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June 6, 1997 - #38

by: Doug Fiedor - fiedor19@eos.net

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It is devastating, truly devastating, to a family when they loose their home and land through no fault of their own. Luckily, other than from natural disasters, that does not happen to many Americans.

But it is going to happen. Many thousands -- maybe many hundreds of thousands -- of American families could be put out of their homes, thrown off of their land, and relocated to who knows where, simply by a stupid regulatory fiat.

Sounds preposterous? No. Not on this end it doesn't. Here, it sounds more like sickening bureaucratic trickery. Outrage is the reaction on this end!

The problem is, it's a very, very real possibility.

So much so, in fact, that last week the Kentucky State Senate passed legislation to try to stop it from happening.

What this amounts to is a foreign invasion without the foreigners. By legal trick, diversion and scheme, third world foreigners are getting Americans in the federal government to take over American land for them.

More specifically, the United Nations is coercing the Clinton Administration into giving them control over huge chunks of America.

By this time, we all know about those hundreds of thousands of acres of American land comprising those 47 Biosphere Reserves that was given to the control and regulation of UNESCO. And we have all heard of those 26 Heritage Sites, including Thomas Jefferson's home and other such national treasures, also controlled by UNESCO. Well folks, evidently that was just the warm-up; the trial run. Now comes the main event -- which includes thousands of square miles of American land.

Why? Yeah, why! There is no reasonable explanation for the most prosperous and powerful nation in the world to want to let a bunch of third world foreigners from tin-pot governments regulate what may soon end up being hundreds of thousands of square miles of American land!

There are a few choice words we could use to describe that type of action by anyone in government.

But, let's get on with the explanation first. You will have your own choice words by the end of this newsletter.

On one hand, this is a story of subterfuge, trickery, treachery, scandal and lots and lots of behind the scenes deceit in the halls of government. On the other hand, we have honor, integrity, loyalty to office, great patriotism, and a lot of good old fashioned American resourcefulness. We'll let you decide which of the players fit into which category. You'll know.

We have spoken with dozens of people about this matter this past week. To the best of our knowledge, here is the story:

The Kentucky State Senate provided us with a map titled: "Existing and Proposed Biospheres and Wildlands for Central Appalachian Mountains." The copyright on the map is 1997. The map includes the States of Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.

The subtitle of the map is: "The Plan Mandated by the Convention on Biological Diversity (Article 8a-e) as Detailed in the United Nations Global Biodiversity Assessment (Section and US & UNESCO Man and Biosphere Program."

It's an 8.5" by 11" multi-color map. And there is a large blotch of red on it that covers large sections of all the above mentioned States. The map's legend labels red as indicating a "UNESCO Biosphere Reserve," which is also indicated as a "little or no use" zone.

There are thousands of square miles in that red zone, folks. And many thousands of American families presently live in that red zone. But, go back two paragraphs and read the first and second lines again.

This is "The Plan Mandated by the Convention. . ." Mandated.

That started back in 1992, when George Bush was president. He didn't like the UN Bio-Diversity Treaty, and it was never ratified by the U.S. Senate. So, did anyone ever wonder how we came to have 47 large biosphere reserves and 26 Heritage sites anyway? The answer is easy. Can you spell executive order?

That Bio-Diversity Treaty is coming up for a vote in the Senate again. Bill Clinton wants that Bio- Diversity Treaty passed. Al Gore wants that Bio-Diversity Treaty passed. Madeleine Albright wants that Bio- Diversity Treaty passed. The President's Cabinet wants that Bio-Diversity Treaty passed. Even a few Republicans want that Bio-Diversity Treaty passed.

Quite obviously, we Americans have a problem to contend with here. If this treaty passes, a whole lot of us are going to see some boss foreigners -- all with diplomatic immunity, by the way -- regulating us out of our lifestyles.

We presently have only one map, the one that pertains specifically to the Appalachian Mountains. There are many more such maps, for other parts of the country.

And we will bet that they all outline big red "Mandatory non-use" biosphere reserves on them.

Now that you have learned the worst part, please continue reading to see what is being done about this terrible situation. And while you're reading, ask yourself what you are going to do to protect your area of the country. Cause, if this happens, if this treaty is approved . . . well, we'll touch on that at the end of this newsletter.

First, a little of the good news -- and a resolution that should be incorporated by all 50 State Legislatures -- intermixed with the normal Heads Up material. Then a wrap-up that may be insightful.


Lance R. Crowe, Chairman of the American Constitutional Campaign Committee, and many Kentucky citizen's groups, expressed outrage with the federal government's plan to turn over large portions of Kentucky to United Nations control. A press release detailing what appears to be the opinion of many people in Kentucky is included, in full, below.


The present Administration of the Federal Government plans to give thousands of square miles of Kentucky land to the control of agents of the United Nations. This action is being taken without permission of the Kentucky Legislature and without the advice and consent of our elected Members of Congress. Even worse, this plan is being quietly implemented without the consent and, in many cases, without even the knowledge, of the citizens of Kentucky.

As indicated by a map provided the American Constitutional Campaign Committee (ACCC) by the Kentucky State Senate, nearly one-quarter of the land in Kentucky is to become part of a United Nations Biosphere scheme.

When fully implemented, the plan would cause many thousands of Kentucky citizens to be evicted from their lands. Thousands more Kentucky citizens would also be subject to capricious land-use regulations written and administered by foreign United Nations and United Nations Cultural, Educational, and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) agents.

Last week, the Senate of the Commonwealth of Kentucky passed, and forwarded to our elected representatives in Washington D.C., a formal resolution stating their opposition to the inclusion of any public or private lands in Kentucky to the United Nations and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve program. And in so doing, the Kentucky Senate urged all members of Congress to oppose ratification of the United Nations Bio-Diversity Treaty, which mandates hundreds of huge UNESCO controlled biosphere reserves throughout the United States.

ACCC is in full support of the recent Kentucky State Senate Resolution opposing the UNESCO biosphere reserves Program in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We commend our Senators, and thank them for taking a definite and decisive stand on this very important issue.

State Senator Virgil Moore introduced the resolution during the special session on higher education. The resolution was seconded by State Senators Gex Williams and Richard L. Roeding. A majority of the senators then signed on to the resolution bill, and when it came time for a vote the resolution passed easily, without a word of disagreement.

Senator Moore said he is not sure exactly what affect the resolution will have. "It depends on how much we stay after the Congressmen in Washington," he warned.

Already a prime recreational area in South-West Kentucky, known as the Land Between the Lakes, is proposed as a United Nations - UNESCO biosphere. Senator Gex Williams indicated that vast areas of land in the central and eastern Kentucky mountain ranges are also under attention by United Nations groups for biospheres.

"Land Between the Lakes is just the beginning," Senator Williams said. "We need to stop them now, before they go after even larger tracts of land in Kentucky."

Senator Roeding agreed. "This is something that really needed to be done. The people of Kentucky don't know that the Federal Government is actually giving away our land." Senator Roeding produced a map of Kentucky on which large areas of the state are marked off as mandated UNESCO biosphere reserves under the Bio-Diversity Treaty. When implemented, this would require evicting many thousands of Kentucky families from their homes.

When asked about the chances of the prime Land Between the Lakes area being given to UNESCO as a biosphere, U. S. Representative Jim Bunning said "no." He wants the land to remain a recreational area. Bunning said that, together with U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell and Rep. Ed Whitfield, "I am working to insure that the Federal Government continues funding at the $7-million level so the land remains a recreational area for the people of Kentucky." Apparently, the question still remaining is which government agency will oversee the recreational area.

The Clinton Administration, however, has different ideas. A few years ago, President George Bush opposed the Biodiversity Treaty. Therefore, the treaty has never been ratified by the United States Senate. However, President Bill Clinton endorses it. Consequently, the Clinton Administration has been moving forward as if the treaty was ratified. The land forming the 47 biosphere reserves already existing in the United States was relinquished to UNESCO control by executive order alone.

It is the position of ACCC that we the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky are both willing and able to act as the best stewards of our private and recreational lands. We have neither the need nor the desire to allow outside influence in the stewardship of our lands.

Interference from the Federal Government is not desired.

And most certainly, interference from foreign entities, such as the United Nations and its agencies, will never be tolerated. And, as is our right under the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and the Constitution of the United States of America, we do not plan to suffer such actions quietly.

We Kentuckians, as free American citizens and citizens of the Great Commonwealth of Kentucky, shall never be subjugated by foreign entities for any reason.

Therefore, let us make our position clear for one and all: No activities or decrees by a foreign government, the United Nations, or the agents of either, will ever be accepted as law by the people of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

And, because we in Kentucky do not "bargain" for our freedom, this position is not negotiable.

It is furthermore the sincere recommendation of the American Constitutional Campaign Committee that both the people and the legislatures of all States of the United States join in Kentucky's quest to defend the property rights of all American citizens, as well as their unalienable and Constitutional right to life, liberty and property.

/signed/ Lance R. Crowe ACCC@bgn.mindspring.com


On May 29, 1997, the Senators of the Commonwealth of Kentucky took time out from their work in a special session to "instruct" their agents in the federal government. The formal Resolution, SR-35, passed the Senate without one word of dissent. The resolution specifically outlines Kentucky's opposition to the Bio- Diversity Treaty and opposes the use of any Kentucky land as biosphere reserves.

The Resolution is included below in full. We recommend that citizens throughout the country demand that their State Legislatures also pass this or similar resolutions as soon as possible.


A RESOLUTION opposing the Biosphere Reserves designation of the Man and the Biosphere Program and urging that the proposed Biodiversity Treaty not be ratified by the United States.

WHEREAS, the United Nations has promoted a Biosphere Program throughout the world; and

WHEREAS, the Biosphere Program threatens to place millions of acres of land under the control of United Nations via agreements and/or executive orders; and

WHEREAS, the United Nations Cultural, Educational, and Scientific Organization (UNESCO) has created a worldwide system of 328 Biosphere Reserves in 82 nations; and

WHEREAS, 47 United Nations-designated Biosphere Reserves are within the sovereign borders of the United States, and two United Nations-designated Biosphere Reserves are within the Commonwealth of Kentucky; and

WHEREAS, neither the legislature of the Commonwealth of Kentucky nor the Congress of the United States has considered, debated, or approved such designations; and

WHEREAS, such designations require strict land use management procedures as are set forth in the 1994 Strategic Plan for the United States Man and the Biosphere Program, as published by the United States State Department, and further described in the Global Biodiversity Assessment, published by the United Nations Environment Program, expressly for the Conferences of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity; and

WHEREAS, Biosphere Reserves are, by definition, designed to continually expand each of the three zones: core protected zone, buffer zone, and zone of cooperation; and

WHEREAS, Biosphere Reserves are expected to be the nucleus of the system of protected areas required by Article 8 of the Convention on Biological Diversity as expressed in the minutes of the first meeting of the Conference of the Parties; and

WHEREAS, no land owner within reach or potential reach of the Biosphere Reserves has input or recourse to land use management policies of UNESCO or the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity; and

WHEREAS, no body of elected officials, whether local, state, or federal, has input, recourse, or veto power over such land use management policies that may be prescribed by either UNESCO or the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity; and

WHEREAS, even though the Convention on Biological Diversity has not been ratified by the United States Senate, the very presence of United Nations Biosphere Reserves on American soil demonstrates the compliance with an international treaty that has not been ratified; and

WHEREAS, the use of land in biosphere areas for ordinary commercial or agriculture purposes may be severely restricted or eliminated; and

WHEREAS, the Mammoth Cave area and the Land Between the Lakes area have already been designated as Biosphere Reserves; and

WHEREAS, none of the current areas included within the Biosphere Program in Kentucky have been included at the request of or with the consent of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky; and

WHEREAS, the General Assembly does not believe that a request from the National Park Service or a tourist and convention service should be adequate to subject land in Kentucky to the control of the United Nations or any other foreign parties; and

WHEREAS, the areas encompassed by these reserves include not only public, but private, lands; and

WHEREAS, the placing of environmental or other restrictions upon the use of private lands has been held by a number of recent United States Supreme Court decisions to constitute a taking of the land for public purposes; and

WHEREAS, the proposed Biodiversity Treaty, if ratified by the United States, would ultimately lead to the reality that Kentuckians could not use their private and public lands in the manner to which they have been accustomed; and

WHEREAS, there are no proposals either to purchase the private lands by the United States or the United Nations; and

WHEREAS, the restrictions contemplated together with the outside control of the land encompassed by a Biosphere Reserve constitutes an unlawful taking of that land in violation of the Constitution of the United States, to wit:

Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, before any state lands can be purchased, the consent of the state legislature and not the state executive branch, must be obtained.

Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2, we note that, "[N]othing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular state."

Article IV, Section 4, we note that, "The United States shall guarantee to every State in this union a Republican Form of Government." Amendment V of the Constitution of the United States, "nor [shall any person] be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation."; and

WHEREAS, the virtual ceding of these lands to the United Nations leaves the residents who own the land, local governments, and the Commonwealth of Kentucky without any legitimate form for redress of grievances for input into any decision-making process relating to the Biosphere Reserve; and

WHEREAS, under Article VI of the Constitution of the United States, this treaty would be given equal footing with the Constitution of the United States, thus effectively precluding any legal means of redress; and

WHEREAS, the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky does not wish to have portions of its land area controlled by foreign minions over which it has no control and who are not subject to its laws;


Be it resolved by the Senate of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky:

Section 1. The General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky is unalterably opposed to the inclusion of any land within the borders of the Commonwealth within the purview of the Biodiversity Treaty or any biodiversity program without the express consent of the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, as provided by the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of Kentucky.

Section 2. The General Assembly urges the members of the Congress of the United States, and especially the Kentucky delegation to the Congress of the United States, to oppose ratification of this treaty and the inclusion of any land within the Commonwealth of Kentucky in any biosphere program of the United Nations.

Section 3. The Clerk of the Senate is hereby directed to transmit copies of this Resolution to the Honorable Bill Clinton, President, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20500; the Honorable Madeleine K. Albright, 2201 "C" Street, N.W., Washington, D.C.

20520; (all Members of Congress from Kentucky were included here).


The Clinton Administration is making more oppressive law by executive order. This fits right in with the United Nations UNESCO biosphere reserve and Heritage Site land grab in the United States and should make the Army (Corps of Engineers) and the EPA very happy.

Last week the Federal Register included information concerning an administration proposal titled: "The American Heritage Rivers Initiative." The truth be known, this is more of Vice President Al Gore and the Council on Environmental Quality's (CEQ) foolishness. But obviously, Clinton had to approve.

This "feel-good" scheme has the lofty goal of "restoring and protecting America's Rivers." And, to insure the program is implemented, they only allowed two weeks for public comment. Of course, most of that time Congress was home on break. Anyway, June 9 is the last day for public input and criticism.

Basically, this is another federal plan to severely control property owners. They start out by saying they want to control rivers for "natural, historic, cultural, social, economic and ecological diversity." Part of the plan is to "encourage cooperation" and approval by local governments through the offer of major federal grants.

However, the nomination of Heritage Rivers can come form any source, including private citizens, educational and arts organizations, environmental organizations and elected citizens. In other words, any buttinsky group throughout the country can impose this on your area.

It didn't take them long to get down to the nitty-gritty on this, either. Once designated as a Heritage River, the action will be permanent -- you cannot get rid of it again! And, restrictions will include the entire watershed, including all tributaries that come off private property.

Yes, that's correct. The proposal (soon to be law) states that restrictions will include the entire watershed, including all tributaries that come off private property. Consider what is being said here, folks. The entire watershed, including all tributaries, for either the Missouri, Ohio or Mississippi rivers would include whole states!

If 10 large rivers are included this year, as Clinton alluded to in his State of the Union Address . . . well, there you go. Most of the land-use in the country will be controlled by an unelected Politburo, a consortium made up of regulatory agencies.

All this by unilateral act: An executive order.

Oh, and just as an aside here, 13 Federal Agencies will be involved in the planning, implementation, management and enforcement of the Heritage rivers.

So, don't plan on getting any building permits if you happen to live anywhere near one of these Heritage River sites. Anyone who has ever tried to get a permit from just one federal agency knows what kind of mess that can be. Multiply that by 13, and include the Army, and you have a exercise in futility.

There will be a controlling dictator over all this, too. Along with the involvement of 13 federal agencies, a federally appointed "River Navigator" is to control all land use and management activities within the designated area.

The proposal promises that the 13 federal agencies will be granted "flexibility from certain bureaucratic requirements." Yeah. Sure they will.

Bureaucrats will overlook bureaucratic requirements in your dreams!

The administration is serious about all this, too.

In fact, they actually plan to use "Big Brother's" CIA and NSA spy equipment against American citizens to insure compliance. As per the proposal, "aerial photography and satellite surveillance" will be used to police and expand the program.

"Police and expand." Wow. Aren't those very appropriate words for today's federal government!

"Police and expand." Finally, a descriptive set of words in the Federal Register that all Americans can believe.

Yup, "police and expand" seems to be all any federal officials know how to do anymore. Well, that and collect money, that is.

So, whatever happened to our United States Constitution? There is no Constitutional authority for the federal government to do anything like this. Anybody care?

EPA TO "ALLOW". . . .

We are not kidding when we write that the federal government is regulating everything in our lives from womb to tomb. But, just to be fair, here's a message from the EPA on something they say they will not regulate just yet.

Oops. That was an error. There are already dozens of regulations concerning this activity. What the EPA said was they will not totally "ban" the activity at this time. There's a difference there. . . .

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency said they won't douse our backyard barbecue grills as part of their new toughened air pollution program.

Got it? The wonderful bureaucrats at the EPA came out publicly, in the press, to say that they will "allow" us subservient serf citizens to cook outside until further notice. Worse, some groveling citizens actually thanked them for extending their "permission."

The EPA said that no such attack on barbecuing actually is being considered by the EPA or by any other federal officials. That is what was said last week, anyway. Yet, just a few weeks ago a member of the EPA Politburo publicly called barbecues, fireplaces, wood burning stoves, lawnmowers and other gasoline powered tools, major sources of pollution which need to be regulated.

Apparently, with warm weather beginning, the barbecue part was the most memorable to many listeners.

Had it still been wintertime, the wood burning stoves and fireplaces would probably have gotten all the attention.

"EPA is not contemplating nor have we ever contemplated restrictions on the use of charcoal and gas grills," EPA Administrator Carol Browner wrote a congressman recently.

However, under EPA's new proposed regulations, states would have to develop pollution control plans to meet the new standards. Factories, industrial plants, coal-burning electric power plants and automobiles are all involved. And, no one denies that barbecues also "pollute."

California already went after barbecues. Back in 1990, charcoal-lighting products were ordered reformulated to cut emissions of smog-causing volatile organic compounds in the Los Angeles basin area.

Manufacturers quickly conformed, and marketed something else as charcoal lighter.

So, as reported widely in the press, the EPA is going to "allow" us to barbecue for a while longer. The EPA is, however, planning to ban wood burning in fireplaces and stoves. Their discussion is not "if" they should ban wood burning in private homes. Rather, the discussion by our overseers at EPA is concerned with how best to break the news to us commoners out here in the States. They don't want to cause a minor riot with the new regulations.

There will also be a whole series of stricter regulations on all internal combustion engines, especially those used for lawn care. The most onerous regulations, however, will be on dirt. Yeah, that was correct. The have regulated everything else already.

Now they plan to regulate plain old dirt.

Where is Congress during all this? Wimping out!

They can stop it if they wish. But, unless you see your Member of Congress jumping up and down and causing a perpetual stir about this regulatory foolishness, just consider that they agree with the new program.

One (im)pertinent question, though:

Where does all this regulation end?


Luckily, as indicated above, something is being done about this perpetual federal government and United Nations assault on American's ownership of private property. That resolution by the Kentucky Senate really woke a few people up. And folks, if any ya'll ever been to these hills, ya know ya'll might not wanna be bother'n people here that much!

We described the map of the "Mandated" biosphere reserves to people in Kentucky who would be most affected. Each and every person we spoke with is a community leader. These are people we know. So in each case the response was completely candid and immediate.

The expletives (of which there were a few) are deleted.

"Well . . . we're not leaving," said an old judge.

"How in the world do they think they can get all of us out of here? People just will not go!"

"We need to take our government back over," a very active and politically astute coal mine owner said.

"We need another Boston Tea Party. We need to get our government back. And if we need to wring a few necks to get it done. Well . . . ."

"I show that map around here and the gun store will do a landslide business!" an elected official of a medium to small town said.

"First they go after your guns, then they take your land," another elected official from the same town said.

Our copy editor, who grew up in the center of that offending red blob indicating a "non-use" biosphere reserve on the UNESCO map, made a very interesting point to which we must agree: "They will never get my kinfolk out of there. They know every inch of that area. Many of the people there already live off of the land. They can shoot as well or better than anyone in any army in the world. There is going to be a war if anyone tries to take their land." And that folks, is the understatement of the week!

One State Rep. offered: "There's already a lot of talk about civil disobedience around here. Be careful about what you write. We don't need any trouble." We politely informed the gentleman that we are not in the habit of 'going along to get along,' and left it at that.

We also learned that the South-Eastern Kentucky area is a large producer of low sulfur coal. "Best coal in the U.S.," we were told. "High BTU, compliance coal, and in high demand."

Uh huh. That area is, of course, in the center of a big red "no use" area on the map.

Now we learn from Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) and The Gun Owners of America group that the United Nations is pressuring the federal government to disarm American citizens. No doubt!

Folks, to put it bluntly, those U.N. socialists FEAR an armed American public. From their point of view, we American citizens are out of control. Our job, then, is to keep them believing that.

In summary, we have got to get behind groups like ACCC. And in this case, we must get ACTIVELY behind groups like ACCC. That should include contributions of both effort and money.

And under the circumstances, any talk of more gun laws from elected officials in Washington must be immediately decried by the American public as an un-American activity!

Right now, this is still our country. Are you willing to do your part to keep it?