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Volume 3, Issue 1

March 21-28, 1996

Evidence Doesn't Point to International Terrorists

Denver - Timothy McVeigh's request for classified information about terrorist groups is a fishing expedition and a waste of time, prosecutors said.

McVeigh and Terry Nichols face the death penalty if convicted of federal murder and conspiracy charges in the April 19 bombing of the OKC federal building.

Evidence "continues to point to McVeigh as the killer and to Nichols" as his aide and abettor, prosecutors wrote in a brief filed in U.S. District Court. There was and is, in contrast, no credible evidence that the OKC bombing was the work of foreign terrorists.

Prosecutors asked U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch to deny McVeigh's motion which seeks classified government information on terrorist groups.

Matsch has scheduled a hearing for April 9.

Mcveigh's attorney, Stephen Jones, said the defense is investigating a possible Middle Eastern connection to the bombing.

"Requiring the CIA to search its files and produce information on terrorist groups that might have been willing and able to commit the bombing would be a limitless task that would accomplish nothing but ensure that trial could not begin in this country," prosecutors wrote.

Associated Press

March 27, 1996

House Passes Abortion Ban Bill

Washington - Escalating an emotional election-year debate the House passed legislation to outlaw certain late late-term abortions sending it to President Clinton for his expected veto.

The bill approved 286-129 marks the first time Congress has moved to ban a specific abortion technique since the Supreme Court handed down its landmark Roe versus Wade decision legalizing abortion in 1972.

While the margin of victory in the House was more than the two-thirds majority needed to override a presidential veto, the bill's sponsors do not have the needed votes in the Senate to overcome the veto.

Clinton has said he cannot sign the bill because it does not allow the procedure in order to protect a woman's health. Senate Majority leader Bob Dole, the presumptive Republican nominee, supports the measure.

The bill would outlaw a procedure technically known as intact dilation and evacuation in which a fetus is partially extracted from the womb, a catheter is inserted in the skull, and the brain removed before the fetus is taken out.

The National Abortion Federation estimates the technique is used in fewer than 500 of the 1.3 million abortions that occur in the U.S. each year. More than 99 percent of abortions take place before 20 weeks when the procedure is usually performed and 41 states restrict late-term abortions.


March 28, 1996

More Presidential Veto Power

Washington - The Republican-controlled Senate approved a long-delayed bill giving the president veto power over specific items in appropriations and tax legislation.

The measure will benefit Democratic President Clinton, but only if he wins a second term.

The so-called line-item veto bill approved on a 69-31 vote would give a president power to deny individual spending items in bills sent to him by Congress without having to veto the entire bill, now a president's only recourse.

The bill now goes to the House for final congressional action.

Under the bill, the president could cancel spending items in appropriations bills, certain tax provisions, and new entitlement spending.

Congress could disapprove a president's action, but the president could veto the disapproval resolution meaning that a veto override requiring a two-thirds majority in both houses would be needed to restore the spending.

The legislation would go into effect January 1, 1997 effectively barring Clinton from making use of it during his first term. It would expire in the year 2000 allowing Congress to valuate its impact.

Any savings from spending cancellations would be dedicated to reducing the budget deficit.


March 28, 1996

Gun Control - Clinton Style

Guns are the tools most often associated with independence, and from the start, Hillary has had Bill and a few henchmen working hard to decrease the number of firearms in private hands. Too much independence is apparently not good for ordinary people.

When it became clear to the administration that there was only a certain amount of civil liberties-bashing they could get away with in America to limit private gun ownership, they decided to block the importation of certain weapons by armtwisting some of the bureaucrats at ATF and elsewhere into bending the laws. Fortunately, these back door tactics were exposed for what they were.

As a result, the White House had to back down in 1993. But now it seems they have come full-circle and the administration is trying something new, transnational gun control.

The Clintons are using the State Department to stop countries from exporting guns the White House characterizes as "attractive to criminals."

The list of "attractive to criminals" includes bolt-action 1898 Mausers and Winchester manufactured lever-action rifles, sent to Russians around 1900.

Clinton's State Department has overseen a Voluntary Restraint Agreement in which the Russians voluntarily agree not to send any more sporting firearms and ammunition to America. The same VFA agreements are likely to be presented to Germany, Spain, Belgium, Brazil and other countries manufacturing sporting firearms destined for the U.S.

If transnational gun control succeeds where gun control by executive order has failed, the Clinton's will only have domestic manufacturers and suppliers of firearms to contend with, and make no mistake about it, if Hillary and Bill are re-elected, they probably won't let public opinion or civil rights stand in the way of closing down domestic suppliers.

Soldier of Fortune

May 1996

The Lawful Path

Almost everyone will agree that the most important element in our return to lawful government is the awakening and education of as many people as possible. In the last few years tremendous progress has been made as many thousands of men and women in America are waking up to the truth. Improvements in technology have been a major cause in bringing about this new awareness. The Internet in particular has seen an explosion of interest in just the past year. Then came the World Wide Web. The Web is something that almost anyone can learn to use even if they are not regular computer users.

With the help of some friends I've created one of these Web pages. It's called The Lawful Path. In order to get there you need to have an Internet account, a computer, and a browser program. The address is


The Lawful Path is dedicated to bringing the study of law down to the level of the average man. An emphasis is placed on recognition that the lawful process of common law is biblical law applied. We hope that The lawful Path will help in the process of reestablishing lawful process in lieu of the current de facto and colorable corporate laws which place an unconscionable burden upon American nationals and U.S. Citizens.

Many of the available materials will focus on the theory and application of Michigan law relating to the township, county, and state levels and their respective corporate creations as well as foreign and international law relating to these united States of America and the UNITED STATES.

Gregory Alan Wood

Frontline Master

Bight Way l.a.w.

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