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October 24, 1997

[ Presidential Proclamation of UN Day ]

The festivities began on October 24, 1997 in the state capital, Lansing, Michigan,at 8:00am. About 600 people showed up for the protest, once again despite the unfavorable weather. There were about 5 speakers, each bringing up a different argument against the UN. We had a partial victory! This year the Mayor cowered and raised the flag at 6:00am, before anyone even got there! Here are some scenes from the day:

The crowd. There were an estimated 600 people there again this year.

The Mayor wimped out this year, raising the flag at 6:00am (instead of the usual 8:00am), before anyone got there to protest. There were only around 5 to 10 cops this time. No riot gear and no snipers this year either!

After the protest was over and everyone had left, we drove by again when we finished lunch. The cops had left and someone stuck an anti-un sign into the rope on the flag pole. It had the letters "UN" on it with a circle around it and a line through it with the prase "Say NO to the UN" below the circle. Above is a picture and a blown up version to see it a little better, even though the quality isn't so good.
It looks like we will have to get there earlier next year, but UNDay will be on a Saturday, so we should have a much larger crowd. But then again, the mayor will probably wimp out again and raisethe flag at 4:00am.

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