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Volume 4, Issue 6

February 26, 1997

Warm and Fuzzy Obfuscation

by Thomas Sowell

Just a year ago, President Clinton announced in his State of the Union address that the era of big government was over. But, in this year's State of the Union address, he announced further expansions of government and of government spending.

Anybody can be inconsistent, but Mr. Clinton's political genius is in getting away with it, smirking all the while. His plan to "balance the budget" is a classic. He promises a balanced budget by the year 2002 - a year after he is gone - but wants to increase the education budget alone to a whopping $51 billion right now.

That is precisely how we built up a huge national debt in the first place - spending now and promising big cutbacks in the future. Of course, the cutbacks never came. But who remembers political promises?

The danger that some game like this will be played again is even greater, now that the cry of "bipartisanship" is in the air in Washington. Bipartisanship is one of those nice notions loved by those in the media. But bipartisanship in action has too often meant collusion by the Democrats and the Republicans at the expense of the public.

In the past, this often meant higher taxes. But, with the voters today being in no mood to stand for that, bipartisanship may mean some other ill-conceived scheme that enables Democrats and Republicans alike to look good while doing harm.

The danger of bipartisan baloney is especially great because of the focus on education and because Newt Gingrich and the Republicans are in a defensive mode, where they may feel a need to make a deal - any kind of deal - with the president in order to help rehabilitate their image. When Mr. Gingrich starts schmoozing with Jesse Jackson, that cannot be a good sign.

If there has ever been an idea that has been disproved by the facts, over and over, it is the idea that having the federal government throw more money at schools and colleges will produce better education. No small part of what is wrong with American education today comes from the federal government.

It was precisely after soaring sums of federal money began to pour into the public schools back in the 1960s that test scores began to decline, as the feds financed all sorts of boondoggles that got the schools away from the basics. Our students are out-performed on international tests by countries that spend half of what we do per student.

Huge increases in federal spending are a payoff to the National Education Association for its millions of dollars in political campaign contributions to Mr. Clinton and the Democrats. What it will buy are pay raises for NEA's members and smaller classes that translate into more jobs for teachers, rather than any better learning by students. We will have more expensive incompetents in the classrooms, on both sides of the desk.

At the college level, massive amounts of federal research money have gotten professors out of the classrooms, leaving the teaching of undergraduates to the professors' assistants, while the profs themselves write stuff that in most cases serves no other purpose than to add to their publication records and the pay raises based on them.

As someone who has taught at colleges and universities - large and small, public and private, black and white - I see no great unfulfilled desire for higher education that would justify pouring still more billions of the taxpayers' money down a bottomless pit. We already have far too many people in college who have neither the desire nor the ability to make the investment pay off.

Already our colleges are turning out too many people with embossed pieces of paper, but without either job skills or a decent education. College has become a place to extend adolescence for a few more years, while hanging out with peers and seeking sexual experiences - all at other people's expense.

Often those other people are taxpayers, not only in state universities, but also to a growing extent in federally subsidized private universities as well.

But, in the warm fuzzy atmosphere of "bipartisanship," who wants to look like a meany by voting against money for "education?"

Why not polish the old political image by throwing in a "balanced budget" as well - with the spending cuts put off for years, of course - while spending like a drunken sailor right now? Bipartisanship produces some strange bedfellows and even stranger offspring.

Important Nutrient Helps the Heart

By Tom Valentine

Coenzyme Q-10 is beyond doubt one the most important nutrients available to the human diet.

It regulates and controls the process of cell energy production, which is the essence of life and vitality.

What can COQ-10 do for you? In clinical trial after clinical trial, COQ-10 has proved to be excitingly beneficial against heart failure. Dr. Karl Folkers, considered the world's leading authority on COQ-10, in a 1993 speech at a world symposium on COQ-10, remarked on a new study at the time as follows: "This is the eighth blind trial, all of which were positive for a therapeutic activity of COQ-10 in heart failure. In this symposium, Dr. Gandini of Italy presents a summary of a multicenter study on the efficacy and safety of COQ-10 as adjuvant therapy in heart failure - results from 2,500 patients."

"Some scientists have not classified this orange molecule as a vitamin," Folkers said. "For cardiac patients in class IV who are dying on the drugs of the industry, the name of the orange molecule is not important. I am confident that in due time vitamin COQ-10 will be therapeutically and prophylactically [preventively] used to treat all cardiac patients for their lifetime," Folkers added.

In addition to combating heart disease, COQ-10 has also proved useful against cancer. In recent research with breast cancer patients whose disease had spread to other parts of their bodies, the dosage of COQ-10 was increased to 390 milligrams per day and the results were outstanding.

Originally the cancer victims in the clinical trial were given 90 mg. per day, which is a preventive dose and the results were not spectacular. However, a 44-year-old patient had metastases in the liver "disappear" after taking the increased dosage. The study was published in July 1995 in the journal Biochemistry Biophysics Research Community.

Another 1995 study saw COQ-10 show therapeutic value in muscular dystrophy and neurogenic atrophy cases.

The many benefits of taking coenzyme Q-10 as a dietary supplement are well known. It controls cellular energy output. High levels of COQ-10 are necessary to support the body functions well.

The heart and liver are examples of organs which require tremendous "energy" and it's no coincidence that COQ-10 is found in abundance in these organs.

Folkers discovered way back in 1960 that "we had the first indication of a human deficiency of COQ-10 in just so-called norms people."

Since that time numerous studies have documented that normal people can, indeed, be deficient in this important nutrient. It is known, for example, that stress, aging and illness deplete levels of COQ-10.

Deficiencies may bring a wide variety of problems, so it pays to insure adequate supplies by taking it as a dietary supplement. COQ-10 also plays a vital role in supporting healthy immune function - which is yet another reason it's so suitable combined with lauric acid-rich coconut oil.

However, COQ-10 is not the easiest nutrient to absorb and metabolize. According to Folkers, the orange colored nutrient is "fat soluble" and therefore works optimally in the body when combined with a quality fat. Coconut oil fills the bill better than any other natural oil and this is good news for the millions who eagerly seek to supplement with COQ-10.

Check Drugs' Side Effects
Beware drugs purported to help you prevent heart attacks.
Literally millions of Americans are taking drugs to lower cholesterol and ostensibly help prevent heart attacks. These drugs have notorious side effects. I have long believed the cholesterol scare to be blown way out of proportion, so it is no wonder many people seek an alternative.

Now it has been learned that cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Zocor, Mevacor and Pracvachol all interfere with a primary metabolic process the body uses to make Coenzyme Q-10. Not only do these drugs interfere with the process of making vital COQ-10, but they also reduce the existing levels of COQ-10 in the patients body.

The March/April 1996 issue of Search for Health featured COQ-10 and mused whether it is the "most vital nutrient." It certainly ranks at the top in a world where heart disease is the No.1 killer.

The cells of our body cannot oxidize properly and produce robust cell energy without adequate COQ-10 present, so any deficiency can be a disaster.

Americans appear to be surprisingly deficient in this ubiquitous coenzyme even though the human body is designed to manufacture it profusely.

When the drug companies that make the above named cholesterol- lowering drugs were told that the drugs reduce COQ-10 levels by anywhere from 30 percent to 50 percent, they argued that this is no cause for alarm since people should have more than enough COQ-10 in their systems.

Young, healthy people, when you can find them these days, may have plenty of COQ-10 in their blood and cells, but every American older than 40 is a candidate to be deficient for one reason or another - especially people who are potential heart patients.

We're not talking only about people with "genetic disorders" either; we are talking about normal, walking around American adults.

Some doctors are aware of the widespread depleted COQ-10 situation and are suggesting to their heart patients on cholesterol-lowering drugs to supplement their diet with COQ-10.

Obviously the drug industry dominated research mainstream is not going out of its way to investigate the level of COQ-10 in the average American, especially young people. The opinion that humans make more than enough COQ-10 has not been supported by reams of research documents.

We would like to see a general survey of the COQ-10 levels in Americans, especially the young, because we see more signs of deficiency than we do of robust cellular health in our everyday observations. If young people were truly healthier as perhaps they should be since they haven't been around long enough to totally wreck their systems, then why do we see so much gum disease for one example? It is said that the gums are the first sign of a COQ-10 deficiency in many people.

Beware Hormone-Mimicking Chemicals

When it comes to pesticides, what you do not know can hurt you.
By Tom Valentine

When the story broke about pseudo-estrogen in pesticides and industrial pollution several years ago, we expressed a very strong concern that scientists were not seriously considering the possibilities of the effects on human sexual development, even though sexual development in animal life was obviously affected by these hormone-mimicking chemicals.

Now a remarkable study from Italy has indicated human sexual development may, most assuredly, be affected by these pervasive environmental pollutants.

Researchers have concentrated on a small Italian population that was subjected to an accidental spill of dioxin, among the most toxic of manmade substances. On July 10, 1976 hundreds of pounds of dioxin were "liberated" and contaminated a wide area. The population of that area has been examined and observed many times since the accident.

Since there was no technology for measuring concentrations of dioxin in living humans between 1976 and 1988, scientists were only able to estimate the contamination based upon amounts of dioxin present in the soil. In 1988, technology was developed to read the amount of dioxin in serum samples.

There were two zones of contamination. The A zone, with 736 people inhabiting the area, was more contaminated than the B zone, which had 4,737 inhabitants. Serum samples from both groups were taken and kept frozen since 1976. Researchers have checked this frozen serum and have also examined children born in the A zone since 1977.

Now, before we get to what has been learned, it is important to understand that the human sex ratio has been established at about 196 males born for every 100 females.

In 1995, W.H. James reported in the Annals of Human Genetics that this sex ratio is stabilized chiefly through parental hormone concentrations so that changes in gonadotropin and/or steroid levels may result in a skewed sex ratio at birth.

Remember, dioxin is a "pseudo-hormone," meaning it can be misconstrued by a body to be a steroid or an estrogen molecule.

In the total of 74 births that occurred between nine months following the 1976 contamination and December 1984, which is the period of time of one dioxin "half-life" in adults, twice as many girls were born as boys (48 to 24). This skewed birth sex ratio declined in the years between January 1985 and 1994 - 64 females and 60 males, which is no longer a significant difference in the ratio.

Testing the serum concentration in samples drawn in 1976 determined that both parents associated with the high female production showed a high dioxin content.

Although the researchers claim that they do "not have a mechanistic explanation for the sex ratio change... our observations, however may support the hypothesis that dioxin modifies hormonal balance."

The investigators, who are experts both from Italy and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, also mused about the why of this significant sex ratio alteration.

"Does [dioxin] affect the enzymes and/or proteins regulating hormones for zygote formation, implantation and development, or could it directly affect genes controlling sex? We are continuing to measure dioxin in serum samples from the A zone to determine the minimum dioxin dose required to show this effect; how long this effect lasts; and whether there is variability in individual susceptibility. We are also following up the infants born to high- exposure parents, as they grow to maturity," researchers say.

This is an extremely interesting and important "accidental" study.

The scientific community should devise research to investigate the potential for pesticide chemicals to adversely affect the sexual development, physical and mental, of growing American Children. We suspect a percentage of the unusually high number of aberrant behaviors found in today's society might be due to these pervasive, hormone-mimicking pollutants.

Commentary on HB 1243 & SB 5264 - Washington State

Okay, so what's the big deal about giving out your fingerprints to get a driver's license? If you're not hiding something why should you object to it? People have their fingerprints on all kinds of records, for many different reasons: military service, security clearances, concealed weapons permits, even some professional licenses require prints. Those kinds of fingerprints are the old fashioned kind, not the kind required in this new high tech, tamper proof, driver's license as proposed in HB 1243 / SB 5264. Digital finger-prints are a different story altogether. The promoters claim it is a cure-all to protect people.

What isn't told is that the failure rate is as high as ten percent in comparing one image against a database of images. That error rate could be of some concern if you are depending on a correct match for emergency medical treatment or to clear yourself of criminal charges. The Transportation Committee did reword six items in the bill. One of the changes they made was to make the fingerprint issue 'voluntary'. This would allow a person to obtain a second class driver's license that may or may not be accepted as identification. If businesses refuse to accept a second class driver's license as identification, then we will be pressured to obtain the first class license with the fingerprints.

Another requirement of the bill, is that your Social Security Number becomes a part of the identification. Now just what does Social Security have to do with your ability to drive a vehicle? I don't know about your card, but mine states very clearly on the face of it that it is "For Social Security Purposes - Not For Identification." I always thought my number was protected under the Privacy Act.

There is also another number that keeps popping up and it is referred to as the URN, Universal Resource Number. I am having a difficult time tracking down just what that number is. I have discovered in my many hours of research on biometrics that every country has some type of numbering system for its people. Each one has used a different ruse to get the populace to accept this numbering system. My personal thought is that it is a global numbering system. As soon as each country gets their system in operation, it will easily convert to the global system. The technology for the Mark and the New World Order appears to be here.

The illegal immigration problem caused Congress to put together the Immigration Control and Financial Responsibility Act of 1996. The issue of driver's licenses is addressed within section 118. It requires that each State-issued driver's license and identification card SHALL contain a Social Security Account Number and that it shall be verified with the Social Security Administration. This statute mandates compliance by October 2000. That is why the legislature is in such a hurry to pass this police state statute.

Very little media coverage has been given to HB 1243. Because of this, few people know or understand what it is about. Opposition has come from grassroots efforts alone. To offset this resistance, the proponents in the legislature prepared a canned response when the phone calls and letters began to increase. Additionally, there are many other bills before this legislature with language pertaining to the identification issue. It has been tucked into as many bills as possible.

The banking and retail businesses want this legislation to reduce their costs and losses. But this will be accomplished at taxpayer expense. This begs the question: Since when is it the government's responsibility to protect the retailer from its customers?

Another fear-mongering ruse is that this legislation is necessary to protect you from the criminal element; the fraudulent use of your identification and credit cards or checking account. All questions regarding who shoulders the burden of fraudulent losses aside, are we willing to forfeit our liberty to avoid personal responsibility? Another ploy is that the tamper proof cards will reduce the illegal purchase of liqueur and tobacco. I can think of another way that is more effective and would not take away my freedom: It is called strict enforcement of the laws already in effect. We do not need to have government agents micro-manage every detail in everyone's life.

Remember, just because it only starts out with your digital fingerprints, iris scan, signature, photo in ultraviolet ink, and your Social Security Number, all issued from a central location and verified by the Social Security Administration, that doesn't mean it will stop there. This card will become the National Identification Card that Bill Clinton has been trying to promote. In short order it will include all your personal information including medical records, financial records, employment, education, marriage, etc. To be denied legitimate privacy will erode and eventually destroy our freedoms.

You will be told that there are safeguards and that your information will not be given out except to authorized persons. Once this information is gathered onto a single card there is no safeguard to protect that information from getting into the hands of unauthorized people.

Furthermore, the Department of Licensing is the agency in charge of maintaining the records. A recent Tacoma Morning News Tribune article (February 22nd) reported how the department lost $523,000.00 worth of equipment sometime between 1992 and 1996. Spokesman, Suzanne Taylor was quoted as saying, "I don't know if we can blame it on anything, except the process wasn't working right."

Our lawmakers and bureaucrats are trying to convince us that we need them to track us for our own protection. They want to assure us that the information they gather will be secure. Excuse me if I don't believe them.

I understand that many other states either have , or have proposed, similar legislation. I would appreciate hearing from anyone with information in their area concerning this Big Brother advance in the enslavement of the American people. I may be contacted at idzrus@nwlink.com.

Jackie Juntti

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