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June 27, 1997 -- #41

by: Doug Fiedor fiedor19@eos.net

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Remember, last year, when Hillary and the White House staff were carping about a partisan Congress and biased press? She had the spin doctors working overtime then.

First they started on Starr. Starr "suggested" that they might want to back off on him in an election year, and they did. Then Hillary got her liberal lapdogs in the House to go after Newt. That worked, the liberal media loved going after the head conservative. And it diverted the media away from the White House problems for a few months.

No sooner had the Newt story ran its course when they started contriving "problems" with Rep. Dan Burton, chairman of the House committee investigating Clinton wrongdoing. Hillary planned to discredit and destroy Burton. So, her dirty tricks campaign committee did their usual thing and planted the standard lies and innuendoes in the press.

Then she carried this vendetta a few steps further. That is, she literally called out her big guns. To defame Burton, the White House enlisted the full investigative powers of the Federal Election Commission, the FBI and the IRS.

"They're digging into everything I've ever done, Burton told USA Today. "Their whole purpose is to try to find some way to discredit my investigation, or stop it."

And the results of all this investigatory talent? Nada. Zip. Nothing. The White House spent well over a million taxpayer dollars investigating Dan Burton simply because he is chairman of the committee investigating Clintons' wrongdoing. Turns out the guy must be squeaky clean, else they would have anything they could find plastered on the front page of every newspaper in the country.

To put it nicely, Hillary's worried. You see, Burton's committee is starting where last year's Senate committee left off. The Senate committee wimped out. That is, they did not even bother to charge anyone for perjury, no matter how much they lied to Congress. Burton, however, has no plans to wimp out. That's what worries the White House. Burton is out to nail the Clinton, Clinton & Gore team, and they know it.

Burton's committee will have a very good starting point, too. For instance, one line of last year's Senate committee's final report -- which you'll never see repeated in the liberal press -- needs repeating: "Mrs. Clinton was at the forefront of efforts to impede and delay the investigation, to conceal and destroy evidence and documents and to deny access to government investigators."

So, even though Senator Alfonse D'Amato and his Senate Committee did not take action against the Clintons and their perjuring staff, the committee did identify a whole string of felonies committed by Hillary & Co.

One would think there would be plenty of good red meat available for a Republican propaganda campaign against the Clinton, Clinton & Gore team. Some very real hard facts are available. Yet, the Republicans do not fight back. Any number of obfuscations, mistruths and out and out lies are documented in the depositions and testimony. Yet, no one even mentions any of this perjury. No one itemized it, and no one is passing it around for all to see.

At first glance, the lack of a Republican reply seems rather strange. But it's not if one pays close attention to what is happening in the background. For instance, Rep. Jim Leach was totally investigated when his committee probed White House wrongdoing. Leach told friends then that he felt like the most investigated man in town.

Ditto for former Rep. William Clinger. "I was not a candidate [then], so the only reason they had for really going after me was to inhibit my investigation. It's very scary," Clinger told USA Today.

Investigators have also noted that more than a couple potential witnesses suddenly turned up quite dead, too. . . .

On the Senate side, problems are also developing. The White House dirty tricks committee is just now starting on Committee Chairman Fred Thompson. Just as they did with Burton, they'll probably make up some dirt to plant in the press. So far, though, it hasn't been necessary. There is a very interesting "chain of command" blocking the proceedings on the Democratic side of the committee.

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle takes his marching orders directly from the White House. He then passes the orders along to committee member John Glenn (D-OH). Glenn then leads the other Democrats in obstructing the proceedings as best they can.

John Glenn, we might add, has a few personal reasons for wanting to obstruct campaign finance hearings as much as possible. In fact, he has more than a million reasons for wanting campaign finance rules to stay exactly the way they are. You see, John Glenn ran for president once, many, many years ago. As it turns out, his presidential campaign committee still owes about a million bucks for that presidential try. Glenn has the money. He keeps promising to pay. But he just never seems to get around to paying off that decade old bill.

Meanwhile, the Justice department is running its own campaign finance investigation. Already the FBI investigators found evidence of international spying, money laundering and fraud. And wouldn't you know, everything points to the involvement of both of the Clintons, as well as Al Gore.

Evidence shows that both Clintons made campaign fund-raising telephone calls from the White House -- Bill raised $500,000 making calls from the Oval Office. Al Gore, you might remember, admitted on national television that he made fund-raising calls from his office. Will Janet Reno will have the courage to charge anyone? Fat chance! All the charges would be felonies, and both Clinton and Gore would be impeached.

Already, more than just a little "sensitive" information concerning China and related matters is being withheld from Clinton during these investigations. The fact is, a significant amount of information gathered by the spy agencies is no longer seen by anyone in power.

This should be a very interesting scenario to any American paying even minimal attention. Most of the media -- the liberal contingent -- is still writing "news" like they support the Clinton Administration. While, all along, the House, Senate, Justice Department, and the Office of the Special Prosecutor all think the administration is a bunch of felons.

Too strong of a statement, you think? Not really. Lets face it; these four separate investigations are not in progress because everyone thinks the Clinton, Clinton & Gore team are a bunch of law-abiding citizens!

Oh, and Kenneth Starr just hired some new trial lawyers. Looks like he's getting close to showtime. It appears that the Clintons think that is the case, too. They've already got their dirty tricks team attempting to publicly discredit Starr again. Two-bits says his law firm gets audited by the IRS. . . .

Let's face it, this is a failed presidency. It was brought down by its own corruption, lies and deceit. The quicker we can get all of them out of government -- including Al Gore -- the better it will be for the country.

Let the trials began.


Last Friday, after sending out this newsletter to subscribers, we went off to read the newspapers. We didn't get very far before we were adversely distracted.

The op-ed section of the New York Times ran a piece titled "The Traitor Movement," by A. M. Rosenthal. And folks, this could well be the worst example of vitriol, prejudice and anti-American rhetoric we have ever seen printed in a major publication.

Rosenthal begins by saying that the jurors who convicted Timothy McVeigh have done their duty, but "the rest of American society has not."

Apparently, Rosenthal has no knowledge of all the oppressive "people control" laws Congress has been passing these past few years, because he continues:

"Congress has not. The state governments and their law enforcement agencies have not. America's political parties have not. The President did in the early days after Oklahoma City but then faded back."

Now comes enough paranoia to keep all the socialists of the far left occupied for quite some time. This is inflammatory rhetoric at its finest.

"The next victims of these failures have been selected, by category. They are officials and employees of state and Federal governments, judges, Federal and local police, and Americans who do fight the gangs of armed racists who conceived and organized the crusade that inspired Timothy McVeigh to murder 168 human beings in the Federal building on April 19, 1995."

Victims of these failures? From our point of view, it seems as though the "victims" of "failures" is the people. That is, the people are the victims of a government run amuck because the press fails to write about the constant assault on our Constitutional rights. Worse, many in the press have actually become cheerleaders for those in government proposing even stricter and more oppressive laws.

And who are these gangs of armed racists, anyway? Anyone who does not agree with Rosenthal, apparently.

"Since that day, nothing has been done that diminishes the vivid likelihood that these gangs will carry out or inspire other bombings in other cities. They call themselves militia and patriots. But they are exactly what a prosecutor said about Timothy McVeigh -- traitors.

"They talk and think like sick paranoids, which they are. But they know what they are doing. They are trying to inject civil servants with terror, prevent state governments from functioning, and eat away at American confidence in the ability of government to protect the citizenry and itself."

So, according to the New York Times, that's the "newspeak" term of the 1990's. Patriots are Traitors. George Orwell, call the New York Times! Does this also mean that the socialist-Fascist contingent proposing strict government control of everything are now the modern patriots? Whew!

Later he writes that these patriot gangs are involved with "explosives, refusal to pay Federal taxes, surveillance of Federal buildings, money laundering, robbery, milking government by check and money-order fraud, extortion, [and] attacking law officers. . ."

Yeah. There's some of that around. Not much. But some. Actually, though, that last bit sounds more like he was writing about the New York City Police Department (or D.C.'s, take your pick). Many of the police on the streets there are little more than armed thugs with a badge. Every point he made has been well documented and attributed to police. Even the Times ran those stories. For a while there, it seemed like they were arresting crooked New York police a whole precinct at a time.

But the fact that there are a few nuts on the fringe of the patriot movement does not define the movement as a whole. If that were true, then a few crazy reporters could be used to define the whole of the media industry, five bad cops would define the nation's police organizations, two bad physicians would define the medical profession, etc., etc. Rosenthal knows better than to use stupid logic like that; but apparently that was the only thing remotely resembling an argument he could come up with.

When we Americans compare the words of our Constitution with the actions of government, we find gross disparities. As is our right, we want this corrected. The actual means of causing this correction is yet to be determined.

Government, however, is militarizing to fight against the people. The fact is, there are now more than four-thousand military squad fire teams working the streets of the United States. A few are used properly, for the reasons SWAT teams were designed. Most, however, are little more than a well armed attack force, trained in military tactics to kill civilians, and are grossly misused.

These military-style squad-fire teams are, in turn, backed up by an actual Army attack force. And these Regular Army attack teams have been running live-fire exercises in American cities all over the country.

So, when we speak of armed gangs, perhaps we had better be very careful how we define our terms. Because, to many American citizens, it is starting to look like the whole of government is becoming an armed gang.

A. M. Rosenthal spent his career working in the United States. But this piece makes it quite obvious that he has little respect for our Constitution, or any of the ideals set down by the Founding Fathers.


As Heads Up readers know, Lance Crowe and a group of concerned citizens have been attending the meetings regarding Kentucky's Land Between the Lakes (LBL) area. LBL is now listed by the U.S. & UNESCO Man and the Biosphere Project as a protected biosphere reserve, which means that it may not be used by humans. Furthermore, hundreds of square miles surrounding LBL are also listed as a highly regulated land-use "Cooperation Zone."

None of this happened with either the knowledge or consent of the people of Kentucky or their elected officials. Rather, it is a land-grab ploy by the federal government. The people of Kentucky are (officially) fighting this new designation and its resulting use- restrictions, and intend to keep the LBL area open as a recreation area.

We were planning to use excerpts of the video of the meeting to show on television, intermixed with interviews with state legislators and other elected officials. So it is important to note here and now that bureaucrats -- who are on the public payroll, one and all -- stopped the flow of public information related at a meeting that was scheduled to be open to the public.

The report from Lance is immediately below:


On June 21,1997 a field hearing by the United States House Subcommittee on Water Resources and the Environment was held regarding TVA's Land Between the Lakes (LBL) area in Kentucky. This was the second such "public" meeting held at Murray State University's Lovett Auditorium, in Murray, Kentucky.

Lovett Auditorium is located in the center of the University campus and not easily accessible by vehicle. This meant we were forced to carry our video equipment a few hundred yards to the auditorium. Just before entering the building, we were met by security and informed that we would not be allowed to bring any electronic video or recording devises into the public meeting, nor would anyone be allowed to hand out materials of a informative or educational nature on this college campus.

When we politely asked what law forbids us from filming a public meeting, even more security and law enforcement appeared. This included Kentucky State troopers, Murray City Police, and County Sheriff's Deputies. In a few moments a few more gentlemen arrived to talk to us. Two were wearing suits with wires running under their jackets to their ears. Another, who introduced himself as Joe Greene, Head of Murray State University Campus Security, informed us that his badge gave him the power do what ever he wished, for he was the Law! We were not considered, in his opinion, to be accredited news media and would not be allowed to enter with the equipment.

When he was informed that what he was doing was against the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, he said that he didn't care. He was the Law, and if we did not volunteer to leave immediately we would be forcefully removed. Well, considering that it was a no win situation, and not wishing to miss all of the meeting, we carried our equipment back to the car.

Once inside the meeting, we found out soon enough that this hearing was nothing more than a farce. It was little more than a totally orchestrated dog and pony show for benefit of the mainstream media and those in the public mainstream who are foolish enough to believe that any Public or Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) official cares what we the people really think.

The rules of the meeting were that no one but the moderator was allowed to ask questions or make comments under threat of being removed. Later when standing outside, I overheard one gentlemen brag to another that he was the one who had written not only the questions but the answers for the hearing. When I asked who he was and for whom he worked he walked back into the building in a big hurry.

The bottom Line is that the subcommittee admitted that there is no funding for LBL in their new budget. Then they added, condescendingly, that they were pleased by the interest shown by the public because we are all "stakeholders" in LBL. They also said that they are still compiling their findings for future consideration.

TVA admitted that it had deviated from the original mission of LBL and has more or less reversed its decision to divest itself of its responsibilities. The TVA representative said they could do very little till they received more information of what actions would be taken by Congress concerning funding.

Nineteen people representing either local groups or the original land owners were "allowed" to give testimony for a period of five minutes each at the end of the meeting. Then the meeting abruptly ended, and the "officials" were escorted back out the rear door from which they originally entered, and snuck back to their waiting blackhawk helicopters.

We citizens, and the mainstream media, were ushered out the front door so we would have no contact with the officials. No one in the press seemed to have a desire to speak with any of the area's residents attending, either.

All told, there were about 150 concerned citizens and about two dozen peaceful protesters attending, none of whom will have any viable proof that they had just witnessed a bureaucratic dog and pony show that resolved absolutely nothing.

-- Lance R. Crowe, ACCC@bgn.mindspring.com


We cannot comment on the actions of the Lords and Ladies of the House Subcommittee, except to say that they should know better. They wasted their time, the taxpayer's money, and the time of the people attending. They should not return until they have something to say. And, at that time, they should speak to the people of Kentucky as if they were people, rather than a class of first graders.

By all accounts, the people who work at TVA have been bad neighbors for many years. Apparently, TVA management feels it is in great danger anytime members of its team are forced to associate with the common folk. Therefore, they always bring along a number of armed guards approximately equal to the number of citizens expected to attend the function. This too must be stopped.

We citizens must ask a direct question: Are all these armed guards a requirement of the new U.S. & UNESCO biosphere directives, or do they just not trust the citizens of Kentucky? If it is the former, they are operating under an illegal directive, and so must stop. If it is the latter, these civil servants should be forevermore removed from any position of public trust.

And as for Joe Greene, the over-zealous Murray State campus cop, we herein ask all of our members of government to have this man fired! Towards that end, we request that all Kentucky citizens request that their state legislators have that done as soon as possible. Those of you closest to Murray State might also want to contact University officials. We must never allow public officials to display such blatant disregard for the rights of citizens. That type of disrespect cannot be tolerated by any public official in Kentucky. Tell them so.


In the past three issues, we have attempted to outline exactly how the biosphere program is affecting the citizens of the United States. Also, we pointed out that there is no legal authority for biosphere reserves, or the Man and the Biosphere Program, to even exist in the United States. Nor are there any agreements between the United States and the UN or UNESCO which would allow them control over any public or private land in this country.

We discovered that this is an unauthorized program, run by bureaucrats for bureaucrats. It is also an illegal program, operated with misappropriated funds. Therefore, to put it simply, it should not exist.

Now we need information from the people affected.

There are a total of 94 biosphere reserves in the United States. Many of these biospheres affect the land- use of the people in the areas surrounding them. We would like to know who is being affected, and how.

We have a little less than a month in which to compile this information and make it presentable to elected officials with the ability to take action. And folks, some of these elected officials are also Heads Up subscribers, so that may tell you something about their attitude in this matter. They want results too.

No information is too little. No information is too much. But specific information, such as changes in zoning restrictions and/or property values is most desired.

It looks like we will have a chance to beat this UNESCO biosphere group, and maybe to drive the whole program completely out of the United States for many years to come. So please tell your friends and neighbors to get us whatever information they can.

We will report everything here, as soon as it happens. Lance Crowe and the American Constitutional Campaign Committee will also issue press releases to the media throughout the country when there are major events to report.

Let's get 'em, and end this biosphere farce. It's time we citizens put some bureaucrats back in their place. This will be a start.

-- End --