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Volume 3, Issue 25

August 28, 1996

When it Comes to Waffling, Dole is No Clinton

Two years ago it looked like the Republicans could beat Bill Clinton with Bozo on the ticket. Now, Bob Dole lags badly in the polls despite continuing scandal in the Clinton administration and a deep mistrust of the president and first lady.

What went wrong? The painful truth is that Mr. Dole is what's wrong with the Dole campaign. Without solid moorings in conservative principles, Dole is being battered by the winds of presidential politics. He's done the Clinton Shuffle on issues like abortion, gun control, and affirmative action, and in the process alienated the people who would most like to help him.

Waffling hurts Bob Dole much morn than President Clinton because he is not slick like Clinton. As Sen. Bob Kerrey has observed, the president is an extraordinarily good liar, Mr. Dole instead comes off as baffled and inarticulate.

His handling of the tobacco issue is a textbook example of how the lack of core principles dogs Dole. The Clintons have found a gold mine in portraying Mr. Dole as the Marlboro man with, of course, the generous help of Mr. Dole himself. "My answer is don't smoke," he lamely pronounced, while questioning whether nicotine is truly addictive and charging assailants with being "brainwashed." So abysmal has been his performance that according to one CNN report, a senior Clinton adviser called it a "gift from God."

Non-smokers are not fans of smoking. They consider it to be unhealthy and find it distasteful. But America is a generally tolerant society, not given to imposing personal tastes on others. Smoking is legal, with a long tradition dating back to colonial America and without catastrophic social effects (at least not to the point where anyone is seriously proposing outlawing it). So smoking has never before been a central issue in presidential politics.

The attacks on Bob Dole for his association with the tobacco industry could and should have been a plus. The Democrats' treatment of the issue exposes the their truly fascist tendencies. They have no qualms about imposing their tastes and preferences on America through legislation or the regulatory force of the Food and Drug Administration. They will even disregard the First Amendment to prohibit companies from advertising a product they dislike.

The question isn't whether smoking is desirable or attractive, but whether the federal government should regulate tobacco use among adults. That is effectively what Mr. Clinton's policies would do, destroying thousands of jobs in the process.

The Clinton administration will tell you they don't want to "impose their personal views" by prohibiting activities like abortion for any reason up until seconds before birth. Then they demonize the tobacco business because smoking is not politically correct. The campaign demonstrates the narrow limits of liberal "tolerance."

The intolerance and hypocrisy of liberalism is laid bare in both the politics and policy of the administration's anti-smoking jihad. Mr. Dole has been embarrassed because he has joined a losing debate on the merits of smoking when what is really at issue is the freedom of individuals, businesses and localities to make decisions about their own habits and policies.

The principled defense of unpopular minorities is one of the cornerstones of American politics. Without a truly conservative candidate defending the unpopular freedoms of politically incorrect minorities, the political winds of this election will continue to erode all of our freedoms.

The Washington Times

July 28, 1996

Spying, Secret Courts Trample Constitution

If the man from FISA knocked on your door, would you have any idea what to expect? No? Yet these people have more power over your freedom than probably anyone else in the U.S. Government.

What is FISA? it is a secret court created by the unknown Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, to authorize electronic surveillance anywhere in our U. S. of A. Is this something meshed in with the spate of unconstitutional legislation against terrorism after the Oklahoma City bombing? Hardly! It has been in place since 1978. Is it operational? You decide. Since its passage, up through 1995, there have been 7539 applications from various U.S. government agencies to spy upon the citizens of our country. Of all these applications only one has been denied. 7538 were approved. It is a rubber-stamp court, yet each decision was made in secret and no public orders or records were released.

But it gets worse. Clinton's unconstitutional Executive Order # 12949 increased this unwarranted invasion potential of FISA. Where the Department of Justice (DOJ) previously could wiretap with public record only, it is no longer necessary to report to our regular and open court system to request what are termed "black-bag" searches. These illegal searches mean DOJ goons may, after obtaining an unreviewed, special, secret FISA warrant, enter bodily into private property and remove items without even notifying the owner. The Clinton EO added this to the original wiretap law. Now there is no necessity that the individual be involved or charged with any criminal activity. Mere association with someone the government is watching is sufficient "cause" or "due process." Where previously such information was kept solely for "intelligence purposes," now, since this Clinton invasion of privacy rights, it may be used in a criminal trial, if one comes along at a later date, perhaps even brought about by the information gathered under the unconstitutional search.

One Thing our Constitutional framers wanted to prevent was the entire concept of legal "fishing expeditions," while searching for evidence in criminal cases. Search warrants are to be authorized by known persons who live in the community. Items to be searched for are to be clearly enumerated. Them was to be no general raiding of a person's property. They had had their fill of such with the British authorities.

It was evidently the Aldrich Ames case that prompted EO 12949, this current Clinton indignity. The Ames investigation was apparently a masterpiece of high tech methodology, because Ames was so concerned for his wife that he agreed to take the whole rap so she could slip out with five yearn in prison for major treason. This was fortuitous for the DOJ for there was reason to believe that an able attorney for Ames might have been able to exclude enough evidence, gotten so illegally, that Ames could have walked. True, this should not happen, but the fear that it might, in a future case, prompted those who lean on our president to promote EO 12949 which, for the freedom of all of us, is far worse than the loss of one dastardly spy.

Now with this expansion of the secret FISA Court, the federal government is safe if a future Ames case comes along. They can dig secretly and unconstitutionally. They can even create cases with their ill-gotten evidence. One Jamie Gorelick, deputy attorney general, no less, has even stated, "A (constitutional) search can only be made when there is probable cause" to believe a crime is involved, but "a national security search can be made at a substantially earlier stage. We often don't know what we're looking for when we go in."

Our president created and enhanced this monster in his climb for power and the subjection of the American people. Take his guns. Take his God given rights. Take his right to have legislation legislated. Take his right to ask for protection from the highest court - Secrecy. Unconstitutionality. what will the government do next? Another executive order? Probably. Clinton will see to it that our national security will need more clandestine judges to authorize more clandestine, illegal, unconstitutional search warrants as each year goes by that he graces his DC throne.

The Unreported News

July 1, 1995

Lincoln's Motives in Question

Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation had no legal force, did not free any slaves, and was not inspired by altruism... It specifically applied to slaves only in the Confederate States, not to those (and there were many) in the slave-holding Northern states (Kentucky and Maryland, for instance) which had chosen to stay with the Union. Since it applied only to an enemy with which the United States was at war, it obviously could have no legal force, any more than a proclamation by President Roosevelt ordering Hitler to free all Jews could have had such force in 1943.

Needless to say, the proclamation was ignored by the Confederacy; and since it applied only to the Confederate states, the net effect was that no slave was freed. Its motivation appears to have been mostly entirely military/ political; in 1862 Lincoln told the South that any state which did not return to the Union by the end of the year would have its slaves declared free men. No state accepted the offer, so on January 1, the proclamation was issued. As a matter of fact, its international impact was greater than its domestic significance. By making it appear that the Civil War was a crusade against slavery, the proclamation made it less likely that England and France would, as the South hoped and expected, join forces with the Confederate States in order to save their majority source of cotton.

The Unreported News

July 1, 1996

Economic System Corrupt: Former Harvard Insider

Former Harvard Business School insider Kenton W. Elderkin has written and self-published an explosive new book that lays the blame of most current American economic ills on a cozy, corrupt system couched deeply within HBS culture and tradition.

In an exclusive interview with Media Bypass, Elderkin shares his research, much of which confirms many American fears of globalism.

"Mutiny on the Harvard Bounty: The Harvard Business School and the Decline of the Nation" bluntly states the United States is well on the way to becoming "a two-tier society of aristocrats at the top and poor people at the bottom," and the U.S. "will fail to fulfill its potential for saving the human species from...damage and destruction in the 21st century."

Outlining arguments echoed throughout patriot, militia and common-law court groups across the nation, Elderkin simply changes the nomenclature.

Elderkin uses his insider knowledge to dissect the current turmoil and reveal a small network of elite people who appear to be pulling most economic strings behind the scenes - controlling the world economy and essentially enslaving a great majority of the world's population.

Raw facts make this report difficult to refute. Trade "agreements" like NAFTA and assorted incestuous "deals" with Asian economic powers such as Japan are revealed for what they are: Sellouts. He writes: "One reason for the sudden inflow of foreign-made products into the U.S. was that the executives of American companies began shutting down U.S. factories, laying off American workers, opening new factories in other countries, hiring foreign workers for substantially lower wages and importing the same products into the U.S. that they had previously made in the U.S."

Another key issue virtually ignored by the American mainstream press is the mass exodus of public relations experts and other federal government luminaries who have committed the equivalent of economic treason against Americans.

In virtually every industry in which American manufacturers lost market share over the past decade, there was evidence that their products were perceived as offering poorer quality than equivalently priced foreign products.

Media Bypass

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