The Search for Andre Bosse

Friday, June 20, 1997 the following request was released by Michigan Militia Corps state commander Lynn Van Huizen.

                           Michigan Militia Corps

Lynn Van Huizen, Commander
304 S. Maple Island Road
Muskegon, MI 49442

                                June 20, 1997

To: All Michigan Militia Wolverines


Janice Rott from the Missing Children Network has requested the MMC-
Wolverines' assistance in locating the kidnapped 11-year old girl from the
Muskegon area.

Janice is working under the command of Sgt. Ackley (Agent in Charge) from
Grand Haven State Police Post - 1-616-844-5238, also under Gene Debbsudt from
the FBI. Janice can be reached via Lakeside Inn Resort 1-616-893-8315.

She has requested that all available personnel meet at 08:00 hours at the
Lakewood Civic Center across from Fox Lake Park in the village of Lakewood
located 20 minutes north of Muskegon. (Map attached) Tomorrow AM - Saturday,
June 21st.

Search and rescue teams, atvs, horses, and dogs requested. The area to be
searched is not precisely known at this time.

God Bless,

/s/ Lynn Jon Van Huizen

The Kent county Brigade received the fax late in the day on Friday and several of us made immediate plans to assist.

We arrived in Lakewood at 08:00 on Saturday. Nearly 20 MMC members were able to make it despite the short notice. Our presence was welcomed due to the fact that we had the needed communications equipment to keep the search teams coordinated. Militia members were the main "communicators," directing the line and maintaining an effective search pattern.

Despite our efforts of searching all day in stormy weather, we were unable to find a trace of Andre Bosse. The man suspected of kidnapping her, Dean Matcalfe, has been apprehended and is in jail on a $250,000 bond. If you have any information, please contact either the Michigan State Police or the Muskegon county Shriff's Department.

Local channels 8 and 13 were there to cover the event and several of our members were featured on channel 13's broadcast that evening and on Sunday.