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September 27, 1998 #104


by: Doug Fiedor


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From the very beginning, Clinton's campaign was based on a lie: "It's the economy, stupid," was their campaign theme the first time around. The new Clinton administration even asked for a massive tax hike to "repair" our economy. Lucky for us, they didn't get the tax hike, because the economy kept right on chugging along -- very favorably.

Well, here's a little message for the Democrats: The good economy wasn't because of Clinton, stupid!

When they arrived in Washington, the Clinton administration had zero experience running any government larger than a small state, and it clearly showed. For the first two years, no one in the administration had the slightest idea what to do. That is, they just blundered along until they finally realized their incompetence and hired some "adults" who knew a little about the federal government.

Bill wanted to be president, and he was. But he had no qualifications for the job, other than that he wanted to be president. Hillary, on the other hand, wanted to control things. Medicine seemed like a good place to start, so she cajoled Congress into passing a very stupid law giving government control over all medications used to vaccinate children for childhood diseases.

That quickly became a textbook example of how the federal government screws up everything it controls. Rather than offering free vaccinations to inner-city children, as was part of the plan, there suddenly was little or none of the medications to be found in many cities. Where once such vaccines were abundant, under big government control they became scarce. Because of improper storage, tons of the stuff either spoiled or expired in warehouses around the country and the Clinton plan failed.

That was about the time that the national press corps spelled the word 'stupid' wrong and labeled her 'saint' Hillary instead. And, apparently, that immediately went to her head.

So, the Clintons (mostly Hillary) decided to have the federal government take over the whole of the American medical delivery system. That exercise in pure socialism soon became a major fiasco. They had designed a regulatory nightmare that would have destroyed the finest medical delivery system in the world.

About that time the Clintons also tried to exercise their police power a few miles outside a Texas town named Waco. Therein, they allowed American people to be killed by government employees using military equipment. The people were doing nothing more ominous than holding religious services at the time they were attacked by a squad-fire team of feral BATF officers; and, because of the style of attack, had every right to protect themselves. Yet, no person in government would ever be punished for that mass murder because the Clintons were in control, and Congress feared confronting them.

The gutting of the American military was started, and active military personnel were tasked to "deliver the pizza" in never ending escapades in far away lands like Bosnia. Many active military actually were forced to go on food stamps and raise their families in broken down dwellings because funding was drastically cut for our once proud forces. Military training was cut to a minimum for all but those supposedly elite task force units specially training to attack American cities.

Then came Clinton's proposal for the largest tax hike in American history. The economy hiccuped when that passed but, lucky for the Clinton administration, was healthy enough to absorb the assault. So, the administration looked for yet another massive tax increase. This time the proposal was to tax tobacco products. That proposed tax hike, if passed, will be so huge it would bring in enough money annually to fund the American military (the one we had) twice over.

The Clinton administration was also directly responsible for passing many, many unconstitutional laws, executive orders, rules, and regulations. There were repeated attacks on our Second Amendment rights. Private property rights were assaulted through aggressive forfeiture laws, more environmental rules and regulations and increased taxes. Our right of free speech was threatened through proposed campaign laws, product regulations and IRS audits of any group protesting the unconstitutional actions of government. Our liberty was diminished through federal identification schemes, government databases, and new civilian control (government spying) devices. Many thousands of federal regulations were passed to better control every aspect of human activity. And many hundreds of thousands of acres of American land was prohibited from use by the American people.

Meanwhile, the whole of America's foreign policy went to hell. Clinton gave billions of dollars to Mexico so that big business investors would not loose their investment money. Clinton gave even more billions of taxpayer dollars to Russia, all of which went for political graft and/or into the pockets of those involved in organized crime. Then the administration gave billions of taxpayer dollars to Indonesia, even though the ruling family there was so rich they could have taken that much out-of-pocket without missing it.

Today, Japan, Inc. has over one-trillion dollars in bad debt, and they're looking to us for help. Brazil needs $100-billion to keep their head above water, and they're looking to us. So, too, with a dozen other countries throughout the world.

Clinton gave an enemy, communist China, the technology necessary to nuke our cities. Now, China orders Clinton to not even think about developing a missile defense system for the U.S. -- or for Japan, so as to counter future threats from North Korea -- and China threatens to nuke LA if we persist in "interfering" by protecting Taiwan. Russia just installed the rabid, anti-American, communist spymaster, Yevgeny Primakov, as its new prime minister. Saddam Hussein tossed our inspectors out of Iraq with impunity.

And what of the Clintons? They're again trying to stir the racial pot at home, federalize medicine, deprive our children of a good education by refusing programs like school choice and attempting to institute a whole slew of new socialist programs.

Is this an effective presidency? Absolutely not! Rather, the Clintons epitomize the Peter Principle personified. They have risen to the level of their incompetence. The Clinton presidency resembles socialism gone schizophrenic.

The only reason Clinton is still in Washington is because he was elected at the beginning of a long running economic growth cycle. To insure votes, Clinton promised the soccer moms free lunches for their kids in school, and then went on to give them government subsidized baby-sitters so they could hit the golf courses. And, if the Clintons could get such a program through Congress, they would probably also offer subsidized greens fees to permanently secure that segment of the vote, while simultaneously having government agents completely indoctrinate the country's children.

At one time or another, the Clintons have proposed government funded programs and freebies for all but two segments of society: straight white males and the military. Yet, anyone closely scrutinizing the Clinton administration will quickly find that the administration has done much to harm all Americans equally. For instance, because the administration refuses to protect our borders, our country is inundated with thousands of illegal aliens daily -- and tons of illegal drugs, much of which finds its way into the hands of our children.

And that, folks, is but one-third of my argument to that 25% of society who still support the lying group that is Bill Clinton & Company.

Honor counts. And the Clintons have no honor.



So OK, the movie didn't live up to the book. We did get to watch the Slickster sweat, squirm, frown and darn near break out laughing at his own outlandish prevarication, though.

Yet, we'll have to agree with the Social-Democrats on this one. The film wasn't nearly as good as it was advertised to be. In fact, on this end we had the impression that the censors may have chopped the good parts out before we serf-citizens were allowed to view it.

Nevertheless, there was obvious evidence of criminality, in that the First Liar committed quite a lot of perjury between filibusters. Not only did he show contempt toward the criminal justice system, he clearly refused to answer questions from both the prosecutors and the grand jurors. That is the type of contempt that will get a real American citizen some instant jail time. So, where was the craven judge?

Many people also enjoyed the way Clinton defined, and redefined, simple English words. To start off, the First Liar had a major problem with the words "the whole truth." Probably there's good reason for that. He evidently never intended to tell anything close to the whole truth -- or anything resembling meaningful truth at all, for that matter.

He also seemed to really enjoy himself redefining simple words like "is," "any" and "any person." Apparently, in the tortured language of the Slickster, "is" only can be used for things that happen "right now." And, he was never "alone" with anyone as long as another person was somewhere in the White House. The word "any" didn't seem to count because it wasn't specific enough. So, "any person" was also not descriptive enough to have meaning in Slick-speak. Or, even if "any person" had meaning, Slick didn't wish to realize that it included him.

Clinton also disputed the definition of "sexual relations" as adamantly as Congress rejects the words "no" and "not" in the Constitution. When words do not exactly fit in with the program at hand, they are just conveniently redefined. That's standard politics among the dishonorable. It's also common with the psychologically unstable. But then I repeat. . . .

So, while the video may not have been quite as good as the book, it will nonetheless make a fine teaching tool for university level abnormal psychology classes coast to coast.

The Clinton video also holds great potential for use in criminology and law schools. Not only are there a few very evident instances of perjury, there are a whole series of subtle perjuries, expressed contempt for the law, contempt of grand jury and out and out hostility for the legal process. As a whole, the video is also a fine example of how not to question a hostile witness. The fact is, the lawyers let Clinton off easy. They let him babble on and never forced him to answer questions.

And this leads us to "evidence" accrued during the seven month "investigation." The way the investigation was handled was mediocre. That is, even if two junior G-men and a prosecutor who was a recent law school graduate conducted the investigation, it was still just ordinary. For instance, rather than pressing charges and using prison as a tool to demand assistance, it appears they gave immunity to the author of the infamous talking points. That also got the lawyer who helped write the talking points off the hook. And, even though there were a whole string of cover-ups and obstructions, not one person has yet been charged with anything. It's all show and no go.

There was, however, an interesting Deep Throat parallel with the Nixon era. That appears to be a combination of Paul Begala, Rahm Emanuel and Sidney Blumenthal. Blumenthal, of course, would probably never intentionally tell anyone anything. However, he has a big mouth. Many camps are now playing the White House private investigator game, and word on the street has it that Blumenthal had a tail for a period of time. And, as the story goes, that tail kept good notes (recordings?) of everything Sid Vicious said in public -- which, they say, was considerable.

This is a fight of good against evil, right against wrong, honor against sleaze. A few weeks ago, we pointed out that there were some very significant legal talent and investigators hired by Committee Chairman Henry Hyde. Their credentials are extensive. And, if you are the one in their sights, these guys can be very frightening. It is also worthy to point out that they are long-term friends of Hyde, and probably take a very dim view of the recent "scorched earth" news reports.

Good is just now figuring out how to play hardball like the bad guys do. The results may be very interesting.

Meanwhile, the whining and lying continues.



It's becoming very interesting, almost comical, to see what some people will defend in the name of partisanship. Even the First Pervert admitted that his actions were "indefensible." Yet, he's fielding the normal cast of taxpayer paid administration liars to do just that: defend the indefensible.

Suddenly, talk of impeachment became "a partisan circus." First, Democrats said the process was moving too slowly. Then, it was too fast. Last week they called for an "expedited process" so as to put an "end to the madness." It appears that the Democrats are getting a bit nervous.

As usual, when Members of Congress get to thinking about anything but fund-raising, bad laws get proposed. And, running true to form, it was no different last week. This time the Democrats proposed a bill of attainder in the form of a customized censure penalty for Clinton. That, of course, presents a slight Constitutional problem. But, Congress has not let little things like the Constitution limit what it wants to do for the last 66 years.

According to news sources and their never ending (albeit very dubious) public opinion polls, a majority of Americans favor censure over impeachment. Former White House coconspirator, Leon Panetta, thought that a great idea: "It finally puts Democrats in line with where the American public is and what they want to hear," he said while trying to appear serious.

House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt accused the Republicans of attempting to "subject the country to months, and quite possibly years, of highly partisan investigations." Gephardt's fix? Censure, of course. And, right away, too.

White House press prevaricator Mike McCurry called the House Judiciary Committee members favoring impeachment a "Jihad caucus" of Republican party hard-liners and hinted around that Clinton would accept censure. "The president, who has punished himself a great deal already, certainly understands there's more punishment that he's likely to receive," McCurry said.

Clinton punished himself a great deal already? Baloney! Clinton committed perjury at least a dozen times. So OK, short of impeachment, he should be locked up in jail for contempt. That is the law. Congress must insure that the law is applied equally or change it for all of us.

Last week, Dick Gephardt also proposed imposing a one or two month deadline on any inquiry, a la the Thompson Senate Committee. He also whined that Democrats will hold Republicans responsible for "the release of very explicit materials related to sex" -- even though that is the Democratic Party's only interesting news. "For the sake of the children of the country, we need to stop it," Gephardt said with a straight face. One report was that, in the space of only a 15-minute press conference, Gephardt brought up the "protecting children" ploy five different times.

In a fit of desperation, Gephardt then instructed House Democrats: "You say that the Republican Party seems more interested in sending pornography over the airwaves and the Web than in acting in a responsible manner, and you try to turn the election into a referendum on that."

So, now we know the coming week's liberal Democratic whine: censure, don't impeach, and Republicans are corrupting the children by sending pornography over the airwaves and the Internet. That sounds a lot like Hillary-speak because that is exactly what it is. Hillary is interfering in government again by lobbying Congress against impeachment. So, like the good little morons they are, some Democrats are going out in public and mouthing the party whine. It's all just obfuscation and lies, but that is all they know how to do. That's all they have left. Propaganda works.

More importantly, we see that birds of a feather flock together. These Democrats, and their sycophants in the media, will defend sleaze, lies, abuse of power, perjury and a wide assortment of deviant behaviors. It matters not that Clinton lied to his staff, his cabinet, Congress, the courts, and the American people. Nor does it matter to these Democrats and their media minions that Clinton misappropriated millions of taxpayer dollars to pay for the large group of attorneys and staff necessary to perpetrate that fraud on the public for seven straight months. The sad fact is, the Democrats support a deviant pathological liar for President of the United States.

So much for love of country.

We should remember that in November. The lies, dissembling, obfuscation and propaganda are a clear betrayal of public trust designed only to trick us, the American people. What the media professes to be "balanced" in reporting amounts to little more than the defense of deviancy in government. They don't seem to realize what they're doing. Evil is wrong in and of itself. There is no defense. No balance is required. Children watching the news lately pick up on that instinctively. It's the liberal adults who cannot seem to understand.

We should all contact Congress and order them to impeach Clinton and let the prosecutions begin.

This administration has become the laughing stock of the world. The whole of the administration must go. Soon, Gore will also have his own independent counsel and will probably be convicted. Anyone doubting that statement should read section 17 of the Senate Thompson Committee report on fund-raising at: http://www.senate.gov/%7Egov_affairs/sireport.htm There is more than enough information in section 17 alone to indict Gore and many others.

Also, lest we forget about those Chinese nukes pointed at our cities, there is yet another Congressional Committee we have heard nothing from yet: The Select Committee on U.S. National Security and Military/ Commercial Concerns with the People's Republic of China. That Committee is busy secretly investigating illegal Clinton acts. Also called the Cox Committee, they will soon begin open hearings -- and those hearings are expected to be explosive and very damning to the administration.



It doesn't seem like it, but the Heads Up newsletter has now been published consistently (except for one short vacation) once a week for two years. And, about a half-million words later, we still find more than enough material to write about.

Lately, we seem stuck on the impeachment topic. In reality, though, we wish Slick Willie and his cast of nefarious characters would go away so we could get back to bills in Congress, court opinions and regulations.

Now, to keep the lawyers happy: Heads Up is intended to be free to all who wish to read it. No expenses are incurred writing the newsletter and no payment of any kind is accepted from either subscribers or publications reprinting excerpts. Therefore, there is no reason for any tax collector or regulator to ever contact us.

Distribution of Heads Up is handled by the readers. That is, I only write the text. The few subscribers in my database distribute it as they see fit. That arrangement has worked well for 24 months, and we see no reason to change anything. When distribution slows down, we will know it is either time to change the writing style or quit.

Through the good works of Jeff in Michigan and Forest in California, all back issues of the newsletter are posted on the Internet. Forest even started a rather extensive index. Six print publications, a few talk radio hosts and a couple Internet sites also have permission to use what they wish.

There has been a slight trend in the type of new subscribers this past year. Most interesting, because of the way they are sometimes lambasted, are the subscribers on Capitol Hill. We also have a respectable number of State legislators around the country who have subscribed. Another surprise was the number of media -- both press and television -- who subscribed.

As can be expected, these people also "attempt" to keep me in line with pointed replies. But, that's the fun of it all. We still read every reply that comes in, and write back as applicable and as time allows.

Many Heads Up readers have contacted Congress regarding the issues discussed here. Twice, in fact, thousands of readers contacted Congress in one week. That was noticed! The problems also received action. Maybe not exactly the final action we wanted, but action leading to what we wanted, nonetheless.

This newsletter takes a strong Constitutional point of view. We believe that the federal government should do those things tasked to it by the Constitution, do them perfectly, and do nothing else. Were that the case, according to economics Professor Walter Williams, our federal tax burden would be one-third what it is now. That would immediately add half a trillion dollars annually to our economy and significantly raise the standard of living for all American citizens. It would also keep the regulators out of our lives.

Some still ask me why I write, and the answer is still easy: Because we went from a government "of the people, by the people and for the people" to a government whose specific aim seems to be little more than to exert total control over the people. Some people out there actually think the Constitution is a "living document," rather than a contract between the States and the federal government. And for them I reply as Walter Williams did a few weeks ago: "How would you like to play poker with living rules?" Ouch!

To all the subscribers, distributors, posters, and readers: Thank you. And keep the suggestions coming.








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