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September 6, 1998 #101


by: Doug Fiedor


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The White House's professional rumor mongering and disinformation cabal is hard at work creating more lies and mistruths. Remember now, they have those FBI files on over 900 Republicans and others. And, apparently, they are using them to Clinton's best advantage.

For instance, a few weeks ago, Newt Gingrich publicly stated that he would continue relating the administration's misdeeds and crimes. Now, suddenly, he's quiet, almost conciliatory. House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt mentioned impeachment two weeks ago, then received a call from the White House and dummied up. And Rep. Paul McHale (D-PA), the first Democrat to call for Clinton's resignation, was immediately discredited by false rumors started by administration operatives.

Journalists are worried about covering the Clinton scandals, too. The White House has dossiers on some of them as well as on GOP members of Congress. The craven press was afraid to address that possibility a year or so ago when we and others brought it up. Now, strange and sporadic coverage of Clinton scandals is common. For instance, check out the first minutes of nearly every "Rivera Live" show on CNBC. Rivera has become one of the official leakers for Hillary's disinformation and propaganda cabal, and spews forth all sorts of silly nonsense every evening.

Last week, the Internet's Capitol Hill Blue (http://www.capitolhillblue.com/) wrote that they confirmed:

As part of an orchestrated effort to damage the reputation of opponents of the President, the White House furnished Vanity Fair magazine and other reporters with what they considered to be damaging information on Indiana Republican Congressman Dan Burton, chairman of the House committee investigating Bill Clinton.


Dan Burton, as, chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, is leading the investigation into Clinton's campaign finance illegalities. Burton admits that Clinton supporters spread rumors about his personal life in an effort to intimidate him into giving up the probe. Yet, Burton refuses to relent. Displaying uncommon courage for a Washington politician, Burton told his constituents, "I want you to know that I'm not going to back down on this investigation a half inch."

This time, it's Vanity Fair magazine playing ball with the White House. A reporter from Vanity Fair -- where, incidentally, Dee Dee Myers now works -- spent seven weeks talking to more than 200 friends and associates, Burton said last week. And, as would happen with most of us, word is that reporters found a few things they can dress up as scandal.

So, at town meetings in his district last week, Burton told voters: "They've talked to women I've known in my life, they've talked to friends and relatives, kids I went to grade school with. … It's not illegal, anything I've done. But my wife and I -- and I hate to tell you this -- but my wife and I were separated three times in our 38-year marriage." He also admitted that, at one point, the couple nearly divorced. "Now I want to tell you: If something comes out, that you read about, that you think Danny shouldn't have done, I will own up to it. I won't lie about it. I will tell the truth."

Last Friday, Dan Burton put all his cards on the table with his constituents. Burton admitted that he fathered a child out of wedlock. The child is now a teenager. Both the Burton family and the child's family agreed that it would be unfair for the press to bother the child.

This is yet another result of Hillary's teams of secret police (private investigators). They poked around in Burton's life for nearly two years, and that was the best they could come up with.

Other Members of Congress -- quite a few of them, too -- have chickened out when confronted with even a hint of exposure. They obviously care much more for their position of pomp and circumstance than they ever will for our country, the rule of law and our Constitution. We must, therefore, credit Dan Burton with the honor, ethics and integrity necessary to see what needs to be done and, if necessary, risk his position to get it done.

Both the White House and the Democratic National Committee have full time rumor mongering and disinformation teams busy doing "opposition research" on any Republican in Congress who may be involved with the Starr report. So, look for all sorts of silly rumors, most based on very skimpy facts, to come out about the time the Starr report is delivered. Many in the Washington press corps, unfortunately, will still publish anything the administration gives to them.

Meanwhile, we recommend that everyone send a simple postcard of support to Rep. Dan Burton. And we're told that the Bucks for Burton campaign is still in effect. As a show of grass roots support for his investigation, and as a protest to counter the vicious anti-Burton campaign of the Clinton Crime Syndicate, people from all over the country are sending him a buck as a campaign donation. (2185 Rayburn HOB Washington, DC 20515; 1-(202)-225-2276)



There are two major assaults on liberty in progress at this time. First, this is the end of the Congressional session. Second, regulatory agencies are now beginning to finalize regulations without informing (or involving input from) Congress or the public.

This session of Congress is just winding down. Basically, all they plan to do is finish up some budget bills and get out of town. And, those who follow Congress know just how dangerous that can be to our freedom.

Few, if anyone, in Congress ever read the bills on which they vote. They sometimes read an executive summary, written by the staff of the bill's sponsor, but that's about all. In other words, they usually have no idea exactly what is in a bill presented for vote, what the amendments say, and how it fits in with the Constitution. Yet, they vote these things into law anyway.

This time of the year, it's even worse. Budget bills can be -- and usually are -- changed on the fly. When Congress is in a hurry to get out of town, budget bills can bounce back and forth between House and Senate a couple times a day. This means that no Member of either house knows little more than the generalities of the bills on which they are voting. And, they cannot know more than generalities because, in many cases, the bills are not even typed up before presented for vote.

This leaves much room for socialist-Marxist mischief. The fact is that there are at least a hundred bills floating around Congress that no Member of Congress in his or her right mind would even consider accepting. The budget bills are often huge bills which, as we said, no one reads. Therefore, they are very good places to sneak in the most oppressive bills as amendments.

Some readers of these pages will remember the anti-American and Fascist-like Kohl and Lautenberg anti-Second Amendment budget bill amendments of last session. Neither would ever have had a chance of passing Congress as a stand alone bill. But, thanks to corrupt Congressional staff, both bills were stealthily inserted as amendments into a large budget bill at the end of the last session of Congress -- without the knowledge of most Members of Congress. Both bills severely restrict the liberty of the American people. Yet, they passed.

Again, no Member of Congress reads the budget bill before voting on it, so the very oppressive Kohl and Lautenberg amendments became law.

Look for a lot of that next month. There are many really screwed up Members of Congress who seem to hate our American way. Each and every one of them have a few very oppressive bills waiting, and will do the best they can to insure their anti-American bills are somehow inserted in one of the pending budget bills. If we are not vigilant, these too will become law.

The General Accounting Office reports that some of this very same stuff is going on with the regulatory agencies.

Federal regulators are required to let citizens know when they are about to issue new rules and regulations. The American people are supposed to have an opportunity to respond to a proposed regulation before it is finalized. The process is known as "notice of proposed rulemaking." The only time agencies may legally skip that step is in an emergency.

The GAO reports that about half of the final regulatory actions last year never involved the notice-and-comment phase. In other words, bureaucrats said to hell with what the American people think and just passed the regulations without notice. And, according to GAO, at least 11 of these regulations were major enough that they will cost American citizens more than $100-million annually and/or have far reaching social implications.

It appears that the regulatory bureaucracy is taking over, folks. As we reported repeatedly, there is nothing in our lives these unelected bureaucrats do not already control somehow. From automobiles to zithers, from baby food to yard tools, everything we touch, everything that touches us, is strictly regulated by the federal bureaucracy. Even the air and dirt is regulated today. Everything!

Two things should be on our personal agendas for the rest of this year. We must insure that no stupid bills get added to the budget bills. And, we must regularly get in the face of our Members of Congress and demand that they fire most of these socialist federal regulators.

Nice guys come in last. It's about time we ramped things up a notch. If we want freedom, that is how it must be done. If the Republicans want to hold office, they must perform. Let's tell them. Not ask. Tell.



Admitted liar Billy has been a very, very bad boy. So have his Marxist wife Hilly and his friend Al. In fact, it would be very difficult to find any of Billy's friends who have not also been very, very bad.

Even Billy's one time friend, Sen. Joseph Lieberman, called admitted liar Billy "immoral" last week. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska and Patrick Moynihan of New York seconded Lieberman. So too did leaders in Billy's church. Richard Land, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission said Billy should resign. Land said Billy's "tawdry, shameful" affair with Monica Lewinsky has made the president "hopelessly, morally compromised."

Billy's own pastor, the Rev. Rex Horne of Immanuel Baptist in Little Rock, declined interviews since Billy's admission of an affair with Monica Lewinsky. But, last week Horne did issue a statement calling Billy's "immoral" actions "indefensible and inexcusable."

Most of the women in Billy's life still seem to protect him, though. Hilly is still his enabler. She puts up with lyin' Billy's sexcapades for three obvious reasons. One, she likes the protected environment where she doesn't have to even lift a finger if she doesn't want to. Two, she gets to play around with the wheels of government and act like she's someone important. And three, every time Billy gets caught screwing up and she has to bail him out, she gets to assume even more power over government.

Janet Reno protects Billy, too. Being totally incompetent and a bit of an immoral wanderer herself, Janet doesn't really care what Billy does. Janet is just grateful for getting the cushy attorney general job, and so goes along with whatever Hilly wants her to do.

Then came this nice man, Quiet Kenneth Starr. Quiet Ken got the job of independent counsel because, being a quiet sort and a Washington insider, they didn't figure he would do much of anything to rock the boat. Billy and Hilly thought they could run all over Quiet Ken, totally discredit the poor guy and any wrongdoing information he found on them, and make him look like the public fool.

The problem is, some of the quiet ones have ethics. And when they also know the law, they can fight back. So, Quiet Ken rolled up his sleeves and got to work.

Now, Billy and Hilly have a new little problem. So do a lot of their friends working at the White House and the Democratic National Committee headquarters. Janet learned that she might be let go soon. So, she's giving them all a little present to remember her by.

It seems that Billy, Ozone Head Al and others at the White House wrote a bunch of "issue oriented" TV ads for the DNC to run during the last campaign -- about $44-million worth of them, in all -- which really were Clinton-Gore re-election ads. And, as all these folks knew when they did it, that is illegal. At the very least, they will have to repay the $13.4 million the campaign committee received in federal matching funds. Or, maybe they will be ordered to pay all the money back, probably to the U.S. Treasury rather than the DNC. On top of that, the fines could be multiples of what they illegally spent. Whichever, there's a lot of money involved here.

But, that's not all. Billy and Hilly also ordered up all those FBI background check files to use to blackmail Congress critters and journalists into submission. Quiet Ken found out about that, and rumors are that he may charge Billy, Hilly and a bunch of others with multiple offenses. As it turns out, the White House has long ago admitted inappropriately having the files, but never gave them back. By law, a citizen can get five years in prison for just looking at one, and the White House has 900 or so.

And, of course, Billy, Hilly and everyone working with and for them lied about just about everything they did. That's not always a problem in politics; but these people also lied under oath, to Congress and to a grand jury. Under the law, that is a crime called perjury. Some of those lies will be contempt of court, too. And, even a president may not pardon contempt of court charges.

Another interesting tidbit Quiet Ken learned concerns illegal drugs in the White House. Half of Washington apparently knows that story, but no one seems to be talking much about it except in whispers to friends. But, Ken knows. And for this matter, Quiet Ken is the sheriff.

It's not smart to mess with the man who issues subpoenas by the bunch. Billy, Hilly and the dozens of lawyers working the White House scams should know that. But, apparently, they think they are the controlling elite, much better than everyone else, far above the law, and can get away with anything.

Even Billy admitted last Friday that his actions were "indefensible." Then, he gave the public what amounts to a poke in the eye by mumbling: "I've already said it [I'm sorry] myself, to myself. There's nothing else to say." And, about the same time, the White House propaganda and disinformation cabal acknowledged that they now plan to increase the accusations against Quiet Ken. They have to defend the indefensible, else they are out of work. So, more lies are expected.

But, Quiet Ken will not answer their stupid accusations. Quiet Ken does not have to answer the accusations of the trash in the White House. Good lawyers speak through their briefs. So, Quiet Ken is busy writing his reports -- one for Congress and one for the Court -- and some say they are very long reports.

Ozone Head Al was told to prepare to take over the White House. But, again, there's a problem. Al has been very, very bad, too. If he takes over the presidency, he will be the very first president in American history to start out with his own personal independent counsel -- before he even takes the oath of office. Hilly let Janet go after Al so he would look dirty, too. He is. But that's not the point.

And so goes the "most ethical administration in history." Corrupt to the core.



Last July (July 19, #94) we quoted an Associated Press and Center for Responsive Politics report that there are 14,484 registered lobbyists on Capitol Hill. That is, lobbyists on Capitol Hill outnumber Members of Congress 27 to 1. Reports show, these lobbyists spend $1.17-billion annually lobbying Capitol Hill. Which is, on average, about $21.9-million spent annually lobbying each Member of Congress. Last week, we quoted those numbers again as part of a report on foreign lobbyists.

A very astute reader soon replied that this was far from the whole of the story. A more comprehensive report, titled "Washington's Lobbying Industry: A Case for Tax Reform," comes from the Office of House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX). The executive summary, in its entirety, states:

Polls show that most Americans believe that Washington, D.C. is a city dominated by lobbyists who seek to advance the agenda of special-interest groups rather than the broader public interest. This report quantifies the number of people who work in Washington, D.C.'s lobbying industry and the amount of revenue the lobbying sector generates.

The report shows that the lobbying industry has grown dramatically over the past three decades and that this growth has coincided with increased complexity in the tax code. In addition, this study shows that the tax system is the single greatest source of lobbying activity. In short, this study reveals that the worst fears of the American people are true: the tax code is the largest playground for Washington's vast and growing lobbying industry. Here is a brief review of the report's major findings:

It seems that this report addresses all lobbyists in D.C., rather than just those targeting Capitol Hill. The report makes a very interesting point, too: The lobbying budget of private interest is larger than the whole budget of many of America's major cities -- eight times that of Detroit, for instance.

It gets even worse, though. In the appendix, the report suggests that the above information may be a bit on the low end:

There are a number of reasons why the estimates in this study are conservative. First, as noted in the body of the report, the measurement of the lobbying industry includes only people whose offices are physically located in the District of Columbia. Census data show that there are thousands of people in the lobbying industry whose offices are located in the adjacent areas of Maryland and Virginia.


We feel that there is still more to this story. For instance, somewhere there should be a good breakdown on who is lobbying which branches of government and how much they are spending. Taxpayers have a right to know who is lobbying which legislative office, what the lobbyist wants and how much they are spending. Ditto for the regulatory morass and the executive branch.

Special interest money drives the actions of the federal government. We voters need to know exactly how extensive this practice of honest graft has become. Therefore, we'll keep looking.

The report is easy to read. Check it out at: http://flattax.house.gov/st-lobby.htm



Word on the street has it that the Starr Report will be delivered to the House this week -- possibly on Wednesday afternoon. Rumor also has it that the House leadership already has a copy, but that is unsubstantiated at this time.

This may prove to be the biggest circus this country has ever seen. The animals from the White House will be getting mean, looking for red meat. Many Members of the House will be running for cover. Others in the House will still be stupid enough to attempt to defend the indefensible.

All sides will attempt to keep the Starr Report from the public until the House leadership and selected members of the press have had time to digest it. We must not allow that. We must order our public servants to post that report on the Internet as soon as possible. And, it should not be posted in PDF format, either. Not everyone has Acrobat. The Starr report should be posted in some common form of HTML format that everyone on the Internet can easily read and copy.

We, the citizens of these Unites States, have every right to see the Starr Report as soon as it is made available to public servants. Our tax money developed that report, and it concerns a public official. Therefore, it is OUR report!

For this matter, any Representative providing full information to the American people deserves our full support. Conversely, any Representative who even suggests depriving the American people of any part of the Starr Report deserves our scorn and should be immediately chastised by all of us.

The impeachment action in Congress is a political action, not a criminal trial. Therefore, greatly different rules apply and all evidence must be open to all American citizens.

Simply put, We the People are the electorate, and We the People must have access to all of the information in order to properly instruct our representatives in government. Nothing less is acceptable.

If the report contains sex and profanity, such is the way of Washington politics. We, each person as an individual, shall handle that matter in our own personal way. How we respond to that is our personal decision, a decision that should not be affected by the will of public officials.

Tell them so!








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