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August 30, 1998 #100


by: Doug Fiedor


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It's often difficult, even inconvenient, to do your job correctly. We voters know that. Heck, you don't even have the time to read the bills you vote into law. We the electorate realize that, too, because no one with a love of country and an interest in protecting our Constitution would intentionally vote for many of those obnoxious laws.

But, this looming impeachment matter is different. Impeachment is immediately important to the security of the nation and the welfare of the American people. Therefore, everything else, including the election, must take a back seat to this matter.

Presidential advisor Dick Morris wrote last week that:

In a curious way, l'affaire Lewinsky has stopped the American public from judging the job performance of this president and has insulated him from the negatives that he deserves for the failures of his policies.


That is, unfortunately, all too true. In Iraq, Saddam Hussein was somehow able to get the upper hand on us again. Russia and large parts of Asia are tumbling into financial meltdown. The Balkans have become a never-ending mission that is totally demoralizing our military. India and Pakistan are even becoming unfriendly. And now, the terrorists are active again.

Anyone with any common sense knows that you don't swat a wasp while he is sitting on a nest full of friends. First, you must take steps to protect yourself and anyone else around. Yet, Clinton made the brash move of launching a cruise missile strike on what may or may not have been terrorist activity centers. The result is that we are now hunkering down here like a country of frightened children. To put it simply, mistakes were made.

Now we learn that Clinton may not have actually been involved in that action. As Tucker Carlson reported in last week's The Weekly Standard:

The day after terrorists blew up two U.S. embassies in East Africa, Sandy Berger, President Clinton's national security adviser, held a meeting at the White House to discuss the American response to the bombings. The secretaries of state and defense, along with the attorney general and the heads of the CIA and the FBI, were there. Absent from the table, however, was Bill Clinton. After a morning engagement with his personal lawyer, the president took the rest of the day off and played golf.


Clinton did, however, use the incident, twice, to get some presidential face time on television. It seems that, to Clinton, this was little more than a method of diverting public attention from his grand jury problems.

"I think the ... business of impeachment is probably the most important duty Congress has," the Associated Press reported House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt as saying. "It's right up there with declaring war."

Yes. And the business of impeachment must be resolved as soon as possible. Before the next election.

Many in Congress say they are waiting for the Starr report. That is unnecessary. All of America, and most of the world, know of the sexcapades, the hundreds of lies regarding the China connection, Vince Foster, John Huang, the FBI files, and Whitewater. The list is long, and the truth is always missing. Who among us is foolish enough to ever believe Bill Clinton, or anyone in his administration, again?

And yes, that old canard of "doing it for the children" can apply in this matter, too. The evening news concerning this administration has long passed a "PG" rating and is encroaching on MA-18 territory. Already, many American families do not want their children to watch the news.

It is time this charade of lies, abuse of presidential powers, perjury and disinformation ends. And, for the good of the country, for the welfare of the American people, it must end soon.

Congress need not wait for Independent Counsel Starr's report. Impeachment is a political proceeding, not criminal. Congress need only read its own committee reports to know that this is an immoral and corrupt administration. To round out that information, further data can be gleaned from the depositions taken by Landmark Legal Foundation (http://www.llf.org/) and Judicial Watch (http://www.judicialwatch.org/index.html).

Clearly, dozens of laws have been violated by this administration. Obviously, this administration has lost the moral authority to govern. Large segments of the administration either have had or will have their own independent councils, or will probably be indicted by Starr. A contempt of Congress action even looms over the Attorney General.

That's about enough, Congress. It is time for you to act.


Because the Clinton/Lewinsky sexcapades have captured the news and Clinton may yet resign, we thought we should bring some Al Gore news back into discussion. To start, we picked excerpts from a selection of editorials on Gore's fund-raising irregularities.

Readers should be advised that this is but a sampling, and only addresses two parts of one topic. There are nearly as many inconsistencies in Gore's background as in Clinton's. Gore, too, has committed a series of felonies.

We'll get to Gore's other problems some other time. Meanwhile, enjoy a little refresher on this aspect of why ozone-head, Al Gore, can not be trusted as President of the United States.

An editorial in The Union Leader (9/1/97) is a good place to start:

Why Al Gore hasn't already been hauled into the dock to face impeachment proceedings is a perfect mystery. He has admitted, and now documentary evidence corroborates that he repeatedly, knowingly, with premeditation and aforethought broke the law.

Throughout, Mr. Gore has weaseled, waffled and blubbered about there being 'no controlling legal authority.' The patter has become numbingly familiar. Caught schmoozing donors attending an illegal campaign fund-raiser at a Buddhist temple -- at which impoverished nuns and monks signed blank checks from a still unknown source (though Red China seems the most likely suspect) -- Mr. Gore at first said the event wasn't a fund-raiser, then admitted it was but insisted that he didn't know it was at the time and, finally, admitted that he indeed was aware of the nature of the soiree.

Ms. Reno is covering for Mr. Gore's malfeasance and shielding him from possible prosecution. She has violated her oath to uphold the laws and Constitution of the United States. Janet Reno should be impeached and removed from any position of public trust.


Even the Washington Post (9/4/97) had a little fun with Gore's supposed ignorance on fund-raising from the White House:

The new line of defense, meanwhile, is that the vice president didn't know what happened to the money. Maybe. Mr. Gore has now entered the plea of ignorance so many times and in so many ways in connection with his fund-raising activities -- didn't know, can't remember, wasn't paying attention, was given wrong information or bad advice -- that the greater risk for him may be that, against the odds, he will be believed.


And, of course, The Wall Street Journal's (9/4/97) editorial of a year ago also rings true today:

Whatever one thinks of the independent counsel law, clearly its specifications have been met. Yet Ms. Reno, her mysterious 'career prosecutor' advisers and now presumably Deputy Attorney General Eric Holder continue to deny the obvious: That what is involved here is not a series of isolated incidents, but a pattern of illegal conduct, and that what needs to be investigated is whether that pattern was directed from the Oval office.


In a stinging editorial (9/5/97), The New York Times also noticed the administration's cover-up:

For months, Attorney General Janet Reno has cited a loophole in Federal election laws as the reason she would not seek a special counsel to investigate campaign fund-raising abuses in the 1996 election. That loophole has now disappeared. It turns out that funds raised by Vice President Al Gore at the White House were indeed the kind of money that Federal law says must not be solicited from Federal property. Despite Mr. Gore's famous comment that 'no controlling legal authority' restricted his actions, he appears to have broken the law.


In an editorial titled, "Gore's Treasure Hunt," The Savannah, Georgia Morning News (9/5/97) also made a few good points:

Vice President Gore would like you to believe that he is eminently qualified and capable to succeed Bill Clinton as president, the leader of the free world.

"He also would like you to believe that he is completely clueless.

"But just how in the dark was Mr. Gore? Nuns from the temple testified Thursday in front of a Senate committee that in March of 1996 they met with the vice president at the White House and invited him to an event at their temple. Perhaps Mr. Gore forgot.

"That's not all Mr. Gore was ignorant of. Remember those 'few' fund-raising phone calls the veep said he made from his White House office -- which turned out to be 75 or more? It seems that $120,000 Mr. Gore raised was improperly funneled into a 'hard-money' account -- again supposedly without Mr. Gore's knowledge.


A Charleston, SC Post and Courier editorial (9/7/97) provides a little more information on the vice presidential activities at the Buddhist Temple:

Since Mr. Gore was the centerpiece of the temple event, it is only reasonable to question his culpability in illegal fundraising, particularly considering his other questionable activities along that line, notably telephone fund-raising from his White House office. Indeed, the gathering was first discussed at the White House between Mr. Gore, DNC fundraiser John Huang and representatives of the Buddhist temple.


Even USA Today blasted the VP in an editorial titled, "Gore Digs Deeper Hole" ( 9/8/97):

Gore got himself in trouble by bending the rules and now in far deeper trouble by trying to paper over his mistakes. Should Attorney General Janet Reno eventually ask for an independent counsel to be appointed, Gore's presidential prospects will be wounded.


An editorial in The (Cleveland, Ohio) Plain Dealer (9/9/97) stated the opinion of most of the county in one sentence: "It was a Temple, you Idiot!" That referred, of course, to Gore's fund-raising "outreach" meeting at the Hsi Lai Temple in Los Angeles where Vice President Al Gore raised more than $100,000 for the Democratic National Committee.

Federal law, of course, prohibits fund-raising and other partisan political activities in temples, churches and other tax-exempt institutions. Many of the participants have subsequently admitted guilt, but no action has yet been taken against Gore.

The Columbus Dispatch (9/9/97) also mentioned that the "Money Chargers were In Buddhist Temple":

When is a fund-raiser not a fund-raiser? When Al Gore says it's not. Despite all evidence to the contrary, the vice president still clings to his contention that an April 29, 1996, visit to the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple in Los Angeles was a 'community outreach event,' not a fund-raiser.


The Providence Journal-Bulletin ( 9/10/97) added:

There are two problems here. One is the fact that Al Gore's word on these matters cannot be trusted. From the very beginning of this scandal, he has shaded the truth and concealed pertinent facts, while hiding behind a shield of dubious legal jargon. The second problem is Mr. Gore's confidence that he is exempt from the provisions of the Hatch Act. Legal scholars, especially those with political axes to grind, may differ on this question; but the fact is that the Hatch Act applies to all federal employees, whether elected to office or governed by civil service regulations. Indeed, members of Congress skirt Al Gore's problem by walking from their offices to party headquarters to make fund-raising phone calls. It may be a highly political, but at least it's legal.


Then, from a Washington Times editorial (9/11/97):

Oops. It turns out that not only did Vice President Gore raise 'hard' money for the Democratic National Committee in White House solicitations, former Clinton aide Harold Ickes told him he was doing so.


Yet, Gore's excuse was that there was "no controlling legal authority," inferring, we suppose, that a law does not count until tested in court. So far, Gore has a free pass on that, although Reno admitted she is looking into it. Again. Maybe. Someday.


Last month (July 19, #94) we reported that there are 14,484 registered lobbyists on Capitol Hill. That is, lobbyists on Capitol Hill outnumber Members of Congress 27 to 1. Reports show, these lobbyists spend a whopping $1.17-billion annually lobbying Capitol Hill. Which is, on average, about $21.9-million spent annually lobbying each Member of Congress.

Twenty-two-million bucks per Congress Member should be enough to keep them rather attentive, one would think; and it does. Many of the free trips, fund-raiser parties, dinners and a whole series of perks are factored in there. That's one reason legislators have so little time for constituents.

Even the Congressional aides get plenty of lobbyist attention. It's not uncommon for an aide making $40,000 a year to be surrounded by a group of lobbyists who themselves make $200,000 annually and walk the halls of Congress with pockets full of money and the means for offering many other interesting perks.

As bad as that is, that's not the complete story. There is yet another whole set of foreign lobbyists vying for the time of Members of Congress, Congressional aides and federal regulators.

Last year, a U.S. News article (9-8-97) by Julian E. Barnes, "The Canadian menace?" identified spending by the 10 top foreign lobbyists in Washington. http://www.usnews.com/usnews/issue/970908/8lobb.htm

With a lobbying expenditure of $5,130,000 for the year, and in spite of NAFTA, Canada was listed as the foreign government spending the most to lobby our government. Our other NAFTA partner, Mexico, comes in a close second with $5,078,000.

Interestingly enough, Mexico used some of the money we gave them to resolve some of the NAFTA trade disputes with the United States and to lobby to maintain our support for the 1995 peso bailout.

Next on the list comes Japan, spending $4,908,000 and Great Britain shelling out $4,372,000 to lobby the federal government. Taiwan spent $4,217,000, and Israel said they lobbied $3,236,000 worth.

Haiti spent $2,324,000 to lobby for more aid, and Indonesia spent $2,032,000 on aid, trade, and military aircraft issues.

The lobbying expenses of both Angola's government and the anticommunist UNITA rebels totaled $1,878,000, and Hong Kong spent $1,708,000 lobbying trade and support issues.

So far, that only amounts to about $35-million, a far cry from the $1.17-billion American private interest groups spend. However, that $35-million does not include any contributions to campaign committees. It is illegal for foreign governments to contribute to election campaign committees. Nor does that amount include lobbying by embassy staffs or general PR efforts.

There are also other, less obvious, accounts available. Most of these "other" accounts are held by one or more of Washington's many law firms -- all of which, incidentally, contribute heavily to campaign finance committees.

And, dear readers, the reason we never hear of the origin and disbursement of these funds is exactly the very same reason we will now end this article:

Washington law firms have full use of the courts, the money to carry on for many years on end, and we do not.

Instead, we will say that foreign lobbyists carry the same clout with members of the federal government as domestic lobbyists. Needless to say, there are a few reasons for that -- about half of a billion of them annually.


Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), the House's longest-serving Democrat, wrote House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Minority Leader Richard Gephardt last week demanding that Republicans immediately make public every detail of prosecutor Kenneth Starr's expected report on President Clinton. "Anything less than full disclosure would be a mistake and would only further undermine public confidence in our ability to conclude this matter fairly and appropriately," Dingell said. House Republican Whip Tom DeLay of Texas agreed.

A new GAO report revealing that 60,000 federal employees now carry weapons has prompted the Libertarian Party to come out in favor of gun control -- for the federal government. According to a study by the General Accounting Office (GAO), an astounding 60,000 government employees in 45 different agencies now carry guns as a routine part of their job. Had the GAO and the Libertarian Party read WorldNetDaily, and later this publication, they would have known that a year ago.

According to a survey last week by the national polling firm Leflein Associates, of Fort Lee, N.J., nearly 50 percent of Americans think President Clinton needs psychological therapy over his admitted affair with Lewinsky. No word, unfortunately, about treatment for all the other women, the drugs, and the compulsive lying.

Last week, Attorney General Janet Reno ordered a preliminary investigation into whether Vice President Gore lied to Justice Department officials looking into the campaign finance scandal. The FBI and her task force both reported violations, but Reno wants it covered up until after the November election. So, she started the clock on yet another 90 day fiasco. If Gore lied, that's another felony on his sheet. He voted for that stupid law, too.

Remember that World Court we wrote about a few weeks ago? Clinton approves of it, as we reported. Well, U.S. missiles destroyed the El-Shifa Pharmaceutical. So, Sudan has filed a criminal lawsuit against the United States. The suit accuses Bill Clinton of being a war criminal for ordering the missile strike. "The American president has violated international law, and he meant to destroy a civilian establishment and to kill innocent people. ... He is a war criminal of the first degree," Sudanese President Omar el-Bashir said. And, if a person or an entity fails to show up in court, he will be tried in absentia. We'll see just how Clinton respects the new World Court he supported. Not!

Appealing a federal court ruling barring use of statistical sampling for the census, the Clinton administration went to the Supreme Court, saying the use of modern polling techniques will better account for minorities and city dwellers in the 2000 Census. We did that in Detroit ten years ago. They could only find 730,000 people in Detroit, but the city needed one-million to get the big federal bucks. So, they "statistically found" 270,000 people somewhere.

Speaking of Detroit, a Detroit Free Press poll asked voters: "If Clinton doesn't finish his term, how much confidence do you have in Vice President Gore's ability to lead the country as president?" Motown said "forget it!" Only 35 percent said they have "complete" or "a lot" of trust in Gore's ability. Even among Democrats, 46 percent of the respondents rated their confidence in Gore as "little" or "none." Factory workers know what Gore wants to do to the automotive industry. Any union member voting for that turkey would be voting against their own family's well being.

The Center for Media and Public Affairs reports that from Jan. 1 through July 31, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brien and Bill Maher told a total of 1,172 jokes about Clinton's sexcapades. Those jokes were bad enough. But the ones told in England, Canada, France and Germany were much funnier. Can't print 'em here, though. This is a family oriented publication.

We sent all those Ph.D's and professors over to Russia to show them how to run a democracy. The problem was, we sent them a bunch of liberals and they helped screw the country up big time. A local high school student identified the problem immediately: "They still don't have property ownership." So, what did our "advisors" do over there to help the Russian people? We don't know. Reports are, however, that the American advisors made a bit of money for themselves and their friends. In truth, the country is run by a consortium of crooks and industrialists. Soon, the people there, too, will be very angry with Americans. Can't blame 'em. They are suffering.

"So you want to buy a president," PBS advertises. OK, we're always interested in honest graft, so we took a look at: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/president/ They write: "Among the 1996 candidates, who has raised what? And where did it come from? These are the latest Federal Election Commission totals (3rd quarter 1995) as compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, a nonpartisan watchdog group." Yeah, yeah, whatever. Anyway, it's sort of interesting, considering the source.

Last week, the Electronic Telegraph reported: "The man who sent tanks to blast the old Russian parliament into submission in 1993 yesterday dispatched a top aide to discuss 'guarantees' of his financial and physical security from the moment after relinquishing his post." We understand that similar discussions are underway in Washington, too. Bill and Boris should have a lot in common to discuss at their upcoming meeting.


By: Dale Sommers

Whether you know it or not, the USA is technically at war with several foreign nations which make a habit of sheltering and protecting murderers who spread their terrorism and cowardly acts all over the globe.

It is now time for the bloodshed to end. It is time for the murderers to be dealt with for just what they are: A bunch of bloodthirsty killers, who, in the name of their God have declared war upon all Americans.

I beg to differ with these misguided killers. Millions of Moslems and Islamic worshipers around the world are going about their daily lives with the belief that any religion that advocates death and suffering is not a religion at all, but merely a cover-up for people who are hoping to achieve personal goals and are invoking the name of God in order to do it.

They like to set up their camps and factories where weapons of mass destruction are made, right in the middle of cities and villages where thousands of innocent civilians reside. Then, if we retaliate, they claim that we killed innocent men, women and children. I say to you that we don't kill innocent men, women and children, but that these cowards intentionally place these innocent people in harms way, as shields from bullets and missiles -- much like a bank robber would hold a teller in front of him as a human shield against police gunfire.

In short, despite your or my views of the recent problems that have beset the White House and the Clinton administration, it is time for all of us to pull together in order to defeat a common enemy, known as Hate. It is now time to set aside our thoughts about politics and focus our attention upon destroying the enemies who have vowed to destroy us. May God, in his righteousness reach out and touch President Clinton, his advisors and our other lawmakers, and give them the wisdom to guide us through the tumultuous days that lie ahead. May God also touch all of the people of the free world and bring us together.

In the United States, we should lead by example, by setting differences of philosophies, opinions, religions and colors aside and uniting as Americans; One Nation, Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.

God Bless The United States of America.


Dale Sommers has a famous alter ego: "The Truckin' Bozo," and may be heard on late night radio across the country. His show comes out of WLW (AM 700) Radio in Cincinnati and includes a mix of trucker news, politics, country music and a wide variety of humorous foolishness. For more information, visit the Bozo web page at: http://www.thebozo.com/







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