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July 11, 1997 #43

by: Doug Fiedor fiedor19@eos.net

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It's time to do our civic duty again. While the politicians in the Washington hearings posture for each other, and blah, blah, blah America into inattention, let's cut to the chase of the situation.

First, the FBI knew all about the "Communist China Connection" for at least five years. That's a proven, because various elected officials admitted long ago that they were personally warned by FBI agents. Add to that a few National Security Agency telephone interceptions between the Chinese Washington embassy and their Commie controllers and it becomes more or less conclusive that China is dirty as hell.

One can argue that the Commies have not been doing anything that Israel, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan haven't also been doing for many years, but that's a poor argument. It's still illegal. And these are evil Communists doing the dirty deed in this matter.

How Communist China got the money to the Clinton Campaign and the DNC is pretty straight forward, too. John Huang and friends received the money from his Lippo masters and he dutifully delivered it to a series of friends to send to the proper campaign officials. The money laundering route is well documented in the press and need not be reviewed again here.

So far, we know that the Chinese illegally gave over three million dollars to the Clinton-Gore campaign and the DNC. They also contributed at least five times that much to state party coffers and Congressional races. The Chicoms also spread around another hundred-million dollars to insure (buy?) Most Favored Nation status.

We know the means. Now, what about the motives?

Influence and access is the motive. They wanted Most Favored Nation trade status. They wanted multi- millions of dollars in government loans and/or guarantees for shipbuilding. They wanted access to our bond market so as to dump nine to ten billion dollars in what may very well turn out to be worthless bonds. They wanted permission to buy a lot of restricted high-tech equipment, like supercomputers. And they wanted as many of our military and commercial secrets as they could get.

They got it all. Bill Clinton and Al Gore saw to it. They got it all!

The Clinton administration was bought and paid for. Consequently, the Clinton Administration handed China every single thing it asked for, plus bonuses.

Can we impeach the administration for any or all of the above? Probably. But this is all public knowledge. The facts are all well established, the case well developed and the proof available. Yet, nothing happened. Evidently, no one in Washington cares. The Justice Department takes the "just us" attitude of selective prosecution, and Congress has no cajones.

So, let's leave the foreign intrigue alone and catch them for some easy stuff. Federal law states:

"It shall be unlawful for any person to solicit or receive any contribution within the meaning of section 301(8) of the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 in any room or building occupied in the discharge of official duties by any person mentioned in section 603, or in any navy yard, fort or arsenal." (18 U.S.C. 607)

There is conclusive evidence that Bill Clinton himself made illegal phone calls to solicit donors for contributions to the Democrat Party right from the Oval Office. For instance, on June 27 the Washington Post published part of a 1994 hand-written note by senior White House aide David Strauss which says: "BC made 15 to 20 calls, raised 500K."

Also on June 27, the Los Angeles Times quoted a senior White House official defending Clinton's phone calls saying, "If the president did make fund-raising calls, is there anything inappropriate or illegal? The answer is no."

Well folks, that's what happens when you hire cognitive dysfunctionals! In a 1995 memorandum, former White House Counsel Abner Mikva warned everyone in that administration, "No fund-raising phone calls or mail may emanate from the White House or any other federal building."

And who can forget Al Gore's March 3 White House press conference in which he admitted making calls from his office. Gore tried to justify the illegal deed with the statement, made 7 times within the span of the 24-minute press conference: "My counsel advises me that there is no controlling legal authority or case that says that there was any violation of law whatsoever in the manner in which I asked people to contribute to our re-election campaign."

"I also made telephone calls to ask people to host events," Gore said, "and to ask people to make lawful contributions to the campaign. On a few occasions, I made some telephone calls from my office in the White House using a DNC credit card."

There is a lot more to this than what was mentioned here, of course. But folks, the list would be way, way too long for this little newsletter. There is sufficient proof to prosecute all of the offenses outlined here. They are all felonies. And both Clinton and Gore are involved in each of them.

Therefore, it is our responsibility as the sovereign citizens of these United States, to instruct our Members of Congress to cut the crap and file articles of impeachment in the House. We watched the series of lies in last years hearings. And we note that nothing of substance happened. Why do it again?

The time for talk is over. Now is the time for action. Let the impeachments began.


Way back in the days when George Washington, James Madison and the guys were running the national government, there was a specific system of representation. The original intent was that the House of Representatives (the People's House) would directly represent the people. The Senate was intended to represent the interest of the States.

If you think about that arrangement for a while, it would be seen to be a very workable situation. The States, after all, are the Principals in the Constitutional contract. The federal government, under the Constitution, is an agent of the States. Senators, then, were intended to be the representatives of the Principal -- their respective States.

So, the People elected their representatives to the House and the State Legislatures elected their representatives to the Senate. The people could have at their representative every other year when they campaigned for office. The State governments, on the other hand, were expected to be in constant contact with their senators, instructing them in the interests and wishes of their respected State governments.

In The Federalist #62, James Madison writes about the Senate: "Among the various modes which might have been devised for constituting this branch of the government, that which has been proposed by the convention is probably the most congenial with the public opinion. It is recommended by the double advantage of favoring a select appointment, and giving to the state governments such an agency in the authority of the former, and may form a convenient link between the two systems."

This system worked for about 150 years to ensure the correct balance of power between the States and the central government, and it also helped to protect the individual rights of the people.

Boy, how things have changed! Can anyone imagine a U.S. Senator reporting to a State Legislator anymore? Today, senators think of themselves as the political elite, and the State Legislatures as the second string farm teams.

Senators reporting to their State Legislators would make too much sense. At least part of the federal government would then be responsible to the States -- and hence, through the States, to the people. But that could make for a few uncomfortable moments for the Lords and Ladies of the Senate, so it's not done anymore. Instead, senators function completely uncontrolled by their respective State governments or the people of their States. Today, the Senate is, in effect, no more than a House of Representatives with a six year term of office.

Consequently, the Senate has been usurping the rights of both the States and the people for the past 80 years. The Senate no longer protects against oppressive legislation, they initiate most of it.

It shouldn't be that way. And, people are noticing.

Already, a group in Texas is calling for the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment, which would again allow our State Legislatures to elect U.S. Senators. That would definitely help some, but we could point out good arguments on either side of that issue.

The Kansas Tenth Amendment Society is taking another approach. They call it the "Will of the State Enforcement Mechanism."

The Kansas group rightly states that U.S. Senators are the ambassador/agent of the State governments to the federal government. Therefore, the group argues: "The State Legislature, as principal over its agents, can:

"(1) Instruct its agents on what to introduce and how to vote.

"(2) Compel its agents to give an accounting of their compliance.

"(3) Remove and temporarily replace its agents, pending official replacement by popular election."

They make a rather good Constitutional case for State Legislatures having the power to take these actions, too:

"The framers of the U.S. Constitution intended to guarantee the existence and power of the States in perpetuity by the very last clause they included before the Constitution was engrossed. They had sanctioned the only unamendable power in the entire Constitution -- the power of each State in the U.S. Senate:

". . . no State, without its Consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate." -- the final clause of Article V.

"The power of the state legislature over its two U.S. Senators is unchanged, but simply has not been exercised for over 80 years," they report. So, they propose, it's time that "the principal must reinstitute accountability of its agents to itself."

We agree. Today, United States Senators represent the federal government rather than the States or the people. They have put themselves in the position of "controllers," the overseers of the American people. Today's Senate represents no interest other than that of the federal government. They often violate the wishes of their State government and the people of their States. Worse, much of their legislation is in direct violation of the United States Constitution.

So, what can we do about it? They've got the power now, and we can't expect them to give any of it up without a lot of kicking and squealing. This "Will of the State" program would help a lot. Problem is, how do we get the Senators to comply?

On the other hand, there's an election coming up next year. . . .

Contact the Kansas Tenth Amendment Society at P.O. Box 1026 Wichita, Kansas 67201. Or, call them at (316) 579-8440.


It's always interesting when the people who get those cushy government jobs, so they can boss other Americans around, turn around and join a union so they can stick it to the American public both ways. And, it's doubly interesting when they have the tenacity to protest against the government -- and hence, against the American people.

But even that wouldn't be good enough to make Heads Up. This piece is here cause it's really an interestingly diabolical situation. This time the union representing EPA workers is protesting the EPA for environmental problems within the workplace at EPA.

"Members of four federal employee unions rallied outside the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters in Southwest Washington" Tuesday, the Washington Post reported, "to demand new federal guidelines for dealing with 'sick building syndrome,' a term describing maladies that afflict workers in poorly ventilated office buildings."

Yup, they're constructing buildings to federal specifications all over the country, even for government use. And as with most of the other regulations the federal government promulgates, modern buildings are built in accordance with stupid regulations. The ignorant bureaucrats in Washington put out "one rule fits all" regulations, which then apply to hundreds of cities and towns throughout the country -- in areas of the country those writing the regulations have never even seen and know absolutely nothing about.

Gee, could that be why the central government was intended to have very limited powers? Just a thought there. . . .

Anyway. "The unions released a list of 30 federal buildings nationwide where they said workers have reported illnesses attributed to poor air quality, including headaches, eye and skin irritation, sinus problems, nausea, coughing and respiratory trouble."

Yeah. And note that the EPA workers do not give a damn about the hundreds of thousands of Americans working in a few thousand "civilian" buildings under the very same situations. If they did, they would be busy getting the regulations changed instead of protesting.

"Union officials said a growing number of workers suffer from those symptoms, which some doctors say could lead to multiple chemical sensitivity, a condition in which a person reacts negatively to chemicals outside a sick building."

Take it from an old research physiologist, folks, there's a whole list of long-term "syndromes" that will start showing up shortly. The EPA union has only identified a few of the short-term problems. Architects and builders recognized all these problems years ago. But our free market economy -- our freedom -- is effectively dead. Buildings are no longer constructed to please the inhabitants. Buildings now must be designed and constructed to please federal government regulators.

Big government knows best, don't 'you know.


CNN newsreader, reporter and world traveler Wolf Blitzer came up with a great piece of humorous "news" this week. It seems that there is now "world leader" proof of exactly how little others respect our president.

At the meeting in Madrid, Spain Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien was apparently unaware that the microphone was open when he talked with Belgian Prime Minister Jean-Luc Dehaene and Luxembourg's Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker before the day's NATO meeting began.

According to Blitzer, Chretien joked that the U.S. president formed his position about NATO expansion because he thought it would win votes at home. Chretien bragged that his country does not let the United States dictate its policy, and suggested American politicians make decisions solely for reasons of expediency.

"In your country, in my country, all the politicians would be in prison because they sell their votes," Chretien said.

Blitzer reported that Chretien said Clinton was in favor of inviting Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic to join NATO because it would woo voters.

Speaking in French, the Canadian prime minister said: "It's not reasons of state. It's all done for short-term political reasons, to win elections. Take the quarrel over whether to admit the Baltic states. That has nothing to do with world security. It's because in Chicago, Mayor (Richard M.) Daley controls lots of votes for the nomination."

The three leaders laughed as they waited for Clinton and his advisers to arrive (20 minutes late) for the meeting.

Seriously though, it's nice to see that others notice how and why many policies, laws and regulations are made in this country. Abuse of office is rather common here. About a third of all laws are passed simply to please some special interest group, another third because of "campaign contributions" and the last third because they benefit the federal government.

What about laws to benefit the normal everyday American citizen? Check out the federal law books. There have been less than a handful of (Constitutional) laws passed that really and truly benefit all of this country's working folk in the last 30 years.


Anyone interested in fighting the land-grab by the biosphere reserve, Heritage Site, Heritage River, and Wildlands eco-wacko groups now has a chance to speak up.

Rep. Young of Alaska introduced HR-901, the "American Land Sovereignty Protection Act." The bill is intended: "To preserve the sovereignty of the United States over public lands and acquired lands owned by the United States, and to preserve State sovereignty and private property rights in non-Federal lands surrounding those public lands and acquired lands."

According to the bill's digest, the act: "Prohibits Federal officials from nominating lands in the United States for designation as a Biosphere Reserve under the Man and Biosphere Program of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization."

It also "Provides that any such designation shall not have, and shall not be given, any force or effect, unless the Biosphere Reserve: (1) is specifically authorized by a law enacted before December 31, 2000; (2) consists solely of federally-owned lands; and (3) is subject to a management plan that specifically ensures that the use of intermixed or adjacent non-Federal property is not limited or restricted as a result of that designation. Directs the Secretary of State to report annually to specified congressional committees information on each Biosphere Reserve within the United States."

We support this bill, but with some reservations. For instance, it does nothing to alleviate the "wetlands" scam currently perpetrated on the American public. Nor, in our opinion, does it go far enough in protecting our property rights. We would rather see all such biosphere reserves, Heritage Sites -- and whatever they change the name to next week -- completely prohibited. However, it appears that this is as close are we will get to that goal at this time.

Also (see the last paragraph of the newsletter), amendments to other bills have already been approved by the House which, in conjunction with HR-901, should make the biosphere program nearly nonexistent in this country.

The bill already has quite a number of names in support -- some of whom are even House committee chairmen. Still, there are not enough representatives signed on to assure passage yet. Therefore, your cards, letters and telephone calls are appropriate.


Lance Crowe of the American Constitutional Campaign Committee, and we here at Heads Up, would like to take the time to thank the thousands of people who contacted Congress about the biosphere reserve problem. Some Congressional offices reported suddenly receiving over 100 "constituent contacts" a week on this subject.

We cannot say exactly how many active citizens, groups, and even politicians, have become involved in this project. What we can report, however, is that the total number is now quite large.

Lance also asked that we publish one of the important "results" your efforts have wrought to date. The newsletter's last paragraph was found as an amendment to a State Department appropriations bill that passed the House. Similar wording has also been found amended to a number of other federal agency appropriations bills.

In other words, folks, you are starting to get results! The House of Representatives is now using its "power of the purse" to cut off all funds to the U.S. Man and the Biosphere program. Please remember to thank them.

There will be more -- much more -- good news on this next month.

And now for the paragraph mentioned above:

"None of the funds authorized to be appropriated by this Act may be made available to the Man and Biosphere (MAB) Program or the World Heritage Program administered by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)."

-- End --