also add: "Communist-loving, Money-Laundering, Justice-Obstructing, Lying, Impeached, Lame-Duck President." But this is getting a bit too long to repeat.

Each of us, in our own particular way, had a hand in forcing the impeachment. Together, we made history by demanding that our Representatives in the House impeach a corrupt president. And finally, they did it.

But, we're not done. The process is incomplete. He's still in office. So, it's not quite time to rest. Now we have to beat him in the Senate. And like many of the Representatives in the House, many Senators want nothing more than to get this inconvenience over with as soon as possible. After all, there's fundraising to be done, and no money to be gained by them with this impeachment action. Some in the Senate are lazy, pompous asses and do not want to be bothered with their Constitutional duty. They do not wish to study this impeachment any more than they would study a bill up for vote. Rather, they want only to read a summary, debate the problem a little, and be done with it.

And that is the crux of the situation: Most Senators simply do not want to do their duty. Many of them refuse to be pinned down, refuse to make a decision, and do not wish to be accountable. Instead, they've become hostile jurors looking for some easy way out of serving. Driven by far-left partisan Democrats like Daschle, Biden & Dodd, some of them also display great hubris, in that they already propose the sentence before even hearing the evidence at trial.

This too must end. Any Senator calling for a penalty before even hearing the evidence at trial should be recused from the jury. We must demand a fair, unbiased trial, with a verdict based only on the evidence presented.

That's where we come in. We cannot allow them to neglect their Constitutional duty. They do not wish to be inconvenienced, but that's just too damn bad. They owe us a trial. Therefore, each and every one of them must be inconvenienced and held accountable for their actions in this matter. Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives and the Constitution directs that there now be a full and open trial in the Senate. This is not a popular request, it is a Constitutional directive-the law of the land. No other action is legally available to the Senate. Anything else is unconstitutional, an illegal act, dereliction of duty and malfeasance.

Nor should they be allowed to examine evidence in "executive session." This is to be a political, not a criminal, trial. National Security and all other excuses notwithstanding, the body politic-the American people- have a right to view all evidence from every source. Therefore, barring Clinton's instant resignation, all evidence must see the light of day. No matter how scurrilous and lascivious the evidence and testimony may be, it represents, nonetheless, the actions of the President of the United States and the American people have a right to know.

The Constitution directs that the Senate hold a public trial, weigh the evidence presented, and then deliberate. Therein, the Senators become jurors, and nothing more. Therefore, before and during the trial, they are to keep their overactive, egotistical mouths shut, sit at their desks and pay attention to only that which is presented to them by the trial prosecutors.

Our job as citizens, then, is to insure that our public servants follow the rules-in this case the Constitution-to the letter. The Constitutional process must not be allowed to be obstructed with conflicting "Senate Rules," either. The Chief Justice must make all procedural decisions, not the Senate by simple vote. We must instruct them so, and continue instructing them until the whole of the trial is completed.