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September 13, 1998 #102


by: Doug Fiedor


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Some good comes out of everything. And, this time, we have an excellent chance to take a good hard look at who in government and the media consistently support things which are totally unacceptable to most American citizens. We may even get a chance to do something about it.

Supporting the sleaze, lies and deception coming from the Administration are 25 to 50 Members of Congress. A lesser number of talking heads (and a bunch of reporters) also support the deviant behavior, obfuscation and disinformation of the administration. All of these people deserve our active contempt.

The politicians and journalists supporting Clinton had to know all about the Clintons' behavior. Unless they were both stupid and ignorant, they had to have seen at least some of the hundreds of articles that were published in many diverse publications. Therefore, it is safe for us to assume that, knowing the character of the Clintons, they intentionally supported this White House trash anyway. Double contempt!

Could it be that they loved the Clintons' big government, socialist agenda so much that they let the corruption and deviancy slide in favor of the agenda? Certainly, that is the case with some of the people involved. But, not all of them. Many are personally just as bad as the Clintons.

So, what's in all of this for us? How can we reap the silk purse from the sow's ear? How can we get freedom, liberty and a return to that form of government intended by the Founding Fathers? How can we recoup the right to life, liberty and property -- without constant interference by federal bureaucrats? Work at it, that's how. Isn't it worth a little jumping up and down to leave freedom for our kids and grandkids? If so, keep reading.

The benefit to us, the American people, may be that this current group of scandals can be used to drive the Social-Democrats of the far left out of office. In fact, it may be that the whole of the Democratic Party may soon be driven nearly out of existence.

Already, the "conservative" Democrats are moving to the Republican Party. The Democratic Party, today, is very liberal. Socialist, in fact. It's against religion, personal rights, family rights, neighborhood rights and, as we can now see, not very conducive to personal honor and integrity, either.

That may be a strong statement, but if we stand back far enough and take a look, we will see that just as many Democrats know how corrupt this administration has become as Republicans. Worse, many Democrats helped in the corrupt practices of this administration. For instance, many State Democratic parties took illegally laundered union and communist Chinese government money. They knew what they were doing, but the "cause" was more important than the law -- and their personal honor and integrity, it appears. Some of them will soon be paying a price for that, too. Many are caught.

Our problem is that we cannot have just one major political party. That, in itself, can be a recipe for tyranny. We want our freedom back, not more problems.

The Republican Party is quickly becoming the Republicrat Party. They're getting accustomed to passing laws, rules and regulations that are nearly as oppressive as the ones the Democrats proposed. Sometimes, they're even harsher.

We want freedom. To get that, we need a Congress influenced by a room full of Ron Pauls. That's Libertarian. The Libertarians want freedom for nearly everything. We could live with some of that. There's also the Taxpayer's Party, which is also very freedom oriented in a conservative sort of way.

Regardless, it's time we retire the Democratic Party. It was a good political party, before FDR used it to install socialism in the United States, that is. But, FDR forced the Democratic Party to mutate into something that will continue usurping our personal rights and liberties while, at the same time, continue centralizing all political power in Washington. That must stop.

If we want freedom, the Democrats are out. They showed us what they are and what they want. That's why America is grumbling so much. It's time we reject all those executive orders, laws, rules and regulations in favor of self determination. Self determination, however, means that we must be able to take control of our own lives. Can we? Which set of government programs will you give up for more personal freedom and lower taxes? We can't have both.

No matter what else we do, we must make some changes in government. The Republicans will win overwhelmingly in November, as they should. They'll jump right in and rid us of the IRS and at least two cabinet level departments, which is good. They may even repeal a few atrocious laws and regulations, which is also good. But, they'll soon become complacent, and government will meander back towards business as usual.

More is needed. One or two new political parties maybe. Something. Whatever it is, we have a window of opportunity open to make changes. That opportunity will last until the new presidential primary campaign ends two years from now. After that, a peaceful political fix may no longer be possible.

That is, unless we get really, really lucky and pick a patriot president.



The Washington press corps still act like the core corruption of the Clinton Administration is a sex scandal. In so doing, they totally neglect the crux of the whole situation. This administration has no honor, self respect or integrity. None. Nada. Zip. None of them do. They lie about everything.

Turn that statement around. Quick! Name three things Clinton has said that were entirely truthful -- anything, anytime. Go ahead. We'll wait. . . .

OK, admirably, that was difficult. Let's make it a little easier, then. Name three things that one of Clinton's staff and/or sycophants in the media have told us about any Clinton scandal that was totally and completely true. Any one of the staff, we won't get particular here. . . . Difficult, huh?

Get the point? And remember, these media people are the very same ones who give America the "news" every night. The point is, this lying stuff encompasses a heck of a lot more than just the seven straight months comprising the Lewinsky news cycle.

Admitted liar Bill Clinton had the whole of the administration out lying for him. Every night, they covered all the talk and news shows, lying to the American people. Does anyone in these United States still believe that any one of them did not know they were lying about Clinton's sexcapades? Of course they knew. They are paid to tell lies.

Admittedly, most of these liars were taxpayer paid White House flacks -- like Ann Lewis, Rahm Emanuel, Sidney Blumenthal, James Carville, Lanny Davis and Paul Begala. However, many of the liars were also so called "journalists." CNBC still allows talking head Jerry Rivers (Geraldo) to spew his foolishness five nights a week, and the obfuscation and disinformation babble of Eleanor Clift and Margaret Carlson are nearly legendary. These people are seldom correct in any of their "facts" because their facts are White House disinformation.

The true fact is that all of these people have a vested interest in lying to the American people. That is how they make their living. All are professionally accepted as liars -- the media people call it balance. OK, most of them are newsmakers, too. But they are liars and paid Clinton cover-up artists nonetheless.

All told, there are nearly 200 of these little White House helpers out there, spinning disinformation, obfuscation and out and out lies. Most of them started during the Reagan years, working against that administration. They are big government loving socialists; so it's no surprise they aid the Clinton administration. Many are comfortable moving back and forth between government and journalism, others stay in one field or the other.

The Clintons have at least 20 attorneys in the White House working on scandals. There are another 15 or 20 staffers tasked with opposition research and creating all that disinformation. All of these people are paid with taxpayer funds, yet they do nothing except create excuses for the Clintons' personal problems. Remove them all, and the wheels of government would not be affected.

Shouldn't Clinton repay us for these people working exclusively on Clinton scandals? Add to that the numerous frivolous court cases and the hours of work they caused Starr's staff, and we see that just that one Clinton lie about Lewinsky cost the American public close to $7-million. Shouldn't taxpayers be reimbursed?

As the Clinton lies, obfuscation and disinformation campaign against Starr continues, we might take a second or two to put the most current lie into proper prospective:

Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr is sometimes called a prosecutor in this matter; but as far as the president is concerned, Starr is not a prosecutor. Rather, Starr is analogous to a police detective conducting an investigation. The House Judicial Committee then becomes analogous to the first prosecutor, and presents the case to the grand jury -- which in this case would be the full House of Representatives.

Members of the House, then, should act like a grand jury, where a defense counsel is not allowed. There is time for defense at trial, before the Senate. And, because the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court presides as the Judge for the impeachment trial in the Senate, we can expect that the defendant will be extended all rights due an accused there.

This is the procedure set down in our Constitution. Yet, last week, David Kendall, the president's personal lawyer, made the request for an advance copy of the independent counsel's report. Kendall whined in his letter to Starr that to ensure "elemental fairness" to the president, the White House should be provided a copy of the report at least a week before anyone else sees it.

"We believe that fundamental fairness dictates that we have the opportunity to review such a document and submit simultaneously any reply we wish to make," Kendall wrote.

In other words, Clinton demands to see all evidence against him before the prosecutor (House Judiciary Committee) gets it, and to begin his defense before the grand jury (the full House) sees any of the report. Starr, of course, told Kendall to get lost.

So, the new lie last week was "fairness." Starr is not fair, is the current Democratic Party whine. Clinton's paid White House liars and sycophants in the media pushed that story for a while. But this time they toned it down a bit when people started laughing at them.

It's a little late for laughing now. We should have laughed this Clinton, Clinton & Gore mess out of the election campaign seven years ago. And, had the American people not been tricked and lied to by the big-government loving liberals in the media, we probably would have.



Those so called "New Democrats" knew exactly what they were doing when they put Bill Clinton up for election. He was presented to the public as the shining light of those "New Democrats," their leader, their mentor, their great white knight. He was tried and tested as governor, as a leader, they told the American people.

That's what Democrats, in combination with their national media friends, wanted us to think, anyway. They put forth that fallacy just so they could get Clinton elected. They all knew better. It was all deception, a big lie. They intentionally gave us a political hack as a president. A crook. A moral midget. A deviant.

Oh sure, Clinton was a governor. But, of what? Arkansas is a beautiful State. Many good people live there. But, the good people of Arkansas tend to stay away from the Clinton crowd. And when we look deeper at Arkansas, we see that it somewhat resembled a third world country under the Clinton regime: the average income is low and the average education level is atrocious.

So, let's look at these "New Democrats" for a second. What's their agenda? What do they want? Capitalism, some say. Sure, they support good economic development through capitalism, we're told; but with 'a healthy dose of social responsibility.' Huh?

Define what they mean by economic development and social responsibility. Try explaining that dichotomy in polite company someday. It will not be easy, because what they stealthily propose, their sub-rosa agenda, is freedom and capitalism for their elite friends and strict controls on us normal folk. These New Democrats are, in fact, the proponents of the Third Way political structure -- they get the freedom, we get the control via strict rules and regulations.

Then comes Senator Joe Lieberman with his eloquent colloquy on the Senate floor a few days ago. What a farce! I wouldn't be surprised to learn that the White House helped with that speech. It was a scam, and Lieberman owes the American people an apology for that expert bit of distraction.

You see folks, Joe Lieberman has known the lying and philandering Bill Clinton for something like 28 years. Lieberman supported Clinton for president. Twice. So did the other "New Democrats."

Lieberman, Gore, Boxer, Dodd, Feinstein, Daschle, Gephardt, Waxman, Conyers -- all the far left and new-left members of congress -- knew all about Bill and Hillary Clinton before the first election. They knew about the Clintons' looming criminal culpability. They knew about the Clintons' sexual deviancies. And, they certainly knew that both Clintons have a history of lying a lot and bending the law to fit whatever it is they wish to do. Yet, these Democrat leaders covered all that up and supported Bill Clinton for president. So did their friends in the press.

When asked on NBC if Clinton could reclaim the moral authority that Lieberman said in his Senate speech was "compromised," the senator said, "Yes, he can."

Oh really? Isn't that assuming that Clinton had some morals in the first place? Lieberman knows exactly how corrupt Clinton is, was and will continue to be. Lieberman's words are themselves an accurate snapshot of the shame of the situation America finds itself in today. We cannot believe any of these people. It's all a political production, a production based on an immoral foundation of deception and mistruths.

It's time for a major American awakening. Perhaps it's time that all Americans again review those values we learned as children in Bible Studies, Sunday school, Catechism, or wherever, depending on our individual religion. It seems time that we Americans take another look at our core beliefs concerning good and evil. Because, really folks, this stuff the Democrats are feeding us just is just not panning out.

If there is some bright line out there that defines good from evil, separates morality from deviancy, and divides honor from deceit, the Clinton administration resides on the wrong side. And, as is becoming very obvious to anyone paying even minimal attention, both the so called New Democrats and the old left always supported the Clintons.

Where does that leave us -- those of us who still profess to have something resembling integrity, honor and morals?

If there is no such bright line, we Americans had better quickly define one and choose our positions. Else, we're no better than they are. Because, part and parcel to the lack of honor, all the lies, the money laundering, and the deviant behavior, there are now all those communist Chinese nuclear warheads threatening to evaporate our children.

Defining deviancy down seems to be the clarion call of these people. They've nearly destroyed our cities, relegating millions of inner-city residents to a life of ignorance and poverty. They're dumbing down our children, teaching them all sorts of strange things, but not the skills necessary to read, write and calculate properly. They have overwhelmed the American people with hundreds of totally oppressive laws, rules and regulations. And, in the process, they have also subverted our Constitutional way of government and greatly suppressed our freedom.

This administration is the proverbial millstone around the neck of the American way of life. But it's just the current millstone. Clinton's political party was, and still is, the bridle steering the American people away from our unalienable freedom of life, liberty and property.

Those of us who love freedom must act quickly and deliberately. We must demand the immediate dismissal of the whole of this crooked administration. Then, in November, we must weed out all of the Congressional socialists, no matter which side of the aisle they sit.

When public servants do not follow our Constitution, to the letter, we should imprison them. Else, like now, the Constitution becomes effectively suspended.

We have a short-term opportunity opening here, a chance to make a meaningful correction. We must do so. Then, we must take steps so this predicament can never happen again -- which means, we must begin a major crackdown on errant public servants. Our children and grandchildren deserve our swift and decisive action.



Ken Starr's report didn't report much more than everyone already knew: Bill Clinton is a liar, a perjurer, an obstructer of justice, and a very ignorant philanderer. The last remark was simply because you really have to be ignorant to fish in the secretarial pool at work when you're the boss.

Starr reported to Congress that, in his opinion as a gentleman, a lawyer and a former judge, there is "substantial and credible information that President William Jefferson Clinton committed acts that may constitute grounds for an impeachment."

The report makes a good case that Clinton:

lied under oath at a civil deposition while he was a defendant in a sexual harassment lawsuit; lied under oath to a grand jury; attempted to influence the testimony of a potential witness who had direct knowledge of facts that would reveal the falsity of his deposition testimony; attempted to obstruct justice by facilitating a witness's plan to refuse to comply with a subpoena; attempted to obstruct justice by encouraging a witness to file an affidavit that the President knew would be false, and then by making use of that false affidavit at his own deposition; lied to potential grand jury witnesses, knowing that they would repeat those lies before the grand jury; and engaged in a pattern of conduct that was inconsistent with his constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws.


All that would be enough to have uniformed men with guns haul any of us normal people off to the hoosegow wearing stainless steel bracelets. But, the President is among the elite, so they are going to drag this on a few more months. Meanwhile, the accused will continue to have all of the powers of the Presidency at his disposal, as well as a large team of taxpayer paid lawyers and staff to present his case in the public arena -- ad nausem.

Apparently, there's nothing anyone can do about that, either. Bill Clinton does not have enough honor to resign and leave Washington in disgrace. He plans to stay, and stick his deviancy in our collective faces for twenty-some more months -- unless, that is, Congress impeaches him someday.

Worst yet, there still are some (apparently) like-minded Members of Congress supporting Clinton. And, of course, not one in his cabinet or staff has quit. Birds of a feather, as the old saying goes. . . . .

Starr's report is of instant interest on Capitol Hill and on the Internet. But, within a couple months, it will probably be of little interest to anyone, except maybe for junior high students passing around the sexually explicit sections.

There are two very important points of interest, though. First, Starr reports that the Madison Guaranty, FBI files, Travel Office, Kathleen Willey and Linda Tripp matters are also about to be reported. "All phases of the investigation are now nearing completion," Starr reports. Open matters, then, will include campaign money laundering and the China Connection.

The second point could be a major problem. Clinton's lawyers wrote a rebuttal to the Starr report, which came out before the Starr report was officially released. Yet, the White House report addressed most of the points made in the Starr report.

They told the world that the Starr report was sealed until House officers opened it last Friday afternoon. Our question is: Sealed from whom? How did the whiners in the White House get the information? This does not pass the smell test!

The Starr report is available dozens of places on the net. Both the Starr and White House reports are also available at http://www.uhuh.com .



by Debra McKim-Brown

The world is teetering on the edge of chaos. Russia is nearly there. Africa is nearly there. The Korean peninsula and the Mid-East are beating nuclear drums of war. The financial markets in Asia and South American are faltering. Our own stock market doesn't know which way is up.

If the United States is destined to avert chaos and lead the rest of the world away from chaos it will be for one reason, the rule of law. It is this country's foundation of and adherence to the rule of law that is the framework of our civilization.

If that rule of law is to survive we must demand public disclosure of the complete Starr report. Americans must know if any treasonous acts have been committed in the Clinton administration's dealings with China. Americans must also know if the confidentiality of FBI private files has been breached.

The high crimes and misdemeanors against the people and the real crimes against the laws of the land that have been committed by this president must be made public, and the rule of law must play out proving that no one, especially a president, is above the law.

Neither, as some would say, is he beneath the law. So no deals; no bargaining for a resignation in trade for sealed reports.

"For the good of the country, we must not go through an impeachment," I have heard often. I would argue that for the good of the country we must have an impeachment. We must show ourselves and the world that the United States Constitution works; that the rule of law works; and that civilization, not chaos, will reign.

I urge each and every American citizen to call or write their congressperson with this simple message: If the complete Starr report is not a public document by November 3, I will vote for your opponent regardless of party. If impeachment has not begun, I will vote for your opponent. If you support the release of the Starr report and begin impeachment I will donate time and money to your campaign, regardless of party.

We can do it America! We alone can do it. We the People can make our voices heard across this land for the next six weeks and we can prove to the world that the founding fathers were correct to put their trust in the will of the American people.







-- End --