Michigan House of Representatives 1997-1998
E-Mail Addresses

Not All Representatives Have E-Mail Accounts

  District/Name                           EMail Address      
 92 Agee, James, Muskegon           jagee@house.state.mi.us           
103 Alley, Thomas, West Branch      talley@house.state.mi.us
108 Anthony, David, Escanaba        danthon@house.state.mi.us 
 91 Baade, Paul, Muskegon           pbaade@house.state.mi.us 
 70 Baird, Laura, Okemos            lbaird@house.state.mi.us                
 19 Bankes, Lyn, Redford Twp.       lbankes@house.state.mi.us 
 88 Birkholz, Patricia, Saugatuck   pbirkho@house.state.mi.us
101 Bobier, William, Hesperia       bbobier@house.state.mi.us 
106 Bodem, Beverly, Alpena          bbodem@house.state.mi.us
 47 Bogardus, Rose, Davison         rbogard@house.state.mi.us
 79 Brackenridge, Bob, St. Joseph   rbracke@house.state.mi.us 
 53 Brater, Liz, Ann Arbor          lbrater@house.state.mi.us 
 68 Brewer, Lingg, Lansing          lbrewer@house.state.mi.us 
 16 Brown, Bob, Dearborn Heights    bbrown@house.state.mi.us
 75 Byl, William, Grand Rapids      wbyl@house.state.mi.us 
 26 Callahan,Wm. J.,St Clair Shores wcallah@house.state.mi.us
 38 Cassis, Nancy, Novi             ncassis@house.state.mi.us
 50 Cherry, Deborah, Burton         dcherry@house.state.mi.us 
 27 Ciaramitaro, Nick, Roseville
 45 Crissman, Penny, Rochester      pcrissm@house.state.mi.us           
 86 Cropsey, Alan, DeWitt           acropse@house.state.mi.us
 51 Curtis,Candice,Swartz Creek     ccurtis@house.state.mi.us        
 90 Dalman, Jessie, Holland         jdalman@house.state.mi.us 
 18 DeHart, Eileen, Westland        edehart@house.state.mi.us 
 93 DeVuyst, Larry L., Ithaca       ldevuys@house.state.mi.us
 39 Dobb, Barbara, Commerce Twp.    bdobb@house.state.mi.us
 15 Dobronski, Agnes, Dearborn      adobron@house.state.mi.us 
 49 Emerson, Robert, Flint          bemerso@house.state.mi.us         
 71 Fitzgerald,Frank, Grand Ledge   ffitzge@house.state.mi.us 
107 Gagliardi,Pat,Drummond Island   pgaglia@house.state.mi.us       
 44 Galloway, David, White Lake     dgallow@house.state.mi.us 
 87 Geiger, Terry, Lake Odessa      tgeiger@house.state.mi.us 
102 Gernaat, John, McBain           jgernaa@house.state.mi.us
 63 Gilmer, Donald, Augusta         dgilmer@house.state.mi.us
 31 Gire, Sharon, Clinton Twp.      sgire@house.state.mi.us
 40 Godchaux, Patricia, Birmingham  pgodcha@house.state.mi.us
 94 Goschka, Michael, Brant         mgoschka@house.state.mi.us
 84 Green, Mike, Mayville           mgreen@house.state.mi.us
 64 Griffin, Michael, Brant
 35 Gubow, David, Huntington Woods
 67 Gustafson, Dan, Williamston     dgustaf@house.state.mi.us        
 14 Hale, Derrick, Detroit          dhale@house.state.mi.us
 55 Hammerstrom,Beverly, Temperance bhammer@house.state.mi.us     
 95 Hanley, Michael, Saginaw        mhanley@house.state.mi.us             
 85 Harder, Clark, Owosso           charder@house.state.mi.us 
  2 Hertel, Curtis, Detroit         chertel@house.state.mi.us
 11 Hood, Morris, Detroit
 73 Horton, Jack, Belmont           jhorton@house.state.mi.us
 72 Jansen, Mark C., Grand Rapids   mjansen@house.state.mi.us
 32 Jaye, David, Utica              djaye@house.state.mi.us
 78 Jelinek, Ron, Three Oaks        rjeline@house.state.mi.us
 89 Jellema, Jon, Grand Haven       jjellem@house.state.mi.us 
 41 Johnson, Shirley, Royal Oak
 42 Kaza, Greg, Rochester Hills     gkaza@house.state.mi.us
 17 Kelly, Thomas, Wayne            tkelly@house.state.mi.us 
  9 Kilpatrick, Carolyn, Detroit    ckilpat@house.state.mi.us 
 33 Kukuk, Alvin, Macomb            akukuk@house.state.mi.us     
 60 LaForge, Edward, Kalamazoo      elaforg@house.state.mi.us        
 20 Law, Gerald, Plymouth           glaw@house.state.mi.us 
 13 Leland, Burton, Detroit         bleland@house.state.mi.us
 65 LeTarte, Clyde, Horton          cletart@house.state.mi.us 
100 Llewellyn, John, Fremont        jllewel@house.state.mi.us
 81 London, Terry, Marysville       tlondon@house.state.mi.us 
 23 Mans, George W., Trenton        gmans@house.state.mi.us
 69 Martinez, Lynne, Lansing        lmartine@house.state.mi.us 
 76 Mathieu, Thomas, Grand Rapids   tmathie@house.state.mi.us 
 99 McBryde, James, Mt. Pleasant    jmcbryd@house.state.mi.us 
104 McManus,Michelle,Lake Leelanau  mmcmanu@house.state.mi.us 
 98 McNutt, James, Midland          jmcnutt@house.state.mi.us             
 80 Middaugh, James, Paw Paw        jmiddau@house.state.mi.us
 46 Middleton, Thomas, Ortonville   tmiddle@house.state.mi.us
  7 Murphy, Raymond, Detroit
 58 Nye, Michael, Litchfield        mnye@house.state.mi.us 
 29 Olshove, Dennis, Warren         dolshov@house.state.mi.us 
 56 Owen, Lynn, Newport             lowen@house.state.mi.us             
 59 Oxender, Glenn, Sturgis         goxende@house.state.mi.us      
 24 Palamara, Joseph, Wyandotte     jpalama@house.state.mi.us 
  3 Parks, Mary Lou, Detroit        mparks@house.state.mi.us
 61 Perricone, Charles R            cperric@house.state.mi.us
 22 Pitoniak, Gregory, Taylor       gpitoni@house.state.mi.us       
 43 Price, Hubert, Pontiac          hprice@house.state.mi.us 
 54 Profit, Kirk, Ypsilanti         kprofit@house.state.mi.us 
109 Prusi, Mike, National Mine      mprusi@house.state.mi.us
 36 Quarles, Nancy L., Southfield   nquarle@house.state.mi.us
 37 Raczkowski,A.,Farmington Hills  araczko@house.state.mi.us
 83 Rhead, Kim, Sandusky 
  1 Richner, Andrew, Grosse Pte Pk  arichne@house.state.mi.us
 48 Rison, Vera B., Mt. Morris      vrison@house.state.mi.us
 30 Rocca, Sue, Sterling Heights
 62 Schauer, Mark, Battle Creek     schauer@house.state.mi.us
 25 Schermesser,Gloria, Lincoln Pk  gscherm@house.state.mi.us
 52 Schroer, Mary, Ann Arbor        mschroe@house.state.mi.us 
  6 Scott, Martha, Highland Park    mscott@house.state.mi.us 
 66 Scranton, Judith, Brighton      jscrant@house.state.mi.us
 74 Sikkema, Ken, Grandville        ksikkem@house.state.mi.us 
 12 Stallworth, Alma, Detroit       astallw@house.state.mi.us 
110 Tesanovich, Paul, L'Anse        ptesano@house.state.mi.us            
 10 Thomas, Samuel III, Detroit     sthomas@house.state.mi.us
  4 Vaughn, Ed, Detroit             evaughn@house.state.mi.us               
 77 Voorhees,Harold Sr.,Grandville  hvoorhe@house.state.mi.us 
 57 Walberg, Timothy, Tipton        twalber@house.state.mi.us          
  5 Wallace, Ted, Detroit 
 97 Wetters, Howard, Kawkawlin      hwetter@house.state.mi.us         
 21 Whyman, Deborah, Canton         dwhyman@house.state.mi.us              
 82 Willard, Karen, Algonac         kwillar@house.state.mi.us            
 28 Wojno, Paul, Warren             pwojno@house.state.mi.us

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