Marxism / Socialism / Fascism

This page is hosted as a service of the Michigan Militia Corps in the interest of educating people on the false promises of communism, socialism, and fascism - all closely related. As the saying goes: "Know thine enemy."

May I remind you before you read any of the following propaganda that Marxism, Communism, and Fascism are responsible for the slaughter of over 90,000,000 (that's ninety million) innocent human beings and the forced abortion of millions of children a year. The 'peace,' world serenity, and social justice these organizations promise has only lead to genocide and murder any other time it has been tried before. First, promise world peace, then take away the world's weapons, then usher in men like Stalin, Hitler, Mao-Tse Tung, and Ho Chi Minh. These ideologies call for great things, but ultimately necessitate total control over an indivdual's life in the name of the collective good, or under fascism, in the name of one person. These ideas have proven over and over to fail and cause mass suffering.

For those of you who like to e-mail us and complaing that the USSR wasn't really communism, please go to the Museum of Communism. To further understand the horrors of communism, go to Cyber Cambodia's Auto Genocide Page.