Heads Up

A Weekly View from the Foothills of Appalachia

December 14, 1997
Issue #63

by: Doug Fiedor

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Vice President Al Gore flew Air Force 2 to the United Nations global warming conference in Kyoto, Japan to further increase the United States' commitment. And, if we stop to think about Gore's trip for a second or two, we'll realize just how committed this guy is to that science fiction masquerading as science fact called global warming.

As Matt Drudge, the famous Internet reporter of "The Drudge Report" calculated this week: "Vice President Al Gore is burning more than 439,500 pounds of fuel, or 65,600 gallons, at a cost of more than $131,000 on his 16,000 mile daytrip, just to deliver the warning." In other words, to go to Kyoto for half a day, Gore used more fuel that many of us will in a lifetime.

As we reported earlier, this global warming scam is little more than a ruse; an excuse for the federal government (and the United Nations) to further micro- manage our personal lives and our nation's economy.

For instance, hidden in that agreement is a scheme to transfer many hundreds of billions of American dollars annually to other less fortunate countries. The transfer of wealth method is via a complicated "emissions trading system." Which means, we can continue using hydrocarbon fuels at our current rate if we pay money to less developed countries so they will not increase the use of these fuels. That is, we pay a country like Russia, which is already in compliance (of course), to upgrade their facilities so they will burn fuel more efficiently and thus stay at or below their 1990 emissions level.

Got it? Of course, the United Nations will be regulating and supervising these transfer of wealth and/or "emissions trading" payments. They run the scam. We pay the big bucks.

The alternative is that we all drive little, very efficient cars, curtail our electricity usage by about 40% and never, ever use a fireplace or barbecue again.

You see, Gore committed us to something that may not be possible. We're supposed to reduce the carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere by 37% within the next few years. The problem is, Mother Nature, not man, put 97% of it there. Man may have added 3%, but even that's still open to discussion in (real) scientific circles.

So, we go back to the transfer of wealth -- emissions trading payments, also called pollution permits -- method of compliance Clinton favors. As The Washington Times reported Dec. 10: "The Clinton administration's own economists have raised alarms about the outflow of vital capital under the plan, which could damage the U.S. economy."

Or, as even The New York Times mentioned (albeit, watered down considerably) Dec. 11: "The treaty emerging in Kyoto tonight (Thursday morning, Kyoto time) includes a new program sought by the Administration to funnel capital and environmentally friendly technology to developing nations."

Yes, that was correct. The Clinton Administration wants to "funnel" our wealth and newest technology to developing nations. The Kyoto agreement is but one of many methods.

The treaty, of course, is not completed yet. Sure, it's being "signed," and submitted for ratification in many countries. However, the exact mechanism of odds and ends like trading "pollution permits," the amount of livestock to be allowed per area, the restriction on diesel tractors, and whatnot, will be written by the UN bureaucrats and come as a surprise to most next year at the meeting in Argentina.

Oh . . . we didn't mention that livestock population regulation thing, did we. Well, a reduction of methane emissions is a corresponding part of the same agreement. And, they are now starting to say that agriculture produces 25 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. However, major publications would rather not report much about the methane part of the agreement because it's kind of difficult to explain and keep a straight face. One major source of methane, you see, is from the flatulence of cows, sheep, horses, dogs, people, etc. Methane also comes from decaying plant-life and, incidentally, from those swamps, wetlands, bogs, marshes, and other places that the EPA and Army Corps of Engineers have ruled as "protected." So, the liberal press glosses over the methane aspect.

Does anyone else see the problem here yet? Yeah. They gottcha!

Say thank you to the nice Al Gore. The circular logic of the environmental fools finally created an impossible puzzle. To reduce the methane in the atmosphere, we'll need a scorched earth policy, with no animals. But, then we'll get more CO2. Plant life uses the CO2, but helps produce methane. Inconvenient, this nature stuff. . . .

But, never mind. If we wish to maintain our current lifestyles, our standard of living, there's always that Clinton and Gore proposed United Nations "emissions trading payments" system available. We'll just have to pay the tributes to developing countries to the tune of a few hundred billion dollars a year. And, with those bribes paid, the United Nations will allow us to continue living like Americans.


Last week we wrote a little about a political ideology called the "Third Way" and how it is beginning to become our way. This week, I am very sorry to report, we're seeing some of it in action via the Kyoto agreement.

As I see it, the Third Way ideology is primarily an economic model for effective control. Under the Third Way plan, the captains of commerce and industry operate on the capitalist system with full rights to life, liberty and property. These elite, in turn, are the "contributors" to society -- i.e. goods, services, arts, humanities, campaign contributions, bribes, etc.

Below the "elite" are the members of government. They are the direct recipient of aid, camaraderie of sorts, and campaign donations from the "elite." In return, government's function is to provide the necessary services for, and control of, the workers. In order to be productive workers, the common folk need assurances of things like housing, health care, schooling, and proper direction in their personal lives. These things, therefore, are to be totally regulated by the central government.

I prefer to summarize this people control by the central government as "womb to tomb regulation." And, anyone thinking I'm just whistling Dixie here better take a trip to the library and take a gander at some of the thousands of laws, rules and regulations passed these past few years!

Under the Third Way plan, private property is allowed for all -- with various restrictions. And the people are even allowed to have a type of liberty -- within restrictions. As I like to ask any elected official telling me we live in a free society: "Free from what? Tell me three human activities that are not already regulated by the central government." They cannot.

A good many of our laws are already made by campaign contribution. Many are even written by big business and/or their paid lobbyists. Remember Freon?

This all started a few years ago, just about the time that most of the steel mills got run out of the country by the environmentalists. Back then, some of the (down with the establishment) hippie types joined forces with some communists to impose their will on the rest of us. They later split again (so the story goes), and a number of environmental groups (most of which we all know) were formed. Today, there's only one or two outwardly communist environmental activist groups, but others are still suspect.

About that time, too, a number of businesses were going multinational. Which included, in many areas of the world, entering into partnership with government. And, more often than not, this was the deal: Mr. Industrialist wanted inexpensive labor and very few restraints on business. Government officials wanted more discretionary spending ability for themselves, and influence enough to remain in office. A working arrangement was formed. Then, as governments changed, industry tended to secure its position in the scheme of things, usually by affecting government leadership and national banking.

Closer to home, the "contributors" had to be more careful. Here, it's called campaign contributions, dinners, fund-raising and tribute parties, fact finding trips, and a seldom mentioned slush pot called the "officeholders fund" -- which are only to be used for semi-official expenses, of course. Bureaucrats in the federal regulatory agencies get into some of that, too.

Some people like to say that regulations hurt business. Generally, that's true. But what is also true is that one or more businesses have a hand in writing most regulations. How does that work out? Follow the money trail. Often businesses support bad regulation simply to maintain a leg up on the competition, get favorable labor regulations, etc. They do a cost-benefit analysis, and if the proposed law or regulation boosts the bottom line, there's little doubt which bureaucrat or elected official gets their support.

But, what about us? Yeah. What about us! That's my point exactly.

Clinton and Gore, the Cabinet, and the regulatory agencies, will do nothing that does not fit into this mold somehow. Many Democrats (and a few Republicans) in Congress are joining in, too.


"I love my country, but I fear my government."

How many times have we heard that? That statement became popular about ten years ago with radio talk show host Mark Scott, in Detroit. It spread throughout the country like wildfire because, really, an awful lot of Americans feel that way.

Another saying is, "I don't trust the Justice Department. Today it stands for 'just-us.'" This is a very distressing attitude in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Are these feelings justified?

Yes. Unfortunately, they are.

There's a lot more behind this than just the constant unconstitutional oppression of the bureaucratic control-freaks at the IRS, EPA and the other hundred federal agencies. These feelings get right down to the basic core of our existence: to the protection of life itself.

Lately, one source of the feelings is the fact that our Army is responsible for killing American citizens. Worse, they got a free pass on it. No one was charged. Government -- not the executive, not the judicial, and not the legislative -- simply does not give a damn!

People were attacked by a military-trained squad-fire team at Ruby Ridge because a man named Randy cut a piece of hardened steel a fraction of an inch shorter than the bureaucrats allowed. For that offense, they tried to kill him -- and did kill his wife and young son.

And, of course we all know about Waco, wherein the BATF launched a military squad-fire attack on a group of American citizens while they thought the group was occupied with religious services. That was, in effect, a full scale military attack, too -- complete with two full squads, automatic weapons, and chopper cover. Like cockroaches swarming, BATF agents immediately took to the roofs of the building, throwing live grenades into a dwelling they knew contained mothers with small children. And that, even before the inhabitants actually had opportunity to reply.

These BATF agents were trained to do this by the U.S. Army. Obviously though, they did not learn their lessons properly. The BATF agents were soon routed like a litter of puppies with their tails between their legs after a scolding by the neighborhood tomcat.

And why did the BATF military squad-fire teams attack this combination dwelling and church? Because, they thought, maybe, a few of the people living there had some equipment the BATF did not wish them to have. Maybe. No matter that the BATF was earlier invited into the dwelling for a peaceful inspection. They stormed the building using military-style first-strike tactics anyway.

So, the U.S. Army then trained, equipped and assisted FBI agents to extract retaliation. This time they brought a lot more men, more choppers and a few Army tanks as insurance. And that assault group ended up killing everyone they could.

America noticed. We noticed when Janet Reno "took responsibility," with no repercussions. We noticed when some of the FBI agents directly responsible for the killing of American citizens were promoted. We noticed when members of the Army, the BATF and the FBI told blatantly obvious lies at the Congressional hearings on the matter. And we noticed when the FBI destroyed and buried that building so as to cover up all evidence of what they had done.

The American people also noticed that no government official was ever tried for killing those American men, women and children. Congress simply did not care what happened, and these atrocities have never yet been presented to a court. No one was charged. No one will be charged. Worse was when we noticed that Congress greatly increased the funding for the BATF and FBI so they can do more of this. It seemed to the American public as if the killers of American citizens were rewarded.

It also seemed that the killing of American citizens by military-style squad-fire teams suddenly became acceptable to elected officials and the media.

Janet Reno hired even more Army trained officers to man military-style squad-fire teams. Like a standing army, these federal government attack teams are now stationed all over the United States -- and more are budgeted each year. States and local communities are also forming these attack units. And it's the U.S. Army, or their representatives and instructors, who are arming and supervising many of these teams.

So, that's where we are today. It's becoming almost common to learn of one of these SWAT teams attacking an otherwise peaceful office, store, factory, farm, home, campsite, or whatever. They usually come dressed in black, carrying automatic weapons. Like the KGB and Gestapo, they often prefer to strike at night, so the neighbors will not see them. And, as an outward sign of the shame they bring to what was once our American way of government, most are trained to wear masks to hide their identities.

In fairness, there are real reasons for forming and using SWAT teams as an adjunct to law enforcement. But in truth, most police departments have long since forgotten these reasons. Today, SWAT teams are SOP for many law enforcement activities.

Yes, Americans have reason to fear their government. A significant contingent of the United States Army has forgotten its duty to the American people and instead joined forces with an oppressive segment of the federal bureaucracy. In so doing, this military unit brings an element of shame to others who are serving now and to all who have served honorably before them, and instills the fear of government tyranny in the hearts of the American people.


[Note: This informative piece by Don Harkins, written for The Idaho Observer, is used with permission. It was originally titled, "EIS Names Nearly 700 'Sensitive' Species in UCRB"]

The Upper Columbia River Basin (UCRB) Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) has listed 698 mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, vascular plants, bryophytes(?), lichens and fungi as either threatened, endangered, sensitive, candidates or proposed to be candidates for listing as an endangered species.

There are several spotted animal species that are on the composite list: The spotted bat, the spotted frog, the fine spotted cutthroat trout, and, of course, the infamous spotted owl. It appears that persons of European descent are particularly hard on animals with spots. Listed as "sensitive" in the UCRB also is the California wolverine and the Mojave black-collared lizard.

The Idaho Observer requested the raw data which would have been scientifically generated to classify the plants, animals, bugs and worms in their varying degrees of endangerment. So far no raw data has been made available.

The largest category of "sensitive" species is the plants, bryophytes, lichens, and fungi. There are 526 species listed in total -- including 34 vetches, five buckwheats and hundreds of species with Latin names that the layperson has not a clue what they are.

Listed as sensitive are 30 mammals, 86 birds, 20 reptiles and amphibians and 36 fish.

The process of listing and categorizing species in varying degrees of endangerment, and proposing federal legislation to protect them, is mandated by the Endangered Species Act. There is evidence to suggest that many species are listed purely for the purpose of gaining jurisdictional control of the habitat wherein they supposedly reside in dwindling numbers.

Considering all of the other questions regarding the integrity of members in federal government, how can we be sure that the listed species are indeed endangered and that they need federal laws to prevent their potential extinction? And, considering the well-documented agenda of militant environmentalist groups to close off millions of acres of U.S. soil to human interference, how can we be certain that the species are threatened without having access to the raw field data which may accurately reflect their declining numbers?

Don Harkins is editor of The Idaho Observer. The newspaper can be found at: http://www.proliberty.com/observer/index.htm, and is well worth reading.

The Idaho Observer, by the way, put out a very special newspaper for Independence Day this year. That issue is patriotic in a way we do not normally see in newsprint anymore. Don said he still has a few left, on a first come first served basis. Send a buck to The Idaho Observer, PO Box 1806, Post Falls, Idaho 83854 for a copy.


Be careful what you ask for, brothers. You wanted this Clinton administration. Now look what it gets you! Your unions helped get an administration elected that is even more corrupt than the old-time "Boss Hog" union leaderships.

Remember when we used to suck down all those beers while talking about "jobs, Jobs, JOBS"? Where'd they go, brother? Automotive prices went up almost 6% a year for the last couple decades. Did your pay? Hell no it didn't! Because, it was federal regulations that drove the car prices up, not wages. But, you keep supporting the turkeys writing the stupid laws and regulations anyway.

Let's get real here: Auto production fell way down, many factories were closed, thousands of good production jobs were lost, but you guys keep supporting the people who give us this mess. Why?

Democrats said they would help the "worker" and they did: right out of a good living standard. The few of you still working in the factories saw an effective loss of about 20% in net income over the past few years. The others got caught in "downsizing," and found lesser paying jobs. Big help those Democrats were!

And check out the federal government help to our public schools. Most public schools are now a damn joke! Kids graduating from high school today cannot even pass the test we took to graduate from grade school. Yeah, but they can compute, huh? Maybe. But many of them can't count money. There's a problem here, guys. And you supported the socialists who gave it to us.

Now, here come your guys Clinton and Gore, spouting off about this Kyoto agreement. Energy prices are expected to increase by 30%. So tell me, what do you expect the energy-intensive industries -- coal-mining, steel and aluminum production, and most factories -- will do? Or how about the chemical, apparel and the trucking industries? The last time government capped emissions and raised energy costs our country's steel production jobs went south. Remember those permanent lay-offs? Now a lot of your factory jobs are going to follow right along. But hey, at least the factories will be close to the source of steel production again.

Let's keep it simple here: If this Kyoto agreement flies, at least 2-million American production jobs will be gone within ten years -- over 100,000 of them from Michigan alone. What are you trained to do? How about your kids?

If this Kyoto deal flies, all of our energy costs will increase by at least 30%. That's gasoline, electricity, home heating costs, transportation costs, food prices, everything. Are you expecting a 30% increase in your paycheck anytime soon to cover this? And, what's going to happen when you're retired and living on a fixed income? Think about it, brother.

Federal regulations already cost the average American family $6,000 a year in hidden taxes. To get everything done that Clinton and Gore want with this Kyoto agreement, those hidden costs will rise to $10,000 a year. Will your paycheck increase accordingly? Yeah, right!

You get the picture yet? We're not just talking about tightening our belts and accepting a 30% decrease in our living standard here. We're talking lower paying jobs for many soon to be ex-union members, and, a big jump in prices. That's what you get from supporting liberals like Clinton and Gore. Your jobs, Jobs, JOBS are going to be gone, Gone, GONE, and all the prices are going to go up, Up, UP! Then what?

So, OK, we have a few real jerks over here on the Republican side, too. But at least most of them will bend over backwards in support of keeping business and industry here in the United States, where they belong. And, if you help us, we can fire some of the jerks and elect some freedom loving people to government. Because guys, it's an undisputed fact of life that there will be no union production jobs left in this country if the businesses and industries do not stay.

So, be careful what you ask for brother, cause you just might get it. Like now. Right up the old wazoo!

-- End --