Heads Up

A Weekly View from the Foothills of Appalachia

January 25, 1998
Issie #69

by: Doug Fiedor

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As we listen to Clinton lay out his wish list in his State of the Union show next week, perhaps we should all keep a copy of our Constitution nearby. Because, if the Constitution is the "job description" of the federal government, we have a few employees needing reprimand. Below is a short list of unconstitutional acts by the Clinton administration in the last five years:

Aircraft passenger restrictions, even more affirmative action laws, the biosphere reserve land grab, church arson laws, more education regulations, the family leave act, a failed child immunization program, the Heritage River private land control scheme, more subsidized HUD homes, oppressive gun laws, internet censorship, television censorship, stricter search and seizure laws, the militarization of federal police, strict controls on our personal money, increasingly oppressive environmental regulations, strict restraints on state and local governments, socialized medicine, more taxes, unnecessary terrorist laws, violations of personal privacy, giving approximately $100-billion of our tax dollars to Asian governments, the disaster at Waco, unilateral legislation through executive orders; and, of course, Hillary interfering in matters of government.

Bill Clinton brags that he once taught Constitutional law. If so, he should know better. You will not find one of these activities authorized to the federal government in our Constitution. In fact, some are expressly forbidden by the Constitution and others by the Supreme Court. Yet, the Clinton administration feels free to regulate these areas (and many others) anyway.

While we watch the Clinton show, we should also remember the sleaze factor in the White House. Each item in the short list below has been well documented in credible books and publications. The list is offered here only as a refresher so you will remember where this administration is coming from.

For instance, there's Hillary's adult sex toys used for White House Christmas tree decorations, the Babbitt investigation, a never ending string of bimbos for Bill, the Ron Brown investigation, the Cisneros investigation, Hillary's commodities scam, the reported drug abusers in the White House, the Espy investigation, the hundreds of instances of failed memories under oath, the filegate scandal, Hubbell's conviction and imprisonment, the Jim Guy Tucker conviction, the Foster "suicide," a long list of illegal fund-raising scandals, the Lincolin Bedroom rentals, the selling of laws and regulations for campaign donations, innumerable instances of obstruction of justice, using the IRS, FBI and Secret Service against political dissenters, repeated perjury by the Clintons and their White House staff, the travelgate fiasco, and the Whitewater scam.

The above are just some of the moral deficits that point to the lack of honor in the Clinton presidency. Taken together, these two short lists give us a rather good idea of what we can expect from the Clinton, Clinton & Gore team, and it does not look good for the country.

Simply put, the acts of this administration can be outlined in two broad categories: Unconstitutional acts and sleaze.

That the Clinton, Clinton & Gore team brings dishonor to the Office of the President, and hence to the United States as a whole, is self evident. Because even this administration's Constitutional acts put the people of the United States in peril.

For instance, this administration has pussyfooted around with Iraq so much that the government of Iraq has all but thrown American arms investigators out of their country. Iraq lost the war. But Clinton has mismanaged the situation so badly that today Iraq is actually giving orders to the American government, and the American government is obeying. Already, many factions in Iraq are preparing for a jihad against the American people.

Furthermore, the Clinton Administration is giving the communist Chinese government nearly everything it wants. The communists have stated publicly that they are arming against the United States. Still, Clinton provides them with high-tech electronic equipment, super computers, strong encryption devices, and even sophisticated military arms.

Simultaneous with helping communist China to arm itself against us, the Clinton administration has been downsizing the American military. Many of today's military units do not even have the necessary funds for equipment maintenance and training. Conversely, other "special" units seem to be training to go to war with the American public. Clearly, something is wrong with this picture. And lately, we hear that the administration intends to permanently federalize the National Guard.

To say that this is a failed presidency is an understatement. Generally, the administration has strong socialist -- and hence, anti-Constitutional -- tendencies. The qualifications of the personnel making up the Clinton and Gore administration seem to run from totally incompetent to crooked -- with a few strong authoritarian types mixed in for flavor.

The actions of those making up the Clinton administration seem to follow two broad categories. The first is of self indulgence. The second is to initiate complete federal control over the American people.

Bill Clinton may put on a good show for the State of the Union Address Tuesday night. But those listening closely will notice that not more than two of the subjects he addresses will be within the bounds set down by our Constitution for the federal government.


Bill Clinton was caught fishing in the intern pool. But that's not much of a surprise to anyone. Even that he was playing with Monica Lewinsky, a girl not much older than his daughter, while his wife and daughter were upstairs, is not much of a surprise. That he got away with it in the White House for about 18 months is somewhat interesting, though. Still, Lewinsky is just one out of one-hundred of his conquests.

Early reports of the Clinton Presidency said that he brought a couple of his favorite squeezes with him to the White House. In fact, rumors on the street were that Hillary did too. Apparently, that is their lifestyle.

Lying, cheating, obstruction of justice, and perjury also seem to be a big part of the lifestyle of this couple. Congress gave Hillary a pass on all of the lies she told to Congressional investigating committees. It looked like Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr was giving both of the Clintons a free pass on perjury too. It looked that way till last week, that is. Then something changed.

Last week, Starr deposed and/or questioned Hillary under oath again. Why the second or third time, and why so late in the game? It could be that Starr is starting to play for keeps. That is, he gave Hillary another chance to correct her story about certain things before charging her with perjury.

Bill Clinton was deposed too. He got his six hour inquisition from the Paula Jones legal team. Then, suddenly Ken Starr also became interested in Slick's civil case testimony. Which means, something is up.

Then came Matt Drudge, breaking the Monica Lewinsky story on the Internet. It seems that the Lewinsky story is a big break for everyone concerned, except Michael Isikoff, the Newsweek reporter who originally did all the legwork. It's a really good story, too. It has all the elements of a good movie: young girl & older man, national secrets, high level politics, illicit sex, sneaking around, and more than one element of suspense. Better yet, the young woman in question reportedly has tapes of conversations between her and Clinton. And Starr has tapes of her relating the sordid story to Linda Tripp, Lewinsky's friend and coworker.

As the Washington Post reported Tuesday: "On the tape recordings . . . Lewinsky described her sexual relationship with Clinton and said the President advised her not to worry about the Jones case because Jones's lawyers would not find out about the relationship. Lewinsky said that when she was notified by Jones's lawyers in mid-December that they wanted her testimony, she called the President and he advised her to deny the affair."

At first glance it looks like Starr's involvement in this is little more than chasing bimbo eruptions. But actually there's much more to it than that. Monica Lewinsky was subpoenaed to give a deposition in the Jones sexual harassment case. She planned to do as she was told and lie, saying she had no personal contact with Clinton. In fact, on Jan 7, she actually denied the affair in a sworn affidavit for the Paula Jones case.

But, there are those tapes -- 21 of them, at least one of which is an hour and a half long. The tapes are said to imply that Clinton told her to lie while under oath during her scheduled Paula Jones case deposition. Her instructions are to say that she and Clinton never had a relationship. Better yet, when Jones' attorneys questioned him under oath, Clinton denied ever having had a sexual relationship with Lewinsky. Clinton did admit, however, to sending Lewinsky "personal gifts."

Both Clinton and Lewinsky lied. Under oath.

Enter Kenneth Starr: Lewinsky had signed an affidavit swearing that she had never had a sexual relationship with the president. But, Starr had the tapes wherein she admitted it repeatedly. So, Starr was suddenly investigating her for perjury and obstruction of justice in the Paula Jones case. Well, that's what they told her, anyway. Starr's people gave her an inconvenient choice. She could either cooperate with prosecutors, and testify against the president, or face criminal charges.

You see, she was working in the White House when many of the "other" scandals happened. She was there to see Hillary's computer system used, she saw a steady stream of fundraiser coffees, and a she was around for a few of the other things Starr is still investigating. Plus, she had a little pillow talk with Clinton himself. So, if Starr can turn her, things might happen in a hurry.

Besides, Bill Clinton asked her to commit perjury to protect him. And folks, that is a federal felony seeking an indictment. That the only way a president can be indicted is through articles of impeachment filed in the House of Representatives is another interesting story.


One need only take an hour's walk around an inner city neighborhood on a warm Friday evening to see the devastation brought on by the failed policies of the Democratic Party. An observer will not need a Ph.D. in sociology or anthropology to see a lack of social structure that borders on chaos in these neighborhoods.

Inner city neighborhoods are no longer safe places to live or visit. Anyone with a lick of sense would want to get the hell out of there as fast as possible. And that is exactly why such a walk should be required of every elected and appointed official in the federal government at least once a month. They should be required to experience, first hand, what they have caused.

Inner cities were not always this way. Before the Johnson Administration initiated the "Great Society" programs as an attempt to "lock in the Negro vote," before welfare programs began paying young girls to have babies out of wedlock, and before the federal government started experimenting on children in public schools, rather than teaching them, things were different.

Years ago, folks had to work for what they received. Therefore, even the poor took care and pride in what little they had. Today, the poor have more than they ever had in our history. But the pride of ownership is gone, and the lack of care for possessions is obvious. That is because they no longer need work for anything. Everything is provided free by the federal government.

Undereducated single mothers raising children on government subsistence soon begot less educated children raising their children on government subsistence. And these even less educated children started raising feral boys and girls who looked back to three or more generations of single parent households on welfare as their only role model.

The girls only needed to get pregnant to "get paid" by welfare. The boys were left totally behind. Uneducated, unsupervised, lacking anything resembling social skills, the only role models for the boys became the older punks on the street. Booze and drugs are the means to an end for most of these boys, the drugs becoming both their release and often the only available profit center. The gun became the standard symbol of manlyhood and power for many.

These boys understand that their mothers "get paid" from government, a government which takes the money from others to give to their mothers. Men and boys, however, cannot qualify for welfare. They cannot "get paid." So one should not feel too surprised when many of these feral boys decide to "take" the money and goods they want from others. In their minds, all they have done is to eliminate government from the process.

Before federal government intervention there were poor people. Just not so many. And there were single parent families. But not many. Back then, strangers could walk through poor neighborhoods. And, although a stranger might be chided for one reason or another, they seldom needed to fear for their life.

Before federal government intervention, all boys and girls of all colors and nationalities acted exactly the same to all adults: polite. No child back then swore at a teacher. No child threatened a teacher. And every child was expected to learn to read, write and do mathematics. Back then, children were not asked if they were having a problem. They were told to do the work. Most of them did. And many of them prospered.

Many of the poor children who grew up before federal government intervention are now starting to retire. Ninety percent have never robbed anyone, never had reason to shoot or stab anyone and have lived productive lives. And because they were productive members of society, they will retire as middle class citizens of society, in relative comfort.

The numbers are nearly opposite for the inner city children of the Great Society programs. Many of these inner city children will never be able to retire. That is because one must first be able to speak, read and write properly before acquiring a decent job, and the new system of education robbed them of that.

Few of this group will return to school to learn the necessary skills, because they lack the discipline necessary to plan ahead. The welfare culture of the Great Society has robbed them of all role models. They cannot be expected to plan a course for acceptance into the mainstream of society for which they know absolutely nothing about.

Clearly, changes are needed. But, they shall not come. Not yet, anyway. This week, Clinton is expected to propose even more additions to the "Great Society" social programs. And again, millions of Americans will be awaiting more free goods and services from the federal government. The unexpected consequences will continue to be devastating.


A piece of interesting news was offered to Heads Up Friday. And, because it is verified from two separate people "really" in the know, and another who should be, we'll use it.

It seems that some Democrats in Washington feel that Clinton may resign within 48 hours of Monica Lewinsky giving her deposition in the Jones case. But, only "if" she tells the truth. If she sticks to her story, all bets are off. She may get charged with something later, but if she sticks to her story, Clinton will be safe for a while.

Then there's the problem of the craven national press. The press, as we were told (and knew anyway), are covering their own backsides in selectively breaking this story. First, they have been totally negligent in reporting the Clintons' misdeeds. And second, there are certain members of the White House press corps who themselves have had an affair with Bill Clinton. The national press corps most certainly does not want that information to come out. And, for the moment, neither does the Clinton White House.

Anyway, so the story goes from the Democrats I spoke with Friday, the Jones legal team found a number of women who Clinton has sexually abused in the White House. At least three were, like Monica Lewinsky, young interns at the time.

Linda Tripp is cooperating with Starr's investigators. If Monica Lewinsky also cooperates, and they verify each others stories, at least a few high ranking Washington Democrats think the Clinton presidency is over.

Few fear that the looming perjury charge against Lewinsky will get very far. Still, the threat of a charge is useful as a trick and device by the prosecutors. However, a charge of the suborning of perjury by the President of the United States is another matter altogether. If that is proven, sparks will fly; immediately.

Worse (to the Democrats), these two women have quite a lot of first-hand knowledge of the inner workings of the White House -- information that Kenneth Starr desperately wants. Therefore, if Lewinsky accepts total immunity, which Starr is expected to offer, she will be expected to tell all. So will Linda Tripp. If that happens, it is feared that Gore will be in trouble too. However, it will take Starr months to do anything, and his investigation will be completely masked by a cloak of secrecy. That means that Bill and Hillary stay in Washington for a few more months.

Some Democrats want that to happen. They want Clinton out, but not until next year, after the election. That gives Gore the Presidency for two years, and enables him to run for two terms on his own.

Rep. Bob Barr's impeachment resolution is not a problem with the Democrats. Henry Hyde, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, will probably never let it come up for discussion. The problem lies in the House Rules Committee. Rules Committee Chairman Gerald Soloman could allow the impeachment bill/resolution to come out for open discussion on the floor of the House just about any time he wishes. We would bet that he's considering it. . . .

So, it seems, the Clintons have few friends left in Washington (except for a few in the press). But, there are quite a number of people within the Beltway who have a vested interest in making sure he stays in office at least one more year.

The oppressive, Fascist (Hillary) side of the White House is putting an attack team together to publicly discredit Starr, Tripp and Lewinsky this weekend. Hillary's protecting her power-base, so look for them to be brutal. The few Hillary will be able to line up to help will probably be the most vicious in the corrupt pack of pit-bull disinformation artists. So, look for more lies.

Our opinion is that we should wait (and hope) for Starr. That investigation can nail Gore too. Because, if Clinton goes, so too goes the Starr investigation. Then we go from the totally dishonorable to the totally stupid for president.

Either way, it's bad for the country.


"The State of the Union, 1998 -- A view from the foothills of Appalachia" is available on the Internet.

The text may be found at two sites: http://www.netcom.com/~feustel and, http://www.jollytax.org/state98.htm

Anyone interested in a no-holds-barred report on how the federal government was able to usurp our unalienable and Constitutional rights may want to take the time to read this report. Consider the State of the Union report as a companion piece to the Heads Up newsletter.

The report is also available in Word for Windows format for those who wish to make copies. All we ask is that you respect the copyright.

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