Heads Up

A Weekly View from the Foothills of Appalachia

December 28, 1997
Issue #65

by: Doug Fiedor

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Some American Patriots are starting to say their efforts to effect political change are futile. Consensus is building within some groups that the only way to initiate real change is by force. And unfortunately, many Americans outside of the Patriot community are beginning to feel that way, too.

Luckily, that opinion does not seem to be true. In fact, the efforts of the many Constitutionalist groups around the country are already bearing fruit. In the arena of public opinion, the desire for a severely limited Constitutionally restricted federal government is pervasive. That has slowly but surely become the majority opinion in this country. Clearly, (as per published accounts) two-thirds of the American public are really fed up with today's federal government.

Sure, you have not heard this reported on the nightly news yet. And you probably won't. You cannot expect the liberal national media to report public opinion to which they are diametrically opposed. To the socialist sycophants in the national media, we supporters of the Constitution are no more than " right wing radicals."

Take that radical right tag for what it's worth. Because, they are correct about one thing: As per the Founding Fathers, we are, in fact, "right." And they, on the other hand, are not. Because, the fact remains that over two-thirds of the American public do not trust the federal government, and only 22% actually trust the FBI and Department of Justice.

The primary reason is all those federal laws -- womb to tomb regulation of everything in life. It's hard to even exist anymore without breaking one or two of their stupid laws everyday. For instance, the eco-wackos even had the government add weeds and bugs to their "protected species" list. And, at the rate they're going, it won't be long till they start adding bacteria too. The American people are noticing, and they are not pleased.

The war on drugs turned out to be a war on the American citizen. Government wants to fight the drug problem, so they made all American citizens change their lifestyles to conform to police wishes. Worse, the CIA investigates itself and reports that the agency "never" had anything to do with drug smuggling and money laundering. Without mentioning, of course, that there are currently a couple CIA agents under indictment for smuggling tons of cocaine into this country. And most of us know about a certain popular radio talk show host who almost went to prison a few years ago for laundering millions of dollars via the CIA. Americans noticed all of these problems with government, and they are upset.

A woman's grandson goes out behind the barn to smoke a joint. The police saw him, searched grandma's house, and in the process ripped off all the new Christmas gifts she received and the seed-cash she had stashed. The town noticed, and soon thousands more people in six counties were angry.

Another farmer nearly lost his farm and new tractor for no more than plowing his field. Turns out, he ran over a protected rat in the process and the government eco-wackos arrested him. That government silliness made the national publications, most of the country noticed and many expressed outrage.

The federal government is now so obstructive to human existence that we cannot even use our own money as we wish anymore. Today, a person can be arrested for withdrawing as little as $3,000 cash from the bank without notifying bureaucrats. The federal police do not want citizens to carry large sums of cash anymore, even if it is their own money. So, they made yet another law. This stupid unconstitutional law will make lawbreakers of many thousands of American citizens annually. Because, in fact, very few people even know about the law and would not conform even if they did.

In truth, we Americans do not know 90% of the law anymore, and government agents take advantage of that. We cannot know the law -- no one can -- because there is too much of it, and it keeps changing. The law is so complicated, in fact, that judges cannot know the law either. This caused the federal government to set up "specialized" courts, one for each subject in the law. Consequently, prosecution today is little more than selective tyranny. The American people are noticing, and beginning to outwardly express their displeasure and distrust with all three branches of government.

There's a lot more, of course, but you get the idea. Little, if any, of this material ever makes the news because, for some reason, the liberal media actually want government to control everything -- except the press, of course. Nevertheless, the American public know what is going on. Americans see that the federal government is now totally out of control. And, they are about to do something about it.

Exactly what is to be done is under discussion right now.

In every State, and in many counties of every State, groups are forming. And these groups all have one thing in mind: Beat back that overburdening federal leviathan! The American people will too. Soon. All that's needed is a joining force -- a leader to rally behind.

The liberal cycle in American government is just about over. The control freaks in government are just about to be cast out. Americans want less government and much more personal freedom. And if the popular opinion from coast to coast has anything to do with it, Americans will have freedom from central government interference again. Soon.

The pendulum swings. And it's just about to hit the peg on the far left. When it does, there will be a sudden political bounce, back towards center. At that time, wholesale changes will be made in government. Some of the worst politicians and bureaucrats will be prosecuted. A few judges will be removed from the bench. Laws, rules and regulations will be repealed. Whole departments and agencies will be abolished. And we will began to return to something resembling a Constitutional form of government.

Meanwhile, it's time we activists ramp-up our activities slightly. Contact sponsors of offending newspapers and television programs. Use the far-left's style of "in-your-face" tactics, and shout down liberals wherever and whenever you find them. And we must also start actively helping good people run for elected office -- all elected offices.

It's time we make more noise. A LOT more noise! Let the election of 1998 be our practice run for 2000. Either elected officials and bureaucrats are to support the Constitution, as written, or they are to get the hell out of government. We must not allow anything in-between.

The American Patriot Movement really is making a difference. Maybe the changes they want are not happening as fast as these groups wish. But their efforts have gone far to create a definitely palpable awareness in millions of American people.


by: Craig M. Brown
Early in January, Cincinnatians will be faced with the latest attack by the EPA against their right to own and operate their automobiles. In January, EPA regulations regarding emissions testing will go into effect for the citizens of Hamilton County. If emissions testing is permitted, Hamilton County will be embarking on the same road as followed by New Jersey and California. In those states, their legislators complied with the federal EPA regulations and saddled their citizens with what amounted to a ban on most automobiles.

New Jersey has emissions testing that autos more than two or three years old simply cannot pass without expensive repairs. Furthermore, the cars that do not pass emissions testing must be impounded. If citizens lock their non-compliant cars in their garage, the EPA can go into their garage and retrieve it. That's what the EPA and the states of California and New Jersey have done to their people. Now they're coming for you.

It's sad that most people don't know that the law of the land, that is, the United States Supreme Court, holds all such federal regulations in violation of our Constitutional rights. [See: "The Tenth Amendment Lives" in the Sept. 12 edition of Heads Up -- ed.]

Three of the most recent high court decisions Printz vs. U.S., U.S. vs. Lopez and New York vs. U.S. held that sovereign states are not branch offices for the federal government and cannot be forced to enforce rules and regulations of federal agencies, including the EPA. Furthermore, in the New York decision, the court said that "the Constitution protects state sovereignty for the benefit of individuals, not states or their governments." In other words, even if your state legislators vote for laws that violate your constitutional rights, those laws are not valid.

So what does this mean to you? It means that the Supreme Court of the United States says that neither the federal government nor the state of Ohio has the right to force you to submit to emissions testing. And any decent Constitutional lawyer can win that for you in a slam dunk.

Across the river in Kentucky, we are doing just that. Kentucky vs. U.S. EPA is working its way through the courts. The essence of the suit is to keep the EPA from lumping Northern Kentucky in with the same emissions tests that they would ram down your throats in Southern Ohio. One by one, in isolated spots across Kentucky, individual citizens have been standing up to the federal regulators. Now they're starting to stand up together and the regulators are backing down. In Kentucky, an organization called Take Back Kentucky is joining hands with The League Of Kentucky Property Owners and are serving notice that our schools, our property and our lives will no longer be managed by faceless bureaucrats in Washington, DC. We are doing it in the courts and at the polling places. We have told our state and Congressional legislators that we demand the freedoms guaranteed by our Constitution and if they don't adhere to the laws of the land, we'll replace them with those who will.

So how about it, Ohio? Your True Blue Patriots are doing the same things we're doing in other states. We can learn from each other, support each other and put together a political action team that promises to be a force to reckon with. It's not too late.

Remember, this has nothing to do with science or clean air. This is all about taking away your freedoms.

-- Craig Brown is a freelance writer living in Kentucky.


The President is a liar.

Everyone knows that. That statement has been reported so many times it hardly needs repeating anymore. Rather, it's accepted as fact worldwide nowadays. His speechwriters lie, his legal staff lies, his aids lie, and now we have documented proof that Hillary lies too.

This time they did it under oath. They all lied a lot under oath during the Congressional investigations. But that was not a problem. Lots of people lie to Congress. Nothing is ever done about it.

However, repeatedly lying to a federal court -- especially, when it's the same court, and the same judge, over and over again -- may get one charged with perjury. And, that is exactly what Hillary and her health care task force team did. They repeatedly lied to the same judge.

As the Washington Post reported Dec. 24: "U.S. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth last week fined the government $285,000 and bluntly denounced the White House and Justice Department for what he called 'dishonest' and 'reprehensible' failures to provide him information about the membership of the health care task force headed by first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton. He singled out [Ira] Magaziner as responsible for the deception."

That all started when a doctor's group sued to enforce the open meetings act for Hillary's health care task force. Hillary wanted to effect her socialist scheme in secret. The doctor's group wanted the meetings open to the public so they could see who was participating and what was being discussed.

Hillary and co-conspirators told the judge, repeatedly, and under oath, that all participants were executive branch employees. That was an out and out, very intentional, lie! However, it qualified them to continue holding closed meetings, and caused the judge set aside the case for a while.

As it turns out, not only were dozens of non-governmental socialists brought in to work on Hillary's diabolical scheme, dozens of people who worked for the very medical insurance companies who would most benefit from the scheme were also involved.

It's kind of neat, actually, when you can plan your business' future by getting laws passed in your favor. It is illegal as hell; and immoral, too. But it's quite convenient, nonetheless.

However, to put it mildly, when the judge learned of who actually comprised Hillary's "task force," he got a little ticked off.

Even the liberal media personnel stationed at the White House are asking about this fiasco. All they're getting is a runaround, though. Clinton says he has not had time to read the judge's order -- and no one else has either. Which is another lie, of course. But no one in the press will ever challenge it.

We should also note that the judge was careful to tread very softly around the Hillary problem. He mentions the ancillary perpetrators, but not the head socialist herself. Because, as she said on another occasion, "We are the president."

Yes. And the President is a liar.


Today, there are more people in this country over 65 years of age than there are under 20. And, the federal government noticed that America's senior citizens were doing something that was not strictly regulated. So, Congress passed another law and federal regulators are now working overtime to completely control how this large segment of society may purchase services.

As of January 1, most American senior citizens will no longer be able to purchase medical treatment. That's right, they will be getting a "Hillary light" medical plan -- completely government controlled socialized medicine -- whether they like it or not.

This was Congress' little secret, slid through on the sly, last session. Now the Clinton Administration is adding all the Marxist-socialist odds and ends to insure there is complete control over all Medicare patients.

Among other things, the new law bars doctors from participating in Medicare for two years if they take payment from seniors for Medicare-covered services. Not said is the fact that Medicare pays doctors very reduced fees for most services. Already, many services are reimbursed by Medicare at such a low rate that many doctors often will not order them.

In fairness, Congress changed the Medicare law to allow patients to pay doctors on their own for services or tests not covered by Medicare. But, the Clinton administration insisted on the two-year ban. The socialists in the White House said the ban would stop doctors from forcing senior citizens out of the Medicare program so they could charge seniors higher fees for services.

Congress quietly buckled under to Clinton's wishes.

All hospitals treat Medicare patients. Most clinics treat Medicare patients. Most medical group practices treat Medicare patients. Therefore, it appears as though the Clinton Administration has taken a dim view of America's growing senior citizen community. The federal government will be, in effect, using force to ban certain types of medical treatment from many hundreds of thousands of older Americans annually.

This means that if a senior citizen needs a treatment or test, even one not paid for by Medicare, they must go without. Or, if the physician charges a Medicare covered senior citizen for a test or treatment, that physician may not then treat any other Medicare patient for a period of two years.

Look for hundreds of pages of oppressive medical regulations to be promulgated very soon. These will consist of dozens of harsh rules and regulations for patients as well as medical professionals.

Senior citizen's groups are, of course, bringing suit to stop this Marxist meanness. But really, why should that be necessary?

First, there is nothing in the Constitution even remotely giving the federal government authority over medical treatment. And second, have we allowed this government to become so corrupt that it may now regulate how we may spend our own money -- even when it is spent to protect our own lives?

It's time to make some noise, folks! Any senior citizen, and any American wanting to protect the rights -- and maybe even the life -- of grandma and grandpa, had better get on the horn next week and badger the hell out of any Member of Congress they can find. Let them know that they done wrong.

Because, if you do not make some significant noise now, Clinton will use executive orders and regulations to lock up all medical insurance for all of us. You saw Hillary's plan. They already said they will implement it incrementally. Now they are.


When people have a rodent problem there are any number of ways to handle it -- traps, poison, cats, guns, etc. In other words, we destroy (kill) rodents when they bother us. Conversely, if someone actually wants to keep one of the little critters around, what's the problem?

Nineteen months ago, an Ohio woman found a baby gray squirrel that was apparently separated from the nest shortly after birth. She took the baby squirrel home and cared for it. And today, she has a very tame adult gray squirrel as a house pet.

Well, it turns out that the critter-cops created a stupid law, and keeping a pet rodent is verboten. People are not allowed to keep "wild" animals in the home anymore. Not even "tame" wild animals. So says the all-knowing leftist-liberal control freaks at the Ohio State Division of Wildlife. In fact, nowadays they can give you 60 days in the local lockup and a $500 fine for befriending some little critter.

It would have been legal for her to kill the baby squirrel. Or, she could have just left it there, where it would probably have ended up as cat food. It is now illegal, however, to care for it and keep it as a pet.

The problem started when the woman took the tame squirrel to a pet parade last summer -- in costume, no less. The critter cops saw it, and a Division of Wildlife regulator told her she must return the beast to the wild. The problem is, the squirrel doesn't know anything about the "wild." He grew up living in a house, sleeping on a pink blanket in the linen closet and wearing specially hand-crocheted winter outfits. So, the woman rightfully refused to let the critter go.

The Wildlife regulators then charged her with 'misdemeanor possession of a captive wild animal,' and hauled her into court. Meanwhile, a few thousand local people learned of this foolishness and began to express their displeasure with the regulators.

The judge was not pleased either.

In a 12 page decision, Circleville Municipal Court Judge John R. Adkins dismissed the charge, ruling that the regulators were unreasonable when they insisted the gray squirrel be set free. "Even the most myopic child would perceive no sense of justice or right in the position of the state," Adkins wrote.

And so, Angele Daniel Nichole (the squirrel) will live out its life in the relative luxury of a human dwelling, unencumbered by the will of liberal regulators, and secure in the knowledge that the American justice system can even work for squirrels.

-- End --