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February 15, 1998
Issue #72

by: Doug Fiedor
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Some people just do not have enough sense to keep their mouths shut. With one brash statement, Hillary Clinton labeled nearly every American believing in law and order, ethics and morals as a right-wing conspirator.

There was a direct benefit to the statement, though. Hillary unilaterally made identifying political conspiracies acceptable. Thanks to Hillary, to call a conspiracy a conspiracy is no longer verboten in polite circles. Here's how she started it all on NBC's Jan 27, 1998 Today Show:

"For anybody willing to find it, and write about it, and explain it, is this vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for President. A few journalists have kind of caught on to it and explained it, but it has not yet been fully revealed to the American public. And actually, you know, in a bizarre sort of way, this [the Lewinsky scandal] may do it."

Uh huh. Well, let's attempt to describe an ongoing political conspiracy currently on most 'normal' American people's minds. The term "normal American" used herein denotes those of us living outside of the Washington, D.C. Beltway, in demographics usually overlooked by the professional political pollsters.

We had better define conspiracy, too. My dictionary defines conspiracy as: "An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act." Or, in a legal definition: "An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action."

That definition leaves 99.9% of us "normal" folks out, at least where the Clintons are concerned. Therefore, Hillary couldn't have been speaking about us. So, let's do a quick about-face and look at her house and see what her people were up to.

There are many conspiratorial goings on at the White House, none of which have anything to do with a right wing group. For instance, none of us on the so called "right" ordered up those 900+ secret FBI files and then obfuscated, lied and obstructed justice to cover it up. No one on the "right" fired the career federal employees in the White House travel office to make room for friends, and then obfuscated and lied to cover it up. None of us so called right-wing conspirators killed all those American citizens at Waco, or covered it up by destroying all evidence and then lying under oath about it. Nor have any of us normal American citizen type trouble making right-wingers taken money from big business concerns and communists to change laws, rules and regulations. And certainly, no right-wing conspirator allowed communist Chinese controlled agents to view top secret papers, or allowed high tech materials needed for modern war to be shipped to a communist country. Lastly, not one of us right-wing conspirators has touched Bill's zipper. Ever.

Are any of us so called right-wingers performing together in "an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act" like any of the above? If so, it is amazing that the White House media sycophants have reported nothing.

So, let's take an even closer look at the far- left -- their defacto leader, for this matter, being Hillary. Hillary set up a White House propaganda machine made up of the usual cast of socialist characters: Ann Lewis, James Carville, Paul Begala, Eleanor Clift, Dick Morris, Harry Thomason, Mickey Kantor, and the soon to be indicted Harold Ickes.

The propaganda machine's purpose was clearly expressed by their lead antagonist, James Carville, on numerous occasions: "He's one more mistake away from not having any kneecaps," Carville said of Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr a few weeks ago. More recently, Carville announced that if the Starr investigators get any closer to the philandering president, "There's going to be a war."

And, it's a propaganda war we are seeing today. This cast of White House characters is "interviewing" (read intimidating) as many of the people Starr puts before the grand jury as possible to glean what was said. Their form of damage control, then, is to release certain information and disinformation to their subservient operatives in the media, and to blame the leaks on Starr.

Overall, it is a very interesting and effective strategy. The White House propaganda machine is using the media as a disinformation tool, and the Washington press corps is playing right along. Starr is being systematically disgraced by the press, depicted as the bad guy in this story. While all along, we are told, Clinton's approval numbers in the polls are said to stay high.

But wait! An illegal conspiracy is defined as: "An agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime or accomplish a legal purpose through illegal action." And, interfering in an ongoing criminal investigation is still called "obstruction of justice." It is also still a crime. A felony. Carville's mouth fired off, and provided our smoking gun. They are purposefully and intentionally disrupting an ongoing criminal investigation through the stealth dissemination of misattributed information and disinformation.

Worse, three quarters of the conspirators making up the White House propaganda machine are attorneys. Therefore, they are fully aware that they are actively continuing in the process of committing a crime. There is, hence, an organized crime in progress, and by extension, it includes many in the national media.

That makes Hillary & Company's position rather risky. Actually, their continuing illegal action is a gamble that could very well blow up in their collective faces and force them all to leave Washington in disgrace. It could even get them a little free room and board in a white collar lock-up. Kenneth Starr knows what's going on -- most of Washington knows. So, if Starr had any intestinal fortitude at all, he would immediately indict Hillary and five or six others. He should get them into a legal court before they nail him to the cross in the court of public opinion.

After all, as Carville bragged on national television, this is "war." Hillary & Company declared war against the office of the Independent Counsel. What Carville did not say is that it is also war against law and order. War against the Rule of Law. War against justice.

And what of us normal Americans Hillary labels as "right wing conspirators" because we speak out against corruption in government? We're the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhist's and Hindus of America with ethics and morals. We're the Black, Brown, Red, Yellow and White people of the United States who know for a fact that the nation's CEO is not supposed to be telling a 21 year old intern to "kiss it" -- nor is he supposed to be accosting any female under 50 that happens to be privately available for a minute or two. In other words, we are the American people; the ones who grew up with enough religious conviction and common courtesy for our fellow citizens that we know this crew in the White House is nothing more than unmitigated trash.

Right wing conspiracy indeed! We are not "conspirators" simply because, unlike the far left, we are not organized. Yet.

The Clintons, and their ilk, will do anything necessary to stay in power. History is replete with this scurrilous type. And as with this crew today -- those who think they are our ruling class -- the results have always been disastrous to the well-being of the common people.

When the legacy of the Clinton administration is written, it will be little more than a description of graft, corruption and perversion. Ethically, morally and politically, this administration is quickly becoming the worst in American history.

Folks, make the calls. Congress, do your Constitutional duty.


There's another problem brewing in Washington. A very big problem concerning political corruption, illegal activities, blackmail and big time scandals that will include half of the elected officials and a whole host of bureaucrats. It could very well cause the momentary downfall of our federal government -- which, incidentally, may not be such a bad thing after the shake out. But, that's another story.

Anyway, George Stephanopoulos dropped the bombshell last Sunday on ABC's "This Week" with Sam and Cokie.

They were talking about the current Clinton sex scandals, and hinting of the possibility Clinton may be asked by a delegation of Democrats to leave office. Sam Donaldson mentioned that Clinton was not coming clean with the American people.

"And if he has nothing to hide, why is he hiding?" Sam asked.

"I agree with that," George Stephanopoulos replied. "And there's a different, long-term strategy, which I think would be far more explosive. White House allies are already starting to whisper about what I'll call the Ellen Rometsch strategy." . . .

"She was a girlfriend of John F. Kennedy, who also happened to be an East German spy," Stephanopoulos continued. "And Robert Kennedy was charged with getting her out of the country and also getting John Edgar Hoover to go to the Congress and say, don't you investigate this, because if you do, we're going to open up everybody's closets." . . .

Sam Donaldson then asked George Stephanopoulos: "Are you suggesting for a moment that what they are beginning to say is that if you investigate this too much, we'll put all your dirty linen right on the table? Every member of the Senate? Every member of the press corps?"

"Absolutely," answered Stephanopoulos. "The President said he would never resign, and I think some around him are willing to take everybody down with him."

To which Sam Donaldson replied: "Well, may I just say, let the games begin."

George Will added, "Well, it's called mutual assured destruction in strategic language."

So there you have it. Sure, this bit has been played on some of the major radio programs last week. But few dare say the word: "Blackmail." And, blackmail is still illegal, you know. Even for politicians and bureaucrats. If Clinton tells Members of Congress that if they go too far in investigating the antics of the Clinton, Clinton & Gore campaign, he will expose the many wrongdoings of Members of Congress, he has committed yet another felony. Blackmail.

Yet, there was Stephanopoulos, clearly firing a warning shot across the bow of the investigative warship of Congress. Everyone in Washington caught it for exactly what it was: a well placed warning. Blackmail. Yet, reports in the press were nonexistent.

The White House can expose damaging information on hundreds of politicians. Remember those 900+ secret FBI files? Those background check files are mostly on Republicans, but there are a few Democrats and media people in there too. That information would be very, very interesting to the general public.

So, what can all this mean to us? That depends. Do you want to see a major shake-out in Washington? Silly question. . . . Sorry.

Well then, what are you willing to do to encourage it?

I happen to agree with Sam Donaldson's reply to George: "Well, may I just say, let the games begin!" Here's a chance to pit them against each other, cause an interesting political food-fight, and ultimately cull some of that putrid dead wood from the ruling class.

We can push the issue. We can all send a postcard to our three Members of Congress imploring them to do the right thing for the welfare of the country. We can all follow that up a few days later with a telephone call to their local offices with the same message. And, we can all ask our friends, relatives and neighbors to do the same.

Let's not worry about who is next in line for the presidency. Right now, let's badger Congress into going after Clinton and Gore. Let Clinton and Gore cause the problems with Congress and the press. Our function will be to sit back and watch. Maybe kibitz a little, and egg them on. But, mostly watch. And laugh. Because, if Clinton takes a few of those permanent Lords and Ladies on the Hill down with him, so much the better for us. Get your buddies elected in their place.

So, OK, it's not quite, "let the games begin." Rather, this is more like 'We the People' becoming the umpire who blows the whistle to start the game. However, once this game starts, there will be no rules. That's the interesting part.

Opportunity knocks. If we want change, it's time for action.


"Buy one, get one free," Bill Clinton said during his first Presidential campaign. And, unfortunately, he was serious about sharing power with Hillary. Hillary was serious about it too, and attempted to take over domestic policy -- even to the point of appointing cabinet members. "We are the President," she is quoted as telling people last year.

So, a fair question is, who is really in charge of what? And, under what authority can Hillary Clinton set any type of public policy for the United States? The answer is, there is no such authority. She should not be involved in government.

In the Federalist Papers #70, Alexander Hamilton discusses why the executive branch of the federal government is vested in one President. Let's see how these words written 210 years ago still ring true today:

"But one of the weightiest objections to a plurality in the Executive . . . is, that it tends to conceal faults and destroy responsibility. . . . It often becomes impossible, amidst mutual accusations, to determine on whom the blame or the punishment of a pernicious measure, or series of pernicious measures, ought really to fall. It is shifted from one to another with so much dexterity, and under such plausible appearances, that the public opinion is left in suspense about the real author. The circumstances which may have led to any national miscarriage or misfortune are sometimes so complicated that, where there are a number of actors who may have had different degrees and kinds of agency, though we may clearly see upon the whole that there has been mismanagement, yet it may be impracticable to pronounce to whose account the evil which may have been incurred is truly chargeable."

Having more than one person acting as president "tends to conceal faults and destroy responsibility." Like, for instance, who hired Craig Livingstone, who ordered the White House computer system, who is responsible for ordering those 900+ secret FBI files, etc., etc., ad nauseam. Everyone knows who, but the Republicans in Congress do not have the courage to say it publicly.

Hamilton Continues:
"Wherever two or more persons are engaged in any common enterprise or pursuit, there is always danger of difference of opinion. If it be a public trust or office, in which they are clothed with equal dignity and authority, there is peculiar danger of personal emulation and even animosity. From either, and especially from all these causes, the most bitter dissensions are apt to spring. Whenever these happen, they lessen the respectability, weaken the authority, and distract the plans and operation of those whom they divide. If they should unfortunately assail the supreme executive magistracy of a country, consisting of a plurality of persons, they might impede or frustrate the most important measures of the government, in the most critical emergencies of the state."

The Clintons hate the military, she more than him. Yet, reports say, they plan to micromanage an attack on Iraq from the White House. And that, even though neither Clinton has any military experience. Americans have every right to know exactly which Clinton will oversee this upcoming military action and how.

Now comes the really bad news. Clinton's confidant, campaign co-conspirator and fellow pervert, Dick Morris, writes in the Feb. 12 issue of "The Hill" that Hillary is taking over most presidential duties:

"The White House: The coup was bloodless and, most likely, wordless. The minute President Clinton was thrown irredeemably on the defensive on Jan. 21 -- the very day he began his sixth year in office -- Hillary took over. Not just the scandal defense but the building itself.

"The bargain is clear to both the president and the first lady. She need never articulate it. He intuits it. Here's the deal: She'll bail him out of this mess, but, now, she calls the shots.

"The president, hanging by his wife's largesse, knows enough to step aside. From now on it will be her appointments, her policies, her positions that get green lights. The formal staff of the White House will have to take a back seat reminiscent of the health care reform days. Move over Bowles, McCurry and Emanuel. Make room for the new kitchen cabinet: Susan Thomases, Ann Lewis, Milan Verveer and Sidney Blumenthal. Le nouveau regime est arrive."

Folks, that whirling sound you hear coming from Virginia is not some sort of secret military device. That's George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson spinning in their graves! We've got a Marxist, feminist, lesbian with an obnoxious attitude as the illegal Chief Executive Officer of this country.

Need I mention the Constitution one more time?


President Clinton mentioned it in passing during the State of the Union address, and British Prime Minister Tony Blair recently came over for a planning session. The American public, however, know nothing, nada, zilch about what is going on, and there is no plan by anyone in government to explain it. So . . . we'll continue touching on the subject from time to time.

While visiting in Washington, Prime Minister Tony Blair gave an interview with the Guardian newspaper, and evidently blabbed quite a bit more than the Clinton Administration was comfortable with. Yet, our national media almost totally disregarded the story.

Blair told the Guardian that his Labour party and Clinton's Democrats would hold a conference in London next May. That conference would be followed late this year, or in early 1999, by an international follow-up conference, bringing on board the so-called "center-left parties" from western and eastern Europe, Australia and north and south America.

The purpose of the conference, as Blair related it, is "To craft and define center-left philosophy for the world of today."

What does that mean?

"I want to start with the ideology that links Labour and the Democrats," Blair said. "Then I want to bring together the Anglo-Saxon definitions of these ideas and these policies with the European ones."

So far, still nothing. These were all basically innocuous statements, not worthy of being reported to the American people. But then, he spilled the beans out where anyone paying attention could see. Blair said that the world's center-left parties had to put themselves at the forefront of managing social change in the global economy. "The old left [communists] resisted that change. The new right [conservative capitalists] did not want to manage it. We have to manage that change to produce social solidarity and prosperity."

So there you have it: managing social change in the global economy to produce social solidarity and prosperity. Blair's explanation is a short definition of a political plan that has been in the works for quite some time. It started with the Rhodes Scholars at Oxford University and is now taught in select American schools, such as the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. The perpetrators support a blend of the best of communism and capitalism.

The captains of big business and industry are to continue receiving every liberty, freedom and privilege they have come to expect. In return, they are expected to produce products, generate capital and support the governing elite.

Government's function will be to control the people, and insure a ready work force. That will be accomplished through a myriad of laws, rules and regulations controlling everything in the lives of the people.

This is the "Third Way" type of government. One only need read a few of the hundreds of laws, rules and regulations passed in the United States over the last decade to see how rapidly the federal bureaucracy is implementing this plan.

Already, our freedoms are only what the federal bureaucracy allows us, and no more. Everything in our lives, from womb to tomb, is closely regulated by government. Think not? Quick -- name three things that are not regulated by the federal government. . . . Right!

Now, pick a topic; any topic. Then read your copy of the Constitution and see if you can find any authority whatsoever to regulate that topic. Inconvenient, that. Evidently, the Constitution doesn't work anymore. The Constitution no longer limits the federal government. The Rule of Law has been changed. The problem is, government neglected to inform the people.

That political anomaly called the Third Way is soon to become our way. While we Americans were occupied supporting out families, busy bureaucrats were incrementally implementing the Third Way plan by phasing it in one law, rule and regulation at a time. We didn't notice. Now, it's almost too late.

The only difference between what the Clinton & Gore administration has planned for us and Soviet communism will be that extra tax base we still call private property.

-- End