An Open Letter to John Trochman from Tom Wayne

Having seen some of the faxes you have sent out and having listened to your extensive rhetoric, I, in all good conscience, must tell you that you have been seriously deceived. The disagreement between you and I started in Roby, Illinois when you would not release the list of names for the federal lawsuit that was to be filed in behalf of Shirley Allen, nor would you tell me how many were on the list. Instead you gave me excuses. As I waited patiently for 4 days, your excuses developed serious inconsistencies and the one who had to suffer was Shirley, not you or me. I have received numerous phone calls from the individuals at that meeting asking why the lawsuit was not filed and I had to tell them the same lame story you told me. You told me that they were afraid and it was a lie. They were waiting for me to get back to them. It is quite obvious to me and others that you stopped this action and let Shirley down for heaven only knows what reason. Whatever excuse you have, it isn't good enough. There is no valid reason that she should have had to go through that horrific experience, none!

You have published on the internet that both Lynn and I were removed from command of the Michigan Militia Corps, Wolverines. You couldn't be more wrong! Here, again, we find that you have jumped the gun and disseminated erroneous information, which results from not checking out all sides of the story. Is this distressing proclivity of yours a result of taking your orders from other short-wave gurus? This behavior causes great concern and the question that comes to mind is how much other information, on other subjects, are you being misled about? How much of the information you distribute is actually true? Is any of it true? You have been told by some in Michigan that I have been "bad-mouthing" you. I have done nothing of the kind. I have, for the most part, kept anything I say quite equable. When a reporter from the Detroit News asked about the supposed rift between you and I, for an article he was writing, I sidestepped the question, even though you proposed the idea to him. When Joe Pilchak brought it up at a division meeting, I told him it was between you and me. Do you remember the time you told me about a meeting in Florida with Mark and John and how they were castigating you for working with me and others to solve the freeman situation? Do you remember your comment about John saying how dangerous I was? Well I now know why they feel that way. I have worked to STOP the chaos that they actually want to create in this country. As a Viet Nam Veteran, I have seen the horrors of war where any mistake means death for you or someone else. This war they want to start is not going to be a play war where you go out in the morning and come home at night, grab a pizza and a beer and watch your favorite TV channel. If anyone starts that kind of chaos in this country, you won't have a home to go to, or anything else for that matter.

Recently three people were arrested in Michigan. They were arrested for planning to do some pretty stupid, not to mention dangerous, things. It was quoted in the Detroit paper that I had said we were working with the ADL. That is correct up to a point. We asked them for information on the two-seed doctrine which includes the KKK, Jural society, the Christian Identity movement, and this leaderless cell movement so that we could ferret out those in Michigan whose agenda is to promote chaos, who are only willing to fight for the rights of a chosen few (sounds suspiciously like those in government). Your interpretation that we were somehow giving out names is absolutely false. We do not agree with their agenda of promoting a One World Government, but we are very concerned with the growing racist attitudes we are seeing, the participants of which are saying that Jews and all those of any race other than white are somehow subhuman. It's a funny thing about combat, no matter what color or race or religious belief a man holds, they all bleed the same color, red. My record on the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center is quite clear, on radio and TV if you care to check. The Southern Poverty Law Center asked me if you were a racist and I defended you, saying that you were a good person and that I did not believe you were a racist. Of course, you wouldn't know about that now that you so determined to try to demonize me.

In another part of the article that you're circulating far and wide, it mentions that we have been working with the ATF. I talked to those people ONE time after the OKC bombing in reference to a group in Kalamazoo. Knowing how they work, my comment to them, AFTER many people in the Kalamazoo brigade had contacted them, was that we, as the Michigan Militia Corps, Wolverines, do not condone bombing or offensive action of any kind, thank you, have a nice day. When are you and the other short wave jocks going to master the English language? We does not mean I, but you obviously don't understand that. I have been accused of many things but, no proof of these allegations has been offered, probably because there isn't any. It's extremely difficult to produce what does not exist, not impossible, but difficult.

Some time ago you made the comment that you hold your friends close and your enemies closer. I have been practicing that philosophy for many years in business and have done the same here in the patriot (some are only in it for profit) community. Yet you and others chastise me for talking to government officials in pursuance of that very principle. I will leave the lines of communication open to anyone who may be of use to us and not you or anyone else will tell me who I can and cannot talk to. It is my right. Even in combat the opposing forces talk to each other on occasion.

I have been accused by some of being an agent. I say, prove it. I will even go so far as to offer a reward or finders fee because I must have a lot of back pay coming. I have spent over 25 years of my life helping people that have been victims of of government extortion. In circulating lies, innuendo and half-truths about me, you are only damaging your own credibility. As for all the Peter Paranoiacs out there and the PAYtriots for profit, I pity you all. You will not win.

Tom Wayne
Executive Officer
Michigan Militia Corps - Wolverines