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MMC Weekly Poll

Welcome to a new addition to the Michigan Militia Corps' web page. This is the weekly poll. We will be posting the results to our polls at the end of each week. Old polls' results will be available as well. If you have a suggestion for a poll question, just e-mail feedback@militia.gen.mi.us with your idea.


Week of 2/8/99
Have you / will you communicate your opinion of impeachment to your senators / representative?

Yes (68)58%
No (43)37%
Don't know (6)5%

117 Total Votes

Week of 2/1/99
Do you believe that firearm manufacturers should be responsbile for gun deaths?

Yes (3)4%
No (77)96%
Don't know (0)0%

80 Total Votes

Week of 1/25/99
Who said "a little rebellion now and then is a good thing?"

King George (8)19%
Abe Lincoln (6)14%
Thomas Jefferson (26)62%
F.D. Roosevelt (2)5%

42 Total Votes

Week of 1/18/99
Are you concerned about the Y2K problem

Yes (62)71%
No (24)28%
Not sure yet (1)1%

87 Total Votes

Week of 12/18/98 to 1/11/99
Do you believe in Santa Clause?

Yes (34)30%
No (61)54%
I don't recall (18)16%

113 Total Votes

Week of 12/14/98
Do you think that the federal government is too large and powerful?

Yes (65)97%
No (2)3%

67 Total Votes

Week of 12/07/98
How should the current situation with the President be handled?

Impeachment then conviction in the Senate (48)70%
Impeachment then no conviction (2)3%
He should be prosecuted through the regular court system (4)6%
Nothing should be done (12)17%
Other (3)4%

69 Total Votes

Week of 11/30/98
What section of the Constitution limits Congress' power to 18 specific functions? (This poll is interesting. A lot fewer people responded. Perhaps people who don't know the answer simply didn't take the poll? If so, it's rather pathetic. Read your Constitution. The correct answer is Article I Section 8.)

Article II section 4 (4)18%
Article VII (0)0%
Article I Section 8 (14) 64%
The 11th Amendment (3)14%
None of the above (1)5%

22 Total Votes

Week of 11/23/98
Do you think the Federal Government has the right to regulate tobacco use?

Yes (14)15%
No (77)85%

91 Total Votes

Bombing Soverign Countries
Do you believe that the United States (UN/NATO) has any right to bomb Kosovo?

Don't know

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