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October 18 , 1998 #107


by: Doug Fiedor


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The Justice Department and FBI got at least part of its very oppressive wish list passed by Congress with zero public debate. In the months to come, we'll find that all kinds of totally unconstitutional amendments were tacked on to the recent appropriations' bills. The amendments get passed without notice for one reason and one reason alone: Members of Congress are negligent. They say they are too busy to study the bills before voting on them.

If a plumber did not put your pipes together correctly because he was too busy, if a physician neglected to treat a specific cause for an ailment because he was too busy, if a dentist drilled three teeth but only filled two because he was too busy, if a roofer only put half of your roof on because he was too busy to complete the job, any red blooded American citizen would go after the negligent miscreant immediately. Yet, year after year we allow lawmakers to be as negligent as they wish. Why? Again, their negligence costs us liberty.

Every bill Congress worked on this past month should have been completed weeks ago. Instead, they took multiple vacations and attended a series of fund-raisers sponsored by fat-cat special-interest lobbyists. Consequently, they had no time to do their work.

Also, they did nearly everything possible to get out of handling the felonious perpetrators in the administration. So, just as we thought, the other shoe is starting to drop and an official Clinton cover-up has begun.

First, as far back as ten years ago the Justice Department knew exactly who from China was funneling illegal communist money into Presidential and Congressional election campaigns. The FBI also knew that the communist Chinese embassy was involved. The only reason they made no arrests was because they did not wish to admit publicly that they came by the information illegally -- that every conversation on every telephone in and around D.C. is monitored by the National Security Agency. Furthermore, the FBI also knew of the improper technology transfer to the communist military in China years ago. Yet, no arrests were made.

Now we learn that a federal judge, U.S. District Court Judge Paul L. Friedman, recently ruled that citizens of other nations are only prohibited from making "hard money" contributions -- the funds that are used to directly support individual candidates for federal office. That is, foreigners, and evidently foreign governments, may legally contribute campaign funds to American political parties as long as that money does not go directly into an individual candidate's political campaign. Said another way: Communist governments, and/or their front men in business, may contribute money to the Democratic Party with impunity. Therefore, one would think, foreign communist governments may now also fund the Communist Party, USA. Why not. They're funding the Democrats.

So now the federal government's cases against Charlie Tree, Johnny Chung, Maria Hsia, Pauline Kanchanalak and others are in jeopardy because of the way they were filed. Was this just a stupid move by the federal legal-eagles at Justice, or something planned? Can anyone from any country in the world now interfere (purchase favors) in our elections? Evidently. All that is necessary is that they call the contributions "soft money."

Special interest groups made up of multinational corporations and foreign governments spend billions of dollars annually to lobby the federal government. They keep everyone on the Hill so busy there is no time to speak to a real constituent who "contributes" less than $2,000. Nor, obviously, do the people on Capitol Hill have time to do their work properly.

For instance, Henry Hyde (R-ILL) now says that his committee will not have time to look into all of the charges against Bill Clinton. So, in order to get the hearings done by the end of the year, Hyde announced last week that they will boil the charges down and consider only three.

How convenient!

Also last week, "Roll Call" reported GOP sources said that: "Despite hints from Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.) to the contrary, the four Republican Congressional lawmakers [committees] who are investigating President Clinton and his political allies do not plan to formally forward any impeachable evidence to Judiciary Chairman Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) this year."

So, illegal campaign money laundering, giving Red China the technology to nuke us, the administration illegally acquiring 900+ FBI background check files to use for blackmail, the misappropriation of thousands of hours of taxpayer paid labor for personal use, and using the $1.7-million White House computer for campaign purposes, will not be considered for impeachment purposes.

Why? Because the House Judiciary Committee does not have time to do its work. Also, because a few Members of Congress were personally involved in some of these illegal activities.

Anyone else see a problem here?

"Who cares if the President lied? It's just about sex!" That's what the administration's sycophants in the media tell us. That's what the paid prevaricators on the left want Americans to think.

That's all it will be, too. Because, Congress is too busy to do its job properly.



Anyone who can see or hear knows by now that this is an election year. This is the season politicians pander to the voters. And, yup, just like a bevy of New York ladies of the evening swarming a young sailor, here they come, telling us what they are going to do to make us feel good.

The problem is that with this political pandering comes a contagious infection of high taxes, a spreading cancer oppressing our Constitutional rights and a systemic epidemic of bureaucrats. Not a pretty picture. At least with a lady of the evening, you have to touch her to catch something. With politicians, we are affected simply because we exist.

So let's be careful. We'll treat them like strippers, rather than hookers. You know -- stand back and look, but don't get involved. And, as with strippers, let's encourage them to put on a public show for us.

In politics, this is called the "silly season." So why not get a little silly and study your Constitution for a day or two. Review the document that once was a parchment limitation on government. Then, compare it with the government we have today.

Oh, and don't get confused about that "shall not" stuff in there. The federal government unilaterally overruled all that years ago. In modern Constitutional law, those words no longer mean what the Founding Fathers intended they mean. Government officials conveniently "interpret" the Constitution to fit whatever it is they wish to do.

Still, we can have a little fun. Because, during the campaign season, all politicians make mouth noises indicating that they'll follow those Constitutional rules -- their job description. The fact that they never do is another story. We can worry about all that later. Right now, let's publicly embarrass them a bit.

To initiate some profound political pandering -- and hence, to produce a very interesting intellectual strip show -- let's ask questions of our Members of Congress. Actually, only one pointed question is necessary to start the fancy fan dance. It's a question we have all wondered about in one form or another for years. So, while we still have the remnants of freedom of speech, let's try to get it answered.

The pandering politicians are all out there telling us what they will do for us. How about we ask what, if anything, they will "not" do "to" us? Sure, that is a perverted question. But, this is a unnatural subject. First, let's clean up our question a bit so it can be used by all. Make it something like, "May we please have a list of those rights, liberties and actions which the federal government will not regulate."

Quick. Name three. . . . Yeah, right! They can't either.

Our Constitution gives the federal government authority to legislate on only eighteen functions. That was intentional, by the way. The Founding Fathers did not want the federal government meddling in every little thing throughout the country. They gave them those eighteen things to do, and that was all. Congress critters themselves (and FDR) added a few thousand more topics on which to legislate. That they have zero Constitutional authority to do that is, well ... incidental. You (the American citizen) let them. They did it. And now, short of a revolution, it is probably too late to stop them.

But that doesn't mean that we can't yank their collective chains on the subject from time to time. You know, encourage them to go back to acting like an obedient concubine, rather than an over-bearing dominatrix.

Another question for the pandering politicians then -- should you still have the courage to ask it -- is quite easy: "Are there 'any' areas affecting human existence in which Congress may not legislate?" And, if so, "may we please have a list."

These are fair questions for an election year. Eighty percent of what the federal government does is done with absolutely zero Constitutional authority. And, when you add the foolishness perpetrated by the regulatory agencies, a whopping ninety percent of what the federal government does is without any Constitutional authority.

You think not? Pick a subject. Then find it in the Constitution. You'll need a really good imagination to find authorization for any federal law that affects your personal life. That's because the federal government is not supposed to be able to pass any laws that directly affect the personal lives of citizens.

Today's Congress legislates like a Parliament. That is, they disregard the Constitution and do pretty much as they please. So, to ask for a list of subjects on which they will not allow government regulation is an honest request.

Probably there are no subjects affecting our lives the federal government will stay out of. Yet, we'll never know if we do not ask. So, let's all have at them this year.

Expect any reply to be a lot shorter than this editorial.



Just a few short years ago, the so called "conservative" publications not marching in lock-step with the socialism espoused by the Clinton administration were punished. The administration sent the IRS to audit them. Here on the Internet, WorldNetDaily got it.

After news of more than a dozen such punitive audits broke, Congress started to notice and the administration changed tactics slightly. For instance, Matt Drudge, always a pain in the rear for the White House, is being sued by Hillary's flunky, Sid Vicious -- with the tacit approval and encouragement of the Clintons.

Moving on, we find that the next Internet dissenter on the Clintons' "get" list is Jim Robinson, founder and operator of the now famous Free Republic web site. (http://www.freerepublic.com)

Jim Robinson recently told Heads Up that back

in April of this year, Marvin Lee, Editor of the Washington Weekly, investigated the genesis of our problem with the major media and he reported that the White House was behind the effort to get us shut down. Lee found that Terry Lenzner, the President's private investigator and henchman, was hired to do the background work on our forum. The results of Lenzner's work was turned over to Debevoise & Plimpton, a law firm frequently used by the President and in turn they formed a consortium of several news media companies to file complaints against Free Republic. As a result, Free Republic received several cease and desist orders from the companies involved, all with very similar language, and all on the same day. Several were received via email within the same hour. There is no doubt that there was coordination between all of these media companies and that the President's henchmen put the whole thing together.


Two weeks ago, the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times joined together to file suit in U.S. District Court in Los Angeles against Jim Robinson. The newspapers alleged that, on several occasions, participants of the Free Republic discussion forum downloaded articles from the newspaper's web sites and posted them in the forum. The newspaper's allegation is that copyrighted articles are taken verbatim from their web sites and posted to the Free Republic web site. The Washington Post and LA Times say that is a violation of the federal copyright statute.

That being true, then so would passing a paper newspaper, or a clipping from a newspaper, on to another person. But, never mind that inconvenient little fact. This is simply a case of the major liberal press chastising the free flow of already published political information between normal, non-liberal, citizens.

"We feel that the claims being made by the Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post are frivolous charges, inspired by political motives," Robinson told Heads Up.

First of all there can be no copyright infringement when it comes to reporting political news and/or news regarding public policy or government corruption. The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the right of the people to free speech, a free press and for peaceable assembly to petition the government for grievance. These rights cannot be abridged by the Congress. The copyright laws were crafted by the Congress long after the Constitution was ratified. The Congress had to compromise to establish a balance between the copyright holder's economic rights and the people's superior Constitutional rights to free speech and free press. Thus the 'fair use' exemption. Our forum operates squarely within the Framer's and the Congress's intentions.

Regarding political motives, both the President and the First Lady have said repeatedly that they were concerned that there was a vast right-wing conspiracy that was trying to bring down the President. In their eyes, we are part of that conspiracy. The President said in a speech, shortly after his reelection, that he was committed to cutting right-wing dissenters from politics. The First Lady said that she thought that the entire idea of the Internet must be rethought. She felt that it is too free and uncontrolled. Obviously, they are not happy with what we right-wingers are saying on the Internet. There is no doubt that there was coordination between all of these media companies and that the President's henchmen put the whole thing together.


Like the Drudge Report, WorldNetDaily, Capitol Hill Blue and other Internet publications, the Free Republic offers readers a wealth of information from many sources. What is unique with Free Republic is that readers may also participate by commenting on the news reports of the day. This, in itself, is the principal thorn in the side of the major media news purveyors.

We at Heads Up somewhat sympathize with these "journalists" who have never before had to publicly answer for what they write -- or neglect to write. However, this type of public critique is now the modern way of doing things. Heads Up readers regularly comment, both publicly and privately. So too will the readers of any other publication placed in the public forum of the Internet. If the major media journalists cannot take the heat, perhaps they should leave this medium.

Also, in the case of Free Republic, the web site is much more than just a bulletin board for posting and commenting on news reports. Rather, the site has developed into a modern-day Liberty Tree, wherein participants from coast to coast meet to plan activities, as well as discuss political topics of the day and leave messages for others. As Jim Robinson describes today's Free Republic:

In the last several months Free Republic has grown to a daily readership of over 50,000 readers and sometimes as high as 100,000 per day. Free Republic chapters have sprung up in almost every state, and groups of our members have began following the movements of the President, Vice President and the First Lady and have began organizing protests wherever they travel. These protests are now beginning to embarrass and concern the President and his party. This, coupled with the fact that the Washington press corps and the Congress and all the Beltway crowd are visiting Free Republic everyday to get the truth about the day's happenings, is the reason why the President wants to shut us down.


In 1775, the British cut down the original Liberty Tree because it was a meeting point for just such actions. Will Americans allow today's cyberspace Liberty Tree, the Free Republic, to be cut off in 1999?


So, let's get busy and tell them so. Also, their advertisers.



Halloween seems like a strangely appropriate day, considering the subject at hand. That's the day the aberrant riffraff in the Big White House on Pennsylvania Avenue are to be commented on by the people, up close and personal. This time, the wrath of the peasants, sans pitchforks, will be demonstrated at the gates of the perpetrators.

But, ordinary peasants these are not. Some of the best and brightest of our nation's political activists are planning to attend. People from every State in the union. People from every walk of life, every race, religion and creed. Good Americans, one and all.

There will be organization to this demonstration -- sort of. A basic itinerary is already posted at http://www.freerepublic.com. Would be participants can join the e-mail list and ask for more information at: jolly@shore.net. The basic brochure reads:

You have heard of the march of time, and you have heard of the march of dimes, but now we have 'The March of Crimes.' All freedom loving Americans have the opportunity to express their revulsion at the criminal behavior of William Jefferson Clinton and his coterie of toadies, thugs, and other miscellaneous miscreants. The time [is] to be determined, the date [is] Oct 31. 1998, the Place the White House. It's only fitting that on Halloween we should express our resistance to the man who has spooked our entire nation. This is our last opportunity to send a message to the people before the elections!


At this writing, confirmed speakers include Gary Aldrich, Lucianne Goldberg, Larry Klayman, Jonah Goldberg, Alan Keyes; the author of "The Dysfunctional President," Dr. Paul Fick -- and, of course, Jim Robinson, founder and operator of the Free Republic web site. Furthermore, Laura Ingraham will be covering the event for MSNBC and Tony Snow will be covering it for FOX. The organizers are said to be "awaiting confirmation on other renowned conservative celebrities."

Jim Robinson puts out the call for participants:

Regiments from all states are needed. Wirey and strong hearted men and women, young and old, from all persuasions: it's time to heed the clarion call to duty. If you love liberty, and want to preserve our way of life for future generations, join our march on the White House. We intend to wrap the scene in crime tape, serve the current occupants with an eviction notice and a summons and execute a citizen's arrest. Being as how our Justice Department and our Congress have witnessed hundreds of crimes perpetrated by the highest executive in the land and yet have neglected to do their Constitutional duty and have failed to act, we intend to follow through.

To all of you who dare to call treason, treason, and who refuse to bow to tyranny, do not fail to answer the call. We intend to march straight into the belly of the beast and spit in his eye. Rise up people! Grab your torch and your pitchforks. Let's drive the totalitarians from the Capitol and damn them to Hell!


Well . . . in a manner of speaking, anyway. There is a protocol to be observed, most of which is posted for all to read. So too are arrangements for lodging and whatnot. So, while the rhetoric may get a little deep from time to time, this looks like a well orchestrated, peaceful demonstration that could very well prove a much needed point to the voters of America: We are fed up, and we will not shut up!

To help keep things peaceful and meaningful, we at Heads Up make one specific request of all readers. A couple weeks ago, Free Republic demonstrators in Philadelphia were attacked by a Teamsters Union goon squad, causing at least one peaceful demonstrator to be hospitalized. This action, of course, does not represent the opinion of most freedom loving truckers. Even so, it must be addressed.

Therefore, we would ask that everyone notify their trucker friends as to exactly what will happen, how and why. Truck drivers can get the word out, coast to coast, in very little time. Also, a signal of agreement from any truckers in the D.C. area would be greatly appreciated.

Now, if they can get C-SPAN on the job. . . .









-- End --