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November 8, 1998 #110


by: Doug Fiedor


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Republicans didn't do too well, and for good reason: they didn't show us anything to vote for. If you're going to run for office, you need issues that are 1.) believable, and 2.) of interest to the voters. Both were missing in a lot of races this year.

Old time Republicans were actually saying that they wanted to "fix Social Security." That lie caught up with some of them. Most old time Republicans were also saying that they "balanced the budget." That is also a lie that caught up with many of them.

All money collected via the Social Security tax is added to the general budget and spent. That is, if Congress had not pilfered the Social Security fund money each and every year, and used the money as part of the general budget -- to "balance the budget" -- Social Security would not need fixing. There would be a lot of money in the Social Security fund.

Take the Social Security money out of the general budget and we find the budget way out of balance. The whole system is based on a big lie. If any corporate officer used the company's retirement fund to pump up the books so they looked good for the stockholders, the government would put the corporate officer in prison. So should it be for Congress.

Also, there is a problem with a violation of contract here. Four years ago, Republicans promised that many laws, rules and regulations would be repealed. Instead, we now have hundreds of new laws, rules and regulations. A Republican Congress gave us a whole series of obnoxious laws, and the over-funded regulatory agencies have grown out of control with new powers.

Democrats admittedly support the sleaze in the White House. They continually disrupted all hearings and made it as difficult as possible for any truth to come out. And, this was not about sex, either. It started with the Waco hearings and has continued with every hearing since.

Therefore, the Republicans had a great deal of ammunition to use against Democrats this year: travel office firings, filegate, campaign finance money laundering, the China connection, lying under oath, bribery and intimidation of witnesses, etc. There's a long list there. These topics would make a very good advertising campaign against all Democrats, as well as the White House. There was no reason to even imply anything about sex. The appropriate subjects are lying, cheating, fraud, perjury, money laundering, and obstruction of justice. Most Democrats were involved in many of these. Yet, Republicans used none of this available ammunition. Not one bit.

Our children noticed these corrupt actions by members of government. Many American kids are waiting for the man with the white hat to show up. Unfortunately, the Republicans didn't represent themselves as being any different than the Democrats. They had their chance -- a $110-million worth of advertising chance. But, by saying nothing, Republicans didn't adequately separate themselves from the crooked and obstructionist Democrats. So, why should America care which party wins?

Republicans played simple politics, down in the mud with the Democrats. They refused to define themselves, refused to tell America the virtues of honor, integrity and honesty vs. obstructionism. Worse, some of these Republicans have been hanging around Democrats so long that they too now act as though the American rule of law and our Constitution are little more than arcane impediments to be worked around.

Most corporations and large organizations usually have a code of conduct that all officials and workers are expected to obey. Government does, too. Every person in any position in government in the United States swears before God and country to obey all laws and to protect and defend our Constitution. The oath of office, therefore, is both a promise to obey the code of conduct (laws) and the contract with the people (Constitution). Yet, they don't.

The most important function of any public servant is to protect the individual rights of the people. The Constitution was written with that in mind. Our Constitution, then, can be said to be a good thing. Therefore, anything a public servant does against, or not permitted by, our Constitution would be bad. That would include the actions of approximately 100 federal regulatory agencies and a few departments.

The socialism espoused by the Democrats is a direct assault on both our Constitution and the individual rights of the people. Republicans said they are a cut above the Democrats, support our Constitution and intend to abolish big government socialism. That was four years ago. We are still waiting.



In every election, the same 5% (or so) of the voters -- socialists -- cause all the anti-Constitutionalists to get elected. There's good reason for that, too: This small group has a great deal of money and influence. This 5% encompasses the national media, union leaders and the far left activist groups.

Who can forget the big lie about the Jennifer Flowers story perpetrated on the American public by 60 Minutes during Clinton's first presidential election. But, that was just the most obvious. Throughout the campaign, many in the media learned about Whitewater, money laundering of campaign funds and the Clintons' series of sexcapades. Yet, the media covered it all up. Very little was reported, and almost nothing by the national media.

When the discussion turns to the lack of honor, integrity and fidelity of the Clintons, the national media try to bash Republicans for "balance" -- and now even Thomas Jefferson -- rather than mention such things as the Kennedy's long history of corruption and philandering, the homosexual out-call service operated from Barney Frank's apartment, the many Members of Congress who knowingly take illegal foreign money as campaign funds, or the three to four thousand bad checks written on the House bank (for hundreds of thousands of dollars) by John Conyers. Nor does the national media mention the known terrorists, illegal arms and drug dealers and slew of assorted sociopaths and reprobates invited to the White House by this administration over the past six years.

Just as the national media cover up the serial wrongdoings of the administration and other Democrats, they also support the wrongdoings of the union leaders. The hundreds of misleading "issue ads" paid for by union leadership were never questioned by the media. Nor were a few dozen illegal union "get out the vote" tactics commented on by the media. Even when paid union workers participated in selected Democrat's election campaigns, the media was silent. Only now, as indictments are being made public, is the media reporting these actions to the public.

A few years back, when I questioned a small group of union leaders and Members of Congress about how they can justify their proposed programs with the limited functions allowed government by the Constitution, the answer a union negotiator gave was typical: "The Constitution does not apply much any more. Think of it as just an outline for government." The Democratic Congress-critters nearby just smiled and nodded in agreement.

A number of major media reporters heard that comment. Video tape was rolling at the time. Yet, they reported nothing. The national media seem to agree that our Constitution no longer counts. That the Constitution is little more than a document of historical interest; that the rule of law is, in fact, dead.

That very same 5% corrupted last week's election. Certainly, the Republican's issues were not very inspiring, but that's not exactly the point. There were a series of underline issues that most Americans knew and accepted as fact: the administration's corruption, lying, obstruction of justice, campaign finance money laundering, perjury, etc.

It took the continued efforts of the major media -- with an assist from union activists and far-left groups -- to totally confuse what should have been a series of straightforward corruption issues. There was a well orchestrated plan afoot, directed by the White House, to muddy what should have been honorable waters. And, simply put, the plan worked. Hence, the mixed election results.

At first glance, this seems like an impossible situation to most of us. It's seems very difficult to fight the daily influence of the major media and the big-money ad campaigns of the far left crowd. That's the way it seems at first look, but that is definitely not the case at all.

Three simple facts prove that we may force change in the way news is reported: 1.) We have consumer power -- massive consumer power. 2.) The Chief Executive Officers of most major corporations are rather conservative and most tend to be Republicans. 3.) All corporations wish to continue selling their products.

Most major corporations advertise their products on television and in the newspapers. When the CEO of a major corporation receives a few thousand cards and letters clearly stating that we will not buy their products because, by their advertising, they are supporting television programming and publications which omit and distort political news in favor of the far left, things will happen.

Auto companies purchase the most advertising space. Major corporations like Proctor and Gamble come next, followed by the major department stores. All are very easy to target, one or two at a time. Together, they could and would apply great pressure to "encourage" changes in the way news is reported. Money talks. If enough consumer pressure is applied, these corporations could even cause some of the most offensive leftist liberals in the media to be replaced.

With enough participants, this simple action always produces results. Therefore, if enough groups participate, we could even expect to see the national media correctly reporting on Constitutional issues by next summer. The choice is yours.

-- This in one in a series, and will be continued.



In the March 29 (#78, "For a more Perfect Police State") issue we described a preliminary report to the European Parliament titled, "An Appraisal of the Technology of Political Control." That report is now complete, and was presented to the Committee on Civil Liberties and Internal Affairs.

They report that: "The Interim Report aroused great interest and the resultant high-profile press comment throughout the European Union and beyond, indicates the level of public concern about many of the innovations detailed by the study. This current report is framed by the same key objectives as the Interim Report, namely:" to provide Members of the European Parliament with a reference guide to recent advances in the technology of political control. To identify and describe the current state of the art technology of population control and the trends for use. And, to inform the Parliament on the methods and means governments use for electronic eavesdropping on the civilian population.

This material includes modern methods of crowd control, interrogation and torture, and is not recommended reading for the squeamish. However, most of this equipment was designed in the United States by order of the Department of Justice and/or the Pentagon. The full text may be found at: http://www.jya.com/stoa-atpc-so.htm

And, if anyone does not believe our government is gearing up to eavesdrop on our telephone and computer communications, they are not paying attention. Already, at least one corporation is selling its services to telephone companies and police agencies to spy on our communications in accordance with the Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA). Their advertising reads in part:

The time to comply with CALEA is fast approaching. Equipment costs, implementation deadlines, possible fines and litigation are a few of the issues adding complexity to this process for carriers.

ADC NewNet offers the solution that allows carriers to meet CALEA requirements today. Our CALEAserver product helps take the time, effort and hassle out of becoming CALEA-compliant. CALEAserver from ADC NewNet provides lawful intercept delivery services that ensure network-proven, telco-quality wiretap access support. The telco hardened UNIX based, CALEAserver delivers a reliable, network-integrated solution. CALEAserver also supports multi-vendor switching environments via different access function interface connections, allowing you to meet all CALEA needs while keeping your existing infrastructure flexibility.

ADC NewNet is the CALEA-compliance expert. We've worked with the FBI to ensure that all network requirements for access, delivery and collection of lawful intercept information are met. The result of these efforts is CALEAserver.


For more information, go to: http://www.newnet.com/products/win/calea.html


One of the first acts of the Clinton (DoD Directive 3025.12, as amended) Administration was to prepare the military for civilian disturbances.

This Directive reissues reference (a) to:

1. Update policy and responsibilities governing planning and response by the DoD Components for military assistance to federal, State, and local government (including government of U.S. territories) and their law enforcement agencies for civil disturbances and civil disturbance operations, including response to terrorist incidents, which hereafter are referred to cumulatively as "Military Assistance for Civil Disturbances (MACDIS).


For some interesting reading, that report can be found at: http://www.uhuh.com/laws/DODD3025_12.html


Last week, the White House National Security Council published its "National Security Strategy for a New Century" report. One paragraph in the Preface especially caught our eye:

Protecting our citizens and critical infrastructures at home is an essential element of our strategy. Potential adversaries -- whether nations, terrorist groups or criminal organizations -- will be tempted to disrupt our critical infrastructures, impede government operations, use weapons of mass destruction against civilians, and prey on our citizens overseas. These challenges demand close cooperation across all levels of government -- federal, state and local -- and across a wide range of agencies, including the Departments of Defense and State, the Intelligence Community, law enforcement, emergency services, medical care providers and others. Protecting our critical infrastructure requires new partnerships between government and industry. Forging these new structures will be challenging, but must be done if we are to ensure our safety at home and avoid vulnerabilities that those wishing us ill might try to exploit in order to erode our resolve to protect our interests abroad.


The full report is worth checking out. It can be found at: http://www.uhuh.com/laws/nssr98.htm and on the White House web page.

That brings us to PDD39, the FEMA Federal Response Plan for terrorism. This document is MUST reading for anyone who still thinks that FEMA is little more than an agency designed to aid American citizens during a natural disaster. FEMA takes charge of nearly everything, no matter what the disturbance may be. According to this report:

"FEMA is responsible for the coordination of the State and Federal agencies overseeing the [any major] incident." (http://www.uhuh.com/laws/terror.htm) FEMA also controls the National Guard, the regular military and can take over anything else it wants to operate. The current (it changed recently) enacting law is 42 USC 5195. Find that at: http://www.uhuh.com/laws/femalaw.htm

Check all this out and see what you think our public servants are up to. Then, look up the President's War and Emergency Powers and rethink the issue. The executive branch unilaterally gave itself enough power to set up a complete dictatorship any time it wishes.

NOTE: Let's look at what we'll call a "Ben Franklin warned us" aside here. In an interview with the Army Times, Secretary of Defense William Cohen said that the threat of terrorism makes a military police state scenario plausible. "Terrorism is escalating to the point that Americans soon may have to choose between civil liberties and more intrusive means of protection."


The body politic is constipated. A strong laxative is needed. Treason is the reason impeachment is in season. It's time that we act, follow, or get the hell out of the way. So, again, the good people over at Free Republic are spearheading action. (http://www.freerepublic.com )

Rep. Henry Hyde was waffling again about the impeachment hearings. Apparently he is starting to believe the far-left craven media when they announce from their White House provided talking points that the American people do not want the First Crook(s) impeached.

Poor old Henry is having a problem making up his mind what to do. First, he says everything will be on the table for impeachment. Then, impeachment will be limited to the Starr report. Later, it was back to everything on the table again. Still later, they put a time limit on the hearings. Last week, Hyde says they will only call Starr as a witness, and no one else.

In other words, whoever is running that hearing has about the same amount of direction and consistency as a group of unsupervised five year olds let out on the playground for recess: Lots of noise, no organization.

So, Free Republic initiated a 'call Hyde' campaign last Thursday. Suddenly, the switchboard on Capitol Hill lit up like a Christmas tree and, at close of business on Friday, was still quite active. The message: "We must have all investigations included in the Judiciary Committee's impeachment proceedings. It is essential."

Meanwhile, Henry Hyde said that, "It would be easy, we could just look away from this awful mess and let it disappear, but our duty demands that we look forward." Yet, he also said that he hoped to have the committee's work wrapped up by Christmas. "This, of course, is up to the president and his advisers," Hyde said. "But we intend to continue as long as it takes, to vindicate the rule of law and to follow the truth, wherever it leads us."

Maybe. But it doesn't look good from our hill in Appalachia. We agree with the good folks at Free Republic and recommend bombarding Hyde's office -- and every Member of the House -- with repeated calls, faxes and postcards. Let's make them take this seriously and do a very thorough job. Target the obstructionist Democrats, especially.

The toll free number on Capitol Hill is: 800-335-4949.
Henry Hyde's office number: 202-225-4561.
Hyde's FAX number is: 202-225-1166.
The address is: 2110 Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, D.C. 20515-1315.
The Judiciary Committee address is: 2138 Rayburn House Office Building Washington, D.C. 20515.
The Judiciary Committee telephone number is: (202) 225-3951.

For more information, visit the House Judiciary Committee web page at: http://www.house.gov/judiciary

Let's insure they know that the people of America want all wrongdoing by the Clinton Administration examined in open hearings. That includes the China connection, campaign finance money laundering, perjury, filegate, Hillary's interfering in the operation of government and viewing top secret documents, illegal drugs in the White House, selling military secrets to China, etc.

Let's keep our priorities straight here: This is not about Clinton's dalliances with some promiscuous Valley tart. In return for illegal campaign funds, Clinton & Gore gave communist China the technology necessary to build nukes that are now pointed at us. Treason is the reason impeachment is in season.







-- End --