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August 2, 1998 #96


by: Doug Fiedor


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It's getting worse every week. Within a day of any new published piece of Clinton scandal information, the national media produce polls telling Americans what we think about it. And, invariably, what Americans are told they "think about it" is favorable to the White House gang's point of view.

One sorry fact is that the national media is acting as the propaganda machine for the overactive White House disinformation committee. Twice a day, the White House faxes their talking points around the country. That's why it is no coincidence that all Clinton defenders use exactly the same words every day -- words that sound surprisingly like Ann Lewis is talking, because she usually writes them.

And who the hell is paying Lanny Davis to be on nearly every news program almost every evening? Surely, he cannot be making a public ass of himself so often without very good compensation. Davis is getting to be as difficult to believe as Ginsburg was.

Anytime a member of the national media cadre strikes out on their own and appears to acquire a little scandal nugget from a "leak," we soon find that the published leak was little more than a nugget of fool's gold, intentionally planted by the administration. Yet, the media never bother to correct their misinformation.

Clearly, in this Clinton scandals matter, the national press corps is either intentionally negligent or totally duped. They fill the newscasts with stories of the Valley tart, yet seldom report anything of the important scandals.

The story, the real scandals, the impeachable offenses, includes those FBI files illegally obtained by the White House, and the strong possibility that the information in those files is being used to influence select Members of Congress. More specifically, the impeachable scandal is the White House's relationship with China -- both the crimes concerning illegal campaign funds and money laundering, and the reason behind supplying China with so much of our top-secret military technology.

Another real scandal in Washington is why nothing is being said about those six Senators and dozen or so Representatives who are deeply involved in all of the corruption with China. For instance, there has not yet been one peep about Senator Christopher Dodd who, as chairman of the Democratic National Committee, was directly responsible for the illegal campaign fund money laundering from all sources.

On the other hand, it is probably because so many Members of Congress are involved in the China and campaign fund money laundering scandals that nothing will be done. Janet Reno refuses to appoint a special counsel. She has also refused to allow anyone, including Congress, to see the report from Charles G. La Bella, who headed the attorney general's campaign financing task force. That's probably because, as rumor has it, there is enough evidence to convict both Clinton and Gore.

Then there's Hillary. With the morals of Catherine the Great, the disposition of Marie Antoinette and a mouth that sounds like she was raised in a longshoremen's bar, Hillary moved right in the White House and occupied herself affecting the course of government. Hillary was not elected or appointed to any post in government, yet she continues to interfere with government operation. Surely, Hillary must have committed many violations of law, but nothing gets reported by the press. (See, "No Co-President Wanted" in issue #72)

Reports are that at least two Congressional committees are investigating the illegal transfer of high-tech military secrets to China. Yet, we hear nothing of the investigation. Will this information also go the way of the Chinese campaign fund money laundering unearthed by the Thompson Committee, and be permanently sealed from the eyes of the American public under that overused guise of "national security"? Probably. That's how they hide most government wrongdoing.

Other solid rumors have it that Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's impeachment report to Congress is topping 300 pages already. More interesting, only about 5% of the report is said to concern the Lewinsky affair. Pay back is a bitch, and Starr owes that loathsome White House crew a lot for all the aggravation they have been giving him. Apparently, the day of reckoning is rather near.

Then comes another problem: Will we taxpayers get to see that impeachment report, or will that too be hidden under the carpet of national security? And, will Congress even bother to take action? There is some speculation about the intent of Congress. They obviously do not want to act.

"If the American people don't want impeachment to take place, I don't think impeachment will take place," Rep. Charles Canady (R-Fla.), a member of the House Judiciary Committee, told Knight-Ridder News Service Thursday. "That's the way a representative democracy works."

No it's not. Whatever happened to honor, duty and the rule of law?

Again, it's back to those media polls. Many members of Congress say they have no plans to act as long as Clinton is high in the polls. No matter, apparently, that Clinton and others are felons. If the poll ratings are high, no action will be forthcoming. And Clinton's sycophants in the media control most of the polls.


Whatever happened to that ruling by Newt and the "Republican revolution" that government employees would be required to follow all laws, rules and regulations to the letter? Apparently, as can be expected, the federal bureaucracy didn't want any part of that deal -- the feeling being that laws, rules and regulations are to be directed at the serf-citizens, not the controlling government elite.

Perhaps it is time that we serf-citizens demand that all government programs (and harebrained schemes) be instituted for all government departments, agencies, officials, bureaucrats and employees before they are inflicted on the American public.

For instance, they complain about the drain on the non-existent Social Security fund (they spent all the money). Well, government employees do not pay Social Security. They have another, much better, retirement system. However, those in government who worked at one time or another in the real world will also receive Social Security when they retire. What kind of deal is this? All government workers should contribute to Social Security just like real people.

Government has a medical insurance program called Medicare. Government workers, however, have a much better medical insurance program. Under Medicare, recipients may not supplement medical coverage with their own funds. Government employees can not only choose between health insurance programs, they can also do as they please with their own money.

In other words, public servants get the freedom, senior citizens get the restrictions. If that is not an "elite" arrangement, we don't know what could be classified as such.

All government employees -- elected officials, bureaucrats and workers alike -- should be covered under Medicare, and be forced to obey the same stupid rules and regulations they inflicted on American senior citizens. No more should public servants have better health care than the people they serve -- their masters.

The Environmental Protection Agency, prompted by Al Gore, imposes strict rules and regulations on industry and the American public. Yet, they feel free to tool around in large limousines and jet aircraft, often with only one or two passengers. All officials of all departments of government should be relegated to flying commercial and driving the most environmentally friendly transportation available: such as electric vehicles. And what's this deal with EPA and other agencies cutting grass on hot, smoggy Washington afternoons? Can't these jerks follow their own stupid rules?

All government vehicles should be totally environmentally friendly. That includes those military vehicles, most of which have no emissions control equipment. At the very least, they should keep military vehicles away from civilian areas until they are compliant. No federal vehicles ever have emissions inspections, yet most are located in urban areas where bureaucrats insist civilian vehicles be regularly checked. The federal government has become a bad neighbor, a major source of air pollution. This must not be allowed to continue.

The complete fleet of federal vehicles should be the most environmentally friendly available. Electric vehicles, preferably. Let government agents become the laboratory to test the new technology. If they call for downsized and underpowered vehicles, let all federal departments show leadership by putting the first few millions miles on them. It should be "show us how they work, or shut up!"

Government wants specialized ID cards and a tracking system for all Americans. Fine. They should first set up a specialized ID card and tracking system for every government employee. And, put it on the Internet so American citizens can see where their federal employees are and what they are doing 24 hours a day. Let's insist that government try that out for a few years. Then, maybe we'll want such a system for us, too. But first, they must do it.

Add your own favorite government program here. Whatever it is, chances are good that if it is imposed on the American public, most federal departments and agencies get a pass and will not participate. That practice must end.

It's time we turn the tables on this obtuse, obnoxious, ever-extending beast we call the federal government. We must reaffirm our rightful position as masters and return them to their place as our servants. As is our right, we can impose these programs on federal officials, bureaucrats and employees. Under the restraints set down in the Constitution, however, the federal government has no authority to impose any of them on us.

That they do so is partly our fault. We have been negligent masters. We allowed that huge hand of government to overextend an inch at a time. Now it is everywhere, controlling everything, and has grown much too large for a simple rap on the knuckles. Only a loud unified command, a stern order, shouted in unison by Americans from coast to coast, can scare that overextending hand of big government into retracting.

Is the future freedom of your children and grandchildren worth the effort of enforcing our Constitution? If so, speak up.


Here in our corner of Appalachia, we have some rather interesting self-defense laws. We have a new concealed weapons carry law now. But, unlike other States, this law includes guns, knives, swords, switchblades, and what have you. And, for those who just want to strap on the old revolver, and don't care who sees it, no permission of any kind is necessary.

The actual self-defense part of it gets a little trickier, though. If an intruder enters your dwelling unannounced, you may shoot them. But, only after they are all the way inside.

Also, as is usually the case, if some bad guy points a gun at a law abiding citizen, that citizen may shoot the perpetrator. That action is clearly self defense.

The question of the moment, then, is would you do business -- normal everyday type commercial business -- with someone who continuously points a gun at you? OK then, how about if it's a really, really big gun, and it's not exactly pointed at you personally, but at your whole neighborhood in particular. Does that make it easier to do business with them? Probably not, most people would answer.

However, that's the problem we have. In this case, the really big "gun" is a nuclear warhead sitting on top of a very large rocket. There are already twelve of them pointed at American neighborhoods, and soon there are to be eighteen.

As said above, in most parts of the world, when someone points a gun at you, that is justifiable cause to shoot them. Should governments be different? Just because the perpetrator, in this case China, can make crispy critters of us a few million at a time does not seem to change these parameters.

Yet, we buy their products. Congress just voted China Most Favored Nation trade status again. And, we are running at least a $45-billion trade deficit with China annually.

So, it was with great interest that we read the July 27 Associated Press report from Beijing which began:

"China hinted on Monday that the United States was a potential threat to its security, issuing its first public defense policy review in three years."

The commie dictators were taking spin lessons from the White House gang, it seems. They point the nukes at us, then say that we are a security threat to them. Clinton has been using that type of logic successfully for at least six years. The American people haven't noticed because the craven national press corps backs up Clinton. But the Chinese noticed the propaganda technique.

The commie dictator euphemism for the United States position, and our relationship with Japan, is now "hegemonism" (The predominant influence of one state over others). "Hegemonism and power politics remain the main source of threats to world peace and stability," the Chinese communist dictators said. "Some countries, by relying on their military advantages, pose military threats to other countries, even resorting to armed intervention."

They ramped things up another notch by calling the U.S.-Japan security treaty "an infringement upon and interference in China's sovereignty." And, probably looking for eventual control over our oil supply route, the Chinese dictators also established military and political association with countries such as Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Communist China also renewed its threat to retake Taiwan, by force if necessary, and then criticized nuclear tests by India and Pakistan. Apparently, the Chinese dictators do not want any nearby country to have self defense capabilities.

Again, the proper response to someone pointing a gun at you is, if at all possible, to shoot them. China is arming itself as fast as possible. We are already in their ICBM sights. We can stop their mischief now, or we can go to war with their well-equipped military later. Quick and easy, or long and hard. Either way, it appears that the United States is going to be forced to take action.


An address by Rep. Traficant (D-OH) to the House of Representatives on July 22, 1998.

"Mr. Speaker, the World Bank makes loans to communists with American dollars. The World Trade Organization regularly rips us off. The United Nations sends American troops into war. That is right. We are not sending the Peace Corps here, folks.

"If that is not enough to compromise your Viagra, the United Nations has created a world court with universal authority and jurisdiction. Unbelievable. What is next, a world tax? Beam me up.

"I say the Constitution of the United States should not be surrendered to a bunch of international bureaucrats who regularly rule against us, ladies and gentlemen.

"Now, I do not know about you, but I did not pledge an oath to the charter of the United Nations. I pledged an oath to the Constitution of the United States and I think the Congress of the United States should put its foot down before we become known as background music in some doctor's office.

"I yield back any courage we have left."


There is little honor or integrity among politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. If there were, public officials would not violate the oath they swore before God and man to protect and defend (and, one would think, to obey) our Constitution.

The "truth" expressed by the federal government usually consists of only those "facts" supporting the expediency of the citizen control plan at hand, and seldom has any real connection with the actual needs and will of the American people.

It is, therefore, very uncommon for a federal government employee to go against the bureaucratic flow, no matter how obnoxious to individual freedom the proposed government action may be. To do so could cause severe repercussions for any prospective "whistle-blower." And when the wrongdoers include members in the highest levels of government, whistle blowing can even become down right dangerous.

So it was for Linda Tripp. In his Creators Syndicate piece next Monday, Tony Snow is to reveal that senior presidential adviser Bruce Lindsey told Linda Tripp she would be "destroyed" if she went public with anything she had seen.

It should be remembered that Tripp was the last person in the White House to see Vincent Foster alive. She has first hand knowledge of the Kathleen Willey story. Some say that Tripp saw the illegally obtained FBI background check file information being entered into the White House computer database. And, she probably has a great deal of information on other White House personnel wrongdoing.

Truly, it takes a great deal of honor, integrity and valor to speak out when one knows very well that the full force of the executive branch of the federal government may be used in retaliation.

But, speak out Linda Tripp did. And we can imagine that she told the grand jury everything. For that, we all owe Linda our thanks. Drop her a line at: linda@lindatripp.com and tell her what you think.

Meanwhile, for the many who missed it, below is the complete text of Tripp's press conference after completing her testimony before the grand jury.

Good afternoon. I'm not a public speaker. I am going to have to refer to my notes. Please bear with me.

I've just completed my testimony before the federal grand jury. This has been a lengthy process and, as I'm sure you can imagine, a very difficult one.

While I am relieved that the testimony has come to an end, I am glad to have fulfilled my legal obligation to the grand jury by testifying truthfully and completely.

I hope -- I sincerely hope -- that all remaining witnesses will do the same.

I am encouraged that it appears from press reports that Monica (Lewinsky) has decided to cooperate with the independent counsel. The facts will show that time after time, I urged her to tell the truth right up until the end.

I understand that there has been a great deal of speculation about just who I am and how I got here. Well, the answer is simple. I'm you. I'm just like you. I'm an average American who found herself in a situation not of her own making.

I'm a suburban mom, who was a military wife for 20 years, and a faithful government employee for 18 years.

I never, ever asked to be placed in this position. Because I am just like you, I ask you to imagine how you would feel if someone you thought was a friend urged you to commit a felony that could jeopardize your job, potentially put you in jail and endanger the well-being of your children.

Imagine how you would feel if your boss' attorney called you a liar in front of the whole country. And imagine if that boss was the president of the United States.

Imagine how you would feel if your employer illegally released your confidential records to the media, then demoted you and cast you aside for daring to tell the truth.

Imagine how it would feel to see the pain in your children's eyes when they hear a seemingly endless barrage of lies about their mother, a mother who is not going out to defend herself.

As a result of simply trying to earn a living, I became aware between 1993 and 1997 of actions by high government officials that may have been against the law.

For that period of nearly five years, the things I witnessed concerning several different subjects made me increasingly fearful that this information was dangerous, very dangerous, to possess.

On Jan. 12, 1998, the day I approached the Office of the Independent Counsel, I decided that fear would no longer be my master. This investigation has never been, quote, 'just about sex.' It has been about telling the truth. The truth matters.

For example, it matters that you know now that I have testified to the fact that I had nothing, let me repeat, nothing to do with preparing the so-called talking points. Allegations to the effect that I contributed to or assisted in any way with the creation of the talking points are as illogical as they are patently false.

I have been vilified for taking the path of truth. I've been maligned by people who have chosen not to tell the truth, and who know that they are not telling the truth. That's a pretty frightening thing. To cast me in the role of the villain, they have enlisted legions of paid prevaricators, not surprisingly, many in the entertainment industry have chosen to ridicule me as well. Going so far as to even make fun of my appearance in a manner so mean and so cruel that I pray none of you is ever subjected to it.

Despite all of that, I bear no malice toward anyone in this case. I have never had any political agenda. I still don't. I have been honored to serve presidents in both parties.

I want to say a word about the people who've supported me throughout this ordeal. I don't believe they're Washington insiders. I don't think that they're the politically connected. But they have made a noticeable effort to have their voice heard and to support me and my family. It has meant a great deal to us. So for all of that, I thank each and every one of them. I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank the men standing with me today for their unfailing support and superb counsel. Anthony Zaccagnini, Joe Murtha and Philip Coughter.

I certainly could not have gotten through this without the love and support of my children, Ryan and Allison, who are here with me today, and a very strong extended family. I believe in our country -- as I said, I'm no different than any of you. I believe you have the right to tell the truth under oath, and I believe you have the right to do so without fear of retribution or worse.

I hope that when all the facts are revealed, you'll understand that it is a right all of us should be fighting for.

Thank you. -- Linda Tripp, July, 29, 1998







-- End --