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Volume 3, Issue 30

October 3, 1996

Land of the FREE? You'd Better Look Again Folks.

On Monday, September 30th, our wonderful, benevolent Congress sent to President Clinton several gun control provisions as part of the omnibus spending bill. These provisions were added to this spending bill in the form of amendments. The practice of attaching amendments to bills that have no relationship to the stated title of the bill is customary and accepted by Congress. The President signed this bill into law late Monday night after both houses had overwhelmingly passed it (House: 370-37; Senate: 84-15).

The antigunners in Congress succeeded in passing these amendments in the name of defending women and children. Despite the rhetoric, the provisions will not accomplish what was claimed and will blow even more holes in our Second Amendment freedoms. What follows is a brief summary of what passed, the practical problems with those provisions, and a listing of who voted against them.

Road-block Gun Ban (Sec. 657 of the Treasury-Postal portion of HR 3610)

* Sets up thousands of gun ban zones across roads, statewide, where local police or the BATF can arrest unsuspecting drivers who have a firearm in the car. Victims will face 5 years in prison. This provision (also known as the Kohl amendment) creates gun ban zones nearly one-half mile in diameter around every school in the country even though a similar bill was deemed unconstitutional by the supreme Court last year (US v Lopez, 1995).

* Anyone without a pistol carry license driving through a zone with an unloaded firearm that is not in a locked container or rack faces 5 years in prison. (This would apply even to off-duty police officers, despite ineptly drafted exceptions in the Kohl language). People who live in states that allow people to drive freely with guns, either in plain view or in the glove compartment, can now be victimized by anti-gun police and/or BATF agents.

* There a just a couple of other quirks that result from the law: a) Because of the way "school" is defined in Title 18 of the U.S. Code, the school zone gun ban could outlaw the possession of firearms by parents who home school their children; and b) For a person who lives within 1,000 feet of a school, any hunting trip would constitute a legal labyrinth. He or she could not carry their gun to a car parked on the street unless it was determined that such action was approved by school officials.

Domestic Confiscation (Sec. 653 of the Treasury-Postal portion of HR 3610)

* Frank Lautenberg originally cosponsored the so-called domestic confiscation provision with anti-gun Senators Dianne Feinstein and Ed Kennedy as S. 1632. The largest wholesale, firearms confiscation effort in decades, this provision bans thousands upon thousands of Americans from owning firearms for life and orders their guns seized. For now this gun ban only applies to domestic dispute misdemeanors, but it sets a very bad precedent, since previously only felons have been stripped of their rights. (Note: This provision could strip many law-enforcement officers, previously convicted of domestic violence misdemeanors, of their ability to carry firearms.)

* The Lautenberg-Barr amendment which passed the Congress threatens to disarm the very women that it is supposed to help. The provision would impose a lifetime gun ban on anyone who has been convicted of "using or attempting to use ... physical force" in a domestic situation. Of course, this "use of force" language can cover anyone (both men and women) who get involved in a little spat between spouses, roommates, etc.

* The "use or attempted use of force" language will not only affect women who might throw a lamp at their spouse (like the First Lady), it will also endanger parents who spank their children. Parents convicted of a domestic misdemeanor for spanking will now have to forfeit their guns or else become felons -- for being a prohibited person in possession of a firearm. This provision federalizes a state issue and is clearly unconstitutional under the 2nd and 10th Amendments, just for starters.

Everything, including the kitchen sink, out into HR 3610

* Legislators also threw in the study on placing (dangerous) taggants in black and smokeless powders, a provision which had previously been defeated in Congress. (Source: Sec. 113(2) of the general provisions of the Justice Department Title in HR 3810)

* The bill gives the BATF a PAY INCREASE of almost $100 million dollars for next year. $16 million in the regular budget plus an additional $66 million for so-called antiterrorism efforts. (Source: Titles I and VII of the Treasury-Postal provisions)

* HR 3610 continues the language included in the previous year's budget prohibiting the BATF from "investigating or acting upon applications for relief from federal firearms disabilities." This means that non-violent offenders who lose their gun rights won't be getting them restored any time soon. (Source: Title I of the Treasury-Postal provisions)

* The so-called digital telephony provision will threaten the rights of everyone in this nation. (Source: Sec. 110 of Commerce State Justice provisions) The funding in this provision will be used to force telephone companies to retrofit existing telephone equipment in order to facilitate the ability of government officials to wiretap citizens. This would be similar to requiring home builders to put microphones in the walls of every home so that the FBI could more easily eavesdrop on conversations.

The following Representatives from Michigan voted against this bill: Garcia and Hoekstra.

The following Representatives from Michigan that missed the vote: Collins and Conyers.

All other Representatives from Michigan voted for this bill and must be held accountable for their actions!

GOA Alert, October 2, 1996

An American Nightmare:

What Happens if Bill Clinton is Re-elected?

The fact that America is in a moral freefall should be quite evident to even the casual observer. The decline in our morality and culture just in the five years from 1990 to 1995 is dramatic. In 1990, who would have ever believed that the President of the U.S. and his first lady would openly advocate and push the homosexual agenda (placing 35 or more homosexuals in the cabinet or the upper echelons of government) and openly push the abortionist agenda as well.

Who would have believed in 1990 that the U.S. government would openly kill innocent men, women, and children (as at Ruby Ridge and Waco) and arrogantly claim they had done nothing wrong.

We were told by the media and political pundits in 1992 that the morality of Bill Clinton had nothing to do with his ability to govern. This is, of course, total nonsense. While the morals (and spiritual life) of our leaders may (unfortunately) reflect the values of the people, these morals do have consequences in the life and destiny of a nation and the actions of its government. This is especially true of America which was (and still is) dedicated as "One Nation, under God."

Today, there is a general reluctance to connect aspects of politicians' personal lives to their political performances. Yet a study of the moral fiber - or lack of it - and political leaders' public performances throughout history shows far more correlation between the two than people would like to admit.

It is as that great Rabbi of Nazareth once declared: "Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes? ...every good tree beers good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit." How many thorn bushes have existed among the leaders and rulers of men, and how destructive and devastating their fruit has been!

Marx, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Khomeini are just a few recent examples of immensely evil and personally corrupt men, whose rule brought destruction upon millions of people. Could Bill Clinton ultimately be another such example?

Marx, who grew up a devoted Christian, later apparently sold his soul to the Devil, and became possessed with a destructive urge to which he himself attests: "The hellish vapors rise and fill the brain, till I go mad and my heart is utterly changed. See this sword? The prince of darkness sold it to me, for he beats the time and gives the signs; ever more boldly I plan the dance of death." (Spielmann)

In The Pale Maiden, Marx confesses: "Thus heaven I've forfeited, I know it full well, my soul, once true to God, is chosen for hell." And in Human Pride, Marx writes: "With disdain I will throw my gauntlet full in the face of the world. And see the collapse of this pygmy giant, whose fall will not stifle my armor. Then wander godlike and victorious through the ruins of this world." And so he did, his ideology of Communism becoming the cause of millions upon millions of deaths.

Something similar happened to the young Adolf Hitler. Joseph Carr relates how, after attending Wagner's Rierzl opera, Hitler had an amazing occultic experience which set him aside from that moment for his ultimate sinister role in history.

What happened in the brief encounter was, for Hitler, a state of "complete ecstasy and rapture, in which he transferred the character Rienzl... with visionary power, to the plane of his own existence." (The Twisted Cross)

Both Stalin and Mao were deeply corrupt leaders, who did not shrink from killing and mass-murdering their own people, even their trusted comrades, to remain the undisputed leaders of their evil empires. Reading about them leaves no doubt that the moral fiber of a man's character, much more than his ideology, is the reason for his bestial behavior.

If we are honest with ourselves, we know that our ideologies grow out of the moral dispositions which have formed our characters and outlook in the earlier stages of our development. For this reason the study of morality and character is so important.

Thus it is not just the different ideologies that have been responsible for the wars and massacres -- but the evil and corrupted characters of those who used these ideologies to become undisputed, megalomaniacal dictators.

Even if Saddam Hussein, Muammar Ghadaffi, Ayatolla Khomeini and Hafez Assad did not - or have not yet-- massacred millions of their own people, they indisputable show the same cruel traits of these viciously evil rulers. And so do Yasser Arafat and certain powerful U.S. political leaders. And like Hitler, Stalin and Mao, they have been able to come so far because so few political leaders of character and courage are left in the world to resist them.

No decent (or thinking) American can forget what the President did within hours of his 1993 inaugural, when he passed executive orders that promoted abortions and basically legalized homosexuality in the military. Clinton knew that American voters have a very short memory, and it was the perfect time for him to ram through some of his wicked agenda. How many people even remember those executive orders of three years ago?

The prospect of four more years of Bill Clinton is, in reality, no scarier than four years of any other Establishment hack such as those who passed the so-called anti-terrorism bill and the recent amendments to the Omnibus Spending Bill. The truly frightening part, however, is the thought of four more years of Janet Reno, Hillary, Marxist apologist Laura D'Andrea Tyson, earth worshipper Al Gore, David Kessler, Donna Shalala, and the rest of the Clinton gang.

There are many "politically incorrect" groups who may need to head for the hills after the election. After all, Clinton has the (questionable) "authority" to declare any group a terrorist organization and shut them down. Who would be at the top of the hit list. The Militias can count on the undying hatred of the government and their lackeys in the media, even though they spend a great more time organizing politically than they do in the woods. Gun owners and gun dealers could also be in harm's way during a second Clinton term, especially if Janet Reno remains as Attorney General as she remains with a venomous hatred of law-abiding gun owners and the Second Amendment.

The alternate media can count on persecution and harassment if the Clintons win the election. Radio talk shows would be especially vulnerable, since every radio station in America is licensed by the government, and talk radio can inform listeners in a more timely manner than print media.

Squashing the hundreds of politically incorrect newsletters and the various computer networks would be a harder (and probably impossible) task, but that wouldn't prevent the censorship storm troopers from trying.

Pro-lifers and anti-abortion activists have already been ruthlessly assaulted by the feds. Non-violent abortion protesters have been beaten by police, arrested and jailed on trumped-up charges (including "terrorism") and found liable for huge monetary sums in lawsuits brought by abortionists.

Churches and ministries who preach an uncompromising Biblical message or speak out against the endless evils of Big Brother government will certainly draw attention. There is already a ready handle with which to make those churches who have been conned into the "non-profit" trap toe the line, even though they are not and have never been required to have this so-called "non-profit" status.

Home schoolers and church-affiliated schools would be on the Clintons' enemies list. As many as 1 million children are being educated at home in America today, and enrollment at private Christian schools is growing steadily as concerned parents flee the moral and intellectual decline of public education. These children are a major obstacle since they are being educated and trained in Biblical morality rather than being lobotomized, dumbed down and paganized by the government school cartel. Beware of the voucher movement that is being promoted mainly by Republicans. Government money to private schools will ultimately mean government control of those institutions.

Honest, hard-working Americans from bluecollar workers to affluent businessmen are hated by the Marxist oriented Clinton administration. Factory workers and other people on the lower half of the economic spectrum will continue to see their job prospects and wages decline, as the Clintons and their Republican allies continue to do everything possible to send American jobs to Third World Communist sweatshops.

Those who have accumulated financial assets are also at risk, as the Clintons and their economic advisors greedily covet the trillions of dollars in corporate pension plans. The 15% tax on pensions is far from a dead issue.

Landowners might see their once valuable acreage become worthless or liquid when it is declared a federal wetland, or a sanctuary for some "endangered species." Sadly most people who could be big financial losers are totally unaware of their vulnerability to government's insatiable greed and lust for their hard-earned assets.

Perhaps the best hope for America in the '96 election will be in the House of Representatives. Most of the freshman congressmen who were elected in 1994 have bravely stood against the Clintons, Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich (i.e., Bill's GOP partners in socialism).

The so-called "Conservative Action Team" has been a thorn in the side of the Establishment, and more need to be added to their ranks. Another 40-50 real Americans in the House could be a major obstacle to growing federal tyranny.

MIA, January 1996

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