Thanks for checking us out...
Thanks for checking us out...

We're sure you've heard all of the news - everyone calling militias right-wing extremists, anti-government, domestic terrorists, even white-supremacists. Now is your chance to hear what we really are. The Michigan Militia Corps' goal is to restore the Federal and state governments to their historical, limited, and constitutional function. Every day government is getting larger and more intrusive on individual rights. We are here to try and curb this frightening phenomenon. How?

Our main purpose is that of education. We wish to show how excessive the government is getting, and there is no end in sight. Every year thousands of liberty-restraining regulations and laws are put into effect, each one more limiting on the individual than the previous. We also believe that firearm ownership was placed into the Federal and our Michigan constitution for a reason, not just hunting. George Washington said that firearms are the people's liberty's teeth. We concur. How can a free people expect to remain free from corruption and tyranny without any way to back themselves up? We have absolutely no intention of using any weapons offensively against anybody. It is our job to protect what liberties we have left.

We have already seen the effects of the presence of the militia. Waco and Ruby Ridge were blatant signs of the Federal Government's wielding of unlimited power. But recently we have seen a toning-down of this power hunger. One major example is the standoff in Billings, Montana with the so-called "Freemen." Federal law enforcement was in constant contact with us, worried that we would act. We had no interest in the situation, but we did want to see the government act with a cool head, and as a result of our presence, they did.

What about terrorism, you ask? We absolutely condemn it. Terrorism is cowardly, moronic, and counter-productive. All that terrorism brings is more oppressive laws and the ability of law enforcement to invade into our lives even more (see the various Anti-Terrorism Bills since 1995). Bomb-making and other such illegal activities are strictly prohibited by the Michigan Militia Corps, we have even kicked several individuals out of our organization and turned them into the local Sheriff for partaking in such activities. We do not condone it, period.

Racism? None. We welcome all people who wish to help us in our goal. The Declaration of Independence says clearly that ALL men are created equal, and we firmly believe that.

Our basic philosophy is that of freedom. We believe every individual - regardless of race, religion, or social standing, has a right to do whatever they want as long as they don't infringe on someone else's right to life, liberty, or property.

We also believe that government should be worked from the bottom up. The township, county, and state government should be the only ones dealt with by the average person. The federal government was intended to perform 18 powers (see Article I Section 8 of the federal constitution) and all other powers were to be left to the states and the people.

The Michigan Militia Corps formed in response to an apparent centralization of power in this country, even the world. It seems that the federal government has its hands in everything. The average person can't do anything that hasn't been effected by federal legislation. International treaties are now beginning to effect our own laws, and this is a unpleasant prospect. We simply want local government with little interference by a "we know what's best for you" federal or global government.